Blair’s Weekly Update 08-30-09

Doc’s Talk

Alcohol, eggs, butter and good health? Doc mentions that in moderation these foods might keep you healthier. Also, if running + eating = no weight gain, then one is eating the right amount of food; if running + eating = weight gain, then we have to cut out the “after run” ice cream, pizza, and See’s candy or, run a heck of a lot more miles.

No clinic next week but many of the groups are meeting on their own. Please check your group reports to find out if your groups are meeting and at what time.

Table Duty
Hi Blair. I had a couple of helpers for table duty today. Thanks to Betsy Staller and Rise Marisato. Betsy sliced the watermelon, her carving specialty at parties and bagged the fruits to keep them ice cold for the runners as they returned. Rise helped with the preparations, serving, and banana cutting. Rise volunteered her time as a community project for her school credit. She attends Maryknoll school in the 8th grade. Her mom, Joann, runs with the intermediate group. Vicky from the Blue intermediate group made some yummy carrot cake for all to enjoy. Thank you volunteers.

Apologies to Sandra and friends (not Debbie, as mentioned) who were taking care of table duty last week. Your efforts are always greatly appreciated.

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG had 13 runners today including a runner from the Intermediate Group. It was a hot and humid 16-mile run. It was critical to keep everyone properly hydrated and topped off with carbs and essential minerals for sweat management. Average pace going out was 8:40. Average pace coming back was 8:10 for the faster runners and 8:30-8:40 for the rest of the group. I found out that several runners ran hard and long yesterday. Today’s run became more difficult for them because of lack of rest and recovery time. Remember what Dr. Scaff said – you are prone to getting injured when you are feeling good. Get lots of sleep and don’t over do it prior to our long run day. Next month we venture into the 18-mile run. Next week Sunday (Labor Day), the AG will meet at 7:00 A.M., same place

Red Group by Jeff Beard

Well, it was another hot, humid day. Don’t let the breeze fool you – it evaporates your sweat while you’re running (aided by the “breeze” you create with your running), so it feels ‘cool’ – but at the water stops, EVERYONE is dripping buckets! Be sure to drink extra fluids and take extra supplements (gels, bars, Gatorade, etc.) on these days, especially on the long runs – you’re losing more water and electrolytes than you realize.

The Red Group went out for a 14-mile run at about a 9:40 pace – around what I plan to do in the Marathon. Most of us should be moving up to 16 miles next week (if you haven’t already). Make it your focus to keep running at the same pace – the one you plan to do in December. Since there’s no formal Clinic next week, many of us plan to meet at 6:30 – it will make for a cooler run (at least going out – it will have warmed up coming back, so, again, bring water/Gatorade & supplements). Hope to see you all next week.

Purple Group

We welcome the resurrection of the Purple Group as Staff Leaders Mike Z. and Nelson S. and group are meeting at the second beach park at an earlier time. They then run in to the park to hear Doc’s talk and Peter’s announcements before heading back to the second beach park – approximately 14 miles. Mike mentioned that there were about 12 members for the initial outing; many of the runners were with the White Group previously. They are running at about a 10:30 – 11:00 minute per mile pace.

White Group by Blair Hoashi

With the thought that 12 members were joining the Purple Group, we ran as one group rather than having”Cheetah” or “Kroozer” subgroups. But, when we reached Triangle Park and counted heads, we had 42 members in the group! Guru Sam and his popularity must be growing. Or, it could be Ivie, Horatio, Alberto, Paris and the rest of the great staff leaders who also attract their loyal runners. Either way, the large group handled by the feisty Guru and his supporting cast , Ivie, Alberto and Horatio, ran in organized fashion for all of the 14 miles that they covered. Running pace was at a 11:30 minute/mile or so.

Did you know that Sam actively recruits members to the HMC and to the White Group? His training runs at Ala Moana Park are marketing and recruiting runs for the clinic! Also, his yoga classes are a “pulpit” to discuss the many benefits of running with the Honolulu Marathon clinic. Many of his “recruits” become very serious clinic runners. He truly believes in the value of Dr. Scaff and the Honolulu Marathon Clinic’s regime and wants to spread the “gospel”. Proselytizing ?

It was very hard to keep track of such a large crowd but I recognized a few of the ‘regulars” – Emma, Laura, Gannon, Barbara, Liz, Cate, Andy, Dr. Rob, Dustin and Duane (missing their third musketeer, Ke’aka, who is vacationing in New York), Al, Bob, and Mike. I am getting to know more of you and will get familiar with you as our treks get longer. I was fortunate to meet Melissa, a former college tennis player and high school tennis coach who joined our group just recently. As Dr. Rob and I were talking about Jeff Galloway and his run/walk method and my assumption (which was wrong again) that this Jeff Galloway was also the “guru” of Inner Tennis (it was Tim Gallwey), Melissa joined in the conversation. I found out that Melissa is an alumnus of DU (University of Denver) which I also attended. We talked about the campus and although we attended in different decades (not centuries) many of the “old haunts” were still there.

The White group will meet at 6:00 A.M. and go for their first 16-miler this Sunday.

Blue Group by Fiona McNeill

We headed off with approximately 20 enthusiastic runners today. Without much prompting our group dutifully jogged in single file up Diamond Head, always mindful of the cyclists in today’s race, as well as oncoming traffic. Great job by all.
With smiles, and lively chatter all the way, the group completed the last four miles with Vicki taking over the last leg. Thanks Vicki for volunteering. And thanks also, for the delicious carrot cake as the group reward. Next week we will be meeting at 7am sharp, since there is no official clinic due to the long weekend. We will commence our next leg of the training, our first 14-miler for the year. Andy will be back to take the group.

The Beginners

The Sensei Says by Norm Uyeda
Shave Ice!! The thought of velvety smooth shave ice from Waiola’s was on everyone’s mind from the very start of today’s training run. Some 30+ runners started off at Kapiolani Park for their last out and back to the Wailupe turnaround. Next month’s training runs will going out to Kaiwaikui Park in order to attain the scheduled 14-mile distance.

The allure of the ice cold treat must have been very strong since we had 30 finishing runners who ended up their run at the Waiola store on Kapahulu Avenue. Even staff member Gail (who is on the mend from knee surgery) showed up to share in the group’s finishing reward. Pictures of the Shave Ice adventure are on the Clinic website.

Good luck to Joan, who is off to Disneyland to compete in the half marathon next week. Gambatte!!

Welcome to newbie Brian and welcome back to Francis and Eileen.

Norm and Jason will be at the Clinic next week Sunday at the usual 7:30 A.M. start time.

Jason’s Stats
32 runners went out. 30 treated themselves to Shave Ice.
Time 3:03:43
Mileage 11.59
Pace 16:17/mile (climbing up Kilauea Avenue tends to slow the overall pace down a bit)
Calories 1,468

Da Comment Corner:

No Clinic this Sunday!
Please check the comments by your group leader to if you are meeting and at what time.

Third and Final Bus Run, September 20th:

Please sign up so we can order the appropriate number of buses.

Thanks Bob!
I walked in for the last mile with Bob Lew, our webmaster, who does an incredible job with the distribution and maintenance of our updates. Without Bob’s diligence and foresight, we would not be able to send out Dr. Scaff and the Honolulu Marathon Clinic’s message to all 660+ of you. Please thank Bob for the great job he is doing!

See you at the water stops,