Blair’s Weekly Update 09-27-09

Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Scaff spoke to a group of 100 runners about viruses and the always important topic, pacing.

The “A &A” Market:
Staff members “A”- Allen and “A”- Annette brought out a variety of fruits, pastries, breads, drinks and even spam musubi’s! Much mahalos! It was ono!!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG had nine runners today. We ran 18 miles practicing our pacing hoping to run a negative split for the upcoming marathon. The goal is to have the group hold a 8:45-8:40 pace to the 15-18 mile mark. At that point individual runners will make their choice to maintain their pace or run a negative. We are taking a water stop every two miles to coincide with the water stops for the marathon. The key to making it to each water stop is your pacing. Correct pacing will allow you to breath in your nose and out your mouth. Breathing this way will not dry out your throat as fast as breathing in and out rapidly through your mouth. This is the time to pay close attention to injury prevention. No high risk activities. No more uneven surface running. Start getting used to running the asphalt for your entire run. Select your marathon clothes now and do ever run with the same clothing down to the same socks, sunscreen, and body lubricants. Golden Rule: Nothing new on marathon day. I will be travelling the entire month of October 2009. I will be attending a wedding on the Mainland and visiting my roots in China. Hope to get some running in somewhere. The remaining Staff Leaders will carry on the AG training. Don’t break a leg!!

White Group by Ivie Kumera

We started with about 32 runners, and 21 of us actually stayed as a group and completed the 14 miles. A few did the Sam O’Toole 25K on Saturday, September 26th, so did a shorter run, while others runners had commitments. Some of us took a run around Kapiolani Park at the end to make it a 15.5 to 16-mile run. Being the last Sunday of the month, we took in Kahala Avenue, with no problems! We welcome our new members, Genevieve (cross country runner for high school and college), Mari, Michelle, and couple, Masa and Mina! Our new members are not new to running, so though starting in September, stayed with us the entire course! We are honored to have you!

For the month of October, this will be our running schedule:
October 4th – 16 miles
October 11th – 18 miles
October 18th – 14 miles
October 25th – 18 miles (we encourage you to sign up for the PF Chang’s 30K race, which covers the marathon course).

If your Sunday will not accommodate these miles, there will also be the OFF-WHITE group, led by Alberto, who will do 14 miles every Sunday in October. “Homework runs” should be three 1 to 1½ hour runs during the weekday. The Sunday run should be the long run for the week. As we get to the tapering stage, these runs will be cut down to twice during the weekday.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

It was a much better day for jogging as the Blue Group started with 14 up Diamond Head – a little cloudy and not as hot as last week. Last week’s bus run (our third and final bus run) photos are now posted at the Honolulu Marathon Clinic web site under community, photos, and recent photos. Today was the first Sunday of the Fall season. The equinox was this past Tuesday and the days are getting shorter. We finished the month of September doing 14 miles and will continue with 14 miles through mid October. The turnaround point was Kauaikui Park where Nelson from the White Group passed out some refreshing Gatorade and pretzels. Thanks Nelson for the refreshments. At the finish, Vicky brought her tasty banana bread. Thanks Vicky for the goodies.

Beginner’s Bits by Norm Uyeda

Sensei Says – Beginner’s Group
Our Beginner’s Group completed a “short” 14-miler today. For the rest of the year, 14 miles will be about the maximum number of miles that we will be training on Sundays. There might be a few 16-milers thrown in from about the mid-October timeframe, but these will only happen on days with very good weather conditions. For the most part we have attained our peak training level and now we just need to sustain this level for the next two months in order to let all of this good training soak in. As Doctor Scaff said – don’t overcompensate or train beyond your limits at this point. Stick with the program and do your homework – our goal is in sight.

Get Well Quick to Jason and Cliff. Thanks to Sandra for playing “sweeper” today. Welcome to newcomer Jeremy.

Upcoming Events:
October 18th – Downtown run. Meet at Ala Moana tennis courts parking lot.
Thanksgiving Day – Volunteers needed for the Turkey Trot Run
Thanksgiving Day 2 – Start to Taper….Wooo Hooo!
December 11th – Carbo Party.
December 13th – Our BIG DAY!
December 14th – Post Marathon Celebration Dinner at Buffet 100.
December 20th – Picnic.

Da Comment Corner

Training Peak, Tapering and Partying:
We should all be getting to our peak mileage (homework runs and Sunday runs) soon, probably in mid November. Then our tapering period begins to a point where a week before the marathon, very little mileage is run. Doc advises no running after the Thursday before the marathon; also, Doc’s carbo- loading bash is scheduled the Friday before the marathon. Now, isn’t this something to look forward to – little or no running and a great party?

“Running Forever”
“My only ambition is to continue running – forever. Too many people are so intense with their running that they burn out and never do it again. I want running to always bring me pleasure.” A comment made by Kay Ryan, age 64, U.S. Poet Laureate (from Runner’s World).

See you at the water stops,