Blair’s Weekly Update 09-20-09

Doc’s Talk

Doc was nice enough to schedule his talk about pacing and training distances to an earlier time to accommodate our bus run.

Last Bus Run
All of the 67 runners from bus #1 were dropped off at Makapuu Point while bus #2’s 63 riders, got off at the Hawaii Kai stop or at Sandy Beach. I usually sit at the front of the bus and I can hear all of the chatter that goes on during our bus ride. It’s so nice to hear every one conversing with their seat mates. It reminds me of a school excursion. Thanks to all 130 runners for their diligence in arriving on time and also for their generous monetary donations.

Unofficial Table Duty
A huge mahalo to Staff Leader Nelson S. for your generosity in setting up a much needed Gatorade stop at the second beach park then driving back to the park to make sure we had Gatorade at the finish! You were a savior for many runners today – it was hot! Also many thanks for providing “shuttle service” for some of our “stranded” runners.

Group Reports

Red Group by Jeff Beard

The Red Group swelled to 3 people this week! In addition to Duane & I, Micela joined the Red’s on our 15-mile run from Makapuu. We averaged about a 9:40 pace up to Kahala Avenue, where Micela took off, and Duane & I pulled up sore. Not wanting to risk injury, we both walked/ran the rest of the way. Not a good feeling, but you do what you have to stay healthy! It was another hot, muggy run – I hope everyone brought along extra supplements – it could be this way on race day. Everything about how we run should be based on “this is the way I plan to do the Marathon”, with the possible exception of new shoes, which we should all be getting some time this next month. Big thanks to Team Jett for offering us ice water at one of their “aid stations.” Hope to see you all next week.

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

The Pinks, with staffers Amanda, Anita, Lisa, Nick, and Rosie, had a nice group of runners today, welcoming back Dorothy and Kristin, stalwart Danny, and new group members Lara and Rie. As always, the bus run feels like a school outing and a fun party. Nelson and William provided surprise refreshments at crucial points on our route and we were very grateful for the Gatorade and gels they offered. It was a hot run today, mitigated slightly by the breezes, but still pretty draining. We all remembered to hydrate frequently and even then we were hot, thirsty and tired at the end. Because of the lack of water at the Hawaii Kai gas station, we took the Lunalilo Home Road way and drank from Val Nolasco’s fountain at the 76 station. This clipped a mile off our intended route but we all agreed that we would rather add that on to another run later this week than try to go round the park at the end. Some of us ended by dipping into the ocean at Kaimana after the run. It felt so good.

Congratulations to our runners Anita, Lisa, and Alex for their performance in the Kauai Marathon, and to Holly who ran the Kauai half after coming back from injury. Rosie’s team of masters women (Fear Not The Cougars) came second in their age group in the Hana Relay last weekend, and had a wonderful getaway on Maui. Next week Anita and Rosie will be away, but Amanda and Lisa and possibly other staffers will be available. Next week is also the Windward 25K race, the third in the Marathon Readiness series, and some of our runners will be doing that. The Pinks will probably do a full 16-miler next week and start with an 18-miler in October.

White Group by Blair Hoashi

Guru Sam had run earlier with family friends at the Kid’s Niketown 5K, so wisely decided to do the Sandy Beach distance.

At the Makapuu point drop off, the group had 32 runners starting off together. The group was led by staffers Alberto, Ivie and Horatio; I was” slinking” in the back as my training for the last month was not up to White Group standards. Thanks to Dr. Rob and his wife Donna, we were apprised of the broken water fountain at the Hawaii Kai Loop Gas Station. So, we decided to go straight on Lunalilo Home Road until the water stop at the Union Gas Station next to the Hawaii Kai Shopping Center.

We discovered that the water fountain at the Union Gas Station was named for Val Nolasco, a local running icon. Mr. Nolasco was the first person, who after suffering a heart attack completed a marathon, the Honolulu Marathon. Our own Dr. Scaff was instrumental in getting Val ready for the momentous undertaking. I recall reading this info about Mr. Nolasco from Mark Osmun’s book, Honolulu Marathon, which coincidentally, staff leader Don Allen is selling at a discount (please see last week’s update).

Anyway, as it is with most Bus Runs, especially the last, many members “fall by the wayside.” The hot and humid weather did not help our situation. Our original starting 32 runners dissipated into 16 toward the end of our run. Some went on at a faster pace but many had to walk/run back. Usually, on these runs, I notice that we start off at a little faster pace than usual due to the extra adrenaline and of course, the water stops are further in-between. Add extreme heat and humidity to this “formula” then we get many runners walking up Kahala Avenue or Diamond Head. I know of what I write, as I have been in this situation many, many times. Even after 12 marathons and umpteen bus runs, I am still learning about pacing.

Congrats to Mickey, Craig, the two Roberts, Dr. Rob, Laura, Moana, Andy, Lilia, Gannon, Mike, and others who managed to finish in pretty good shape. Congrats again to staff leaders Alberto, Ivie and Horatio for doing such a great job in leading the group on a very tough run! We continue our 16-mile runs next week.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

The Blue Group started from Sandy Beach with about 20 folks. The first part of the run was enjoyable with new scenery passing by the Hawaii Kai Golf course and Kalama Valley. We had some shade along Lunalilo Home Road. However, the water fountain in front of 7-11 at Hawaii Kai Drive and Pepeekeo Street was out and so we headed to the park at the end of Bay Street. I was a welcome break and nice view of the ocean before heading to Holy Trinity Church. The run back to Kapiolani Park was hot. As the group headed down Kahala Avenue, we pleasantly met William from Team Jet, who stopped and passed out refreshing ice cold water and some honey gel to the group. Thank you William and we’ll see your Team Jet group during the Turkey Trot. What remained as the rest of the group headed to the Kapiolani Park finish line as we have done for the past bus runs. Our run was 13 miles but it felt a lot longer with the heat. See you all next week.

Beginner’s Bits by Jason Wong

Jason’s Stats
Time: 2:44:08
Mileage: 11.02
Pace: 14:54/mile
Calories: 1,472

20 out; same number in but different people in (some came from the intermediate group).

Sale on at Nike town 50% off reg./sale items; store closing 10/01/2009.

Century Bike ride next week. Please park early.

Da Comment Corner

Century Bike Ride this coming Sunday:
Please be aware that the parking might be very tight.

See you at the water stops,