Blair’s Weekly Update 09-13-09

Final Bus Run

Doc was nice enough to schedule his talk earlier next week (@ 7:20 a.m.) to accommodate our third and final Bus Run. Please check with your Group Leader to find out where you will be getting off. Many of the Intermediate and Advanced runners will be departing from the Makapuu Lookout point – approximately 15 miles back to Kapiolani Park. It is a nice scenic run along the eastern coastline, so gives runners a nice opportunity to view some different scenery. Parts of the route are on the actual marathon route.

For those who will be coming in from Makapuu Point – the first water stop is nearly 3 miles out, so please prepare accordingly.

We will be boarding the buses promptly at 7:30 a.m.; sorry, but stragglers will be left behind. Cost is $2.

Table Duty

We thank Lilia for taking care of table duty and she wants to thank the following people for helping her:
1. The 2 ladies (shirts/caps table) for seating up the table, I am sorry I can’t recall their names.
2. Thanks to Norn Uyeda for the ice.
3. Thanks to Briscoe’s Girls for the cookies.
4. Thanks to Nick Tamayo for a bag of Gatorade and bananas.
5. Andrew helping me to tear down the tables and cleaning up.

Group Reports

Red Group by Jeff Beard

This week the Red Group doubled in size – to me and Duane, who moved up from the White Group – and kept up, all the way! We started out for a 16-mile run, but, for some reason, when we got to the 2nd beach park, I got it confused with the 8-mile turnaround point (I know, senior moment;-), so we headed back. After about a half a mile I realized my mistake, but decided not to turn back. As it turns out, I think a 14-miler was appropriate – I didn’t run last Sunday and only ran twice during the week, and Duane was running 1-2 minutes per mile faster than he was used to, so it worked out fine. Despite some minor side splints coming up Kahala Avenue (me), we both ran strong the whole way, averaging about 9:40 per mile – and that is exactly the pace I’m aiming for in the Marathon.

Once again, it got hot and humid quickly – everyone I saw running was drenched in sweat – so… in addition to drinking lots of water, Gatorade, etc., be sure to take supplements with you on these longer runs – gels, gummies, bars – it doesn’t matter, just bring them and use them. I usually go through 5-6 packets of gel in a Marathon – find what’s appropriate for you and stick to it.

Remember, next week is the bus run – please get to the park by 7:15 – 7:20 a.m. at the latest, so we can get on the buses and get running!

White Group by Sam Usman

With help from Alberto, Ivie, Emma, Lara, Moana, Denis, Rob, and others, the group, made up of 38 members, ran in unison past the second beach park, to Trinity church and back – 16 miles. Many of the group members had run in from the second beach park earlier in the morning to hear Doc’s talk then headed back out to their starting point.

As I drove past Diamond Head before the start of the clinic, I saw a group of about 20 runners heading in to the clinic. Upon closer observation, it was the Purple group heading in to hear Doc’s talk. They looked in great shape and looked ready for their return trip after the talk. They joined me and the White Group for their return.

Group member Barbara brought her 12 year old daughter Bailey to run with us for the first time. I ran in with her from the Kahala gas station while the others went on. The group seems ready for next week’s bus run from Makapuu Point – 15 miles.

We missed you Blair for the past two weeks!

Blair’s Note – Apologies, but I was helping to coach my six year old son, Zach’s flag football team and we were in the playoffs, so I was not able to assist with the White Group. Fiona and I look forward to running with all of our friends next week at the bus run.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

Labor Day weekend turnout was small for our first 14-mile run, so it was the first for many in the group today and we were ready. We reintroduced ourselves at Operation Red Wings Medal of Honor Park and got to hear how each is doing on their weekly runs. There were 25 of us so I’m missing one or two names: Andy, Annette, Anite, Marsha, Lindsey, Debbie, Carolyn, Craig, Andrew, Sandra, Tanya, Beverly , Roy , David, Michelle, Byron, Vicky, Georgette, Stephen, Nelson, Ted, Russ, Elsie, and Janet. Byron was the King of the weekly homework runs; committed and dedicated to get his 30+ miles in. Great job! We took the run nice and slow, pausing for a while at the parks. Thank you Nelson for the refreshing Gatorade at Kawaikui Park and the other Nelson in Kahala with ice cold water. The group stayed together and finished strong. For next week’s bus run, the Blue Group will get off at Sandy Beach and we’ll follow the Honolulu Marathon route through Kahala Avenue to the Kapiolani Park finish line. See you at the water stops.

Beginner’s Bits/The Sensei Says by Norm Uyeda

Jason took over the helm of the Beginner’s Group today as Norm had to leave early for a meeting. The group went for their first full 14 miler out to the second park and back. Norm rejoined the group on the inbound leg at Diamond Head and played “sweeper” while Jason led the tired but happy group back to the park. Aloha to Bob Lew who is leaving for the mainland for several months. Bon Voyage to Burt and Muriel on their trip to the Bar Harbor Half Marathon. Welcome back to recuperating runners Maria and Eileen – glad to have you back at the Clinic but please take it easy on your recovery.

Great table duty from Lilia and her two student helpers Bayley and Samantha. Especially ono were the fried rice and the pancit. The deserts were also delicious, with the brownies coming out tops on my list.

Next week – Bus Run. Come early. DON’T come through Waikiki, as Kalakaua will be closed from 5:00 a.m. for the Niketown race. Doc’s talk will begin at 7:20 a.m. Jason has the con as Norm is assisting with the Niketown 5K.

Jason’s Stats
Time 3:28:58
Miles 14.18
Pace 14:44/mile
Calories 1,758
Started with 25. Returned with 16.

Da Comment Corner

Snakes on the road?

This Sunday, two groups of Marathon Clinic participants separately found two, different live snakes along our training route. Cliff Hand and Bob Lew found a live Hawaiian blind snake (Ramphotyphlops braminus) slithering along the roadside on Kalanianalole Highway. Later on, Libby Lew saw another Hawaiian blind snake on the sidewalk along Aukai Avenue. The Hawaiian blind snake is the only established snake in Hawaii, looks like a skinny earthworm, is harmless, mainly eats termite and ant pupae, and is the only snake species that is parthenogenic.

Interesting “read” about the Honolulu Marathon

Want a new copy of Mark Osmun’s Honolulu Marathon book? (Dr. Scaff is prominently mentioned).

Don A. has a brand new copy of the book, still in the sealed wrapping from the publisher. He mistakenly ordered two copies; it cost $23.79 including freight but if anyone would like it for $20, they can ring Don A. @ 808 206-6313.

Almost there! Keep it up!

See you at the water stops,