Blair’s Weekly Update 08-23-09

Doc’s Talk

Did you know that canola oil was named for the Canadian Oil Company? Dr. Scaff talked today about good and bad oils and fats.

Table Duty:
Thank you Staff Leader Debbie for the great refreshments!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG had 12 runners including members from the Intermediate group and a guest runner from Orange County, CA. His name is Jerry (3:20 PR). The group went out to 16 mile turn around averaging a 8:45 pace. Water management was easy due to a breezy day. One the way back in, Mark tried leading the group in a military cadence run complete with cadence singing. The results will not be noted on his military record. The group came back in averaging a 8:30 pace. We welcomed back Kozo, but missed Penelope and “fell off the radar” Joe Wong.

White Group by Blair Hoashi and Paris Monti

We had such a large group that we decided to break the group up into two – Staff leaders Paris, Nelson S. and Michael Z. took care of the 20+ runners in the newly formed White Cheetahs, while leaders Guru Sam, Horatio, and I led the White Kroozers. The Kroozers had 32 runners in the group. As indicated by the informal names, the first group ran at a little faster pace – 11:00 min. per mile while the Kroozers ran at a more ‘leisurely 11:30 min. per mile pace. Members were encouraged to try out the different groups to find out which one might feel more comfortable. Switching between groups is always a welcome option. Both groups went out to the second beach park turn around – 14 miles.

Due to the “slower” pace, there seemed to be quite a bit more chatter going on within the group. Aside from “regulars” Alice, Yasuko, Joann, Gannon, Andy, Emma, Liz, Dr. Rob, Moana (from last week’s ” family affair” mention; by the way, her husband Ted, runs with the Blue Group and not the Advanced as indicated) and others, there were many new faces like Michele, Nell, Bob, and Neal. I know I met more runners and do apologize if you are not mentioned; the old brain takes longer to “digest” names and faces – more ginkgo, please. Guru Sam made sure the group was intact and that we all finished together.

The “Cheetahs” had the Gerbers – Laura, husband Rich and daughter, Lindsey, Mike Z., the other Laura, Laurie, Wei, Paris and others. The “Cheetahs” “whizzed by” the “Kroozers” so I could not make out more members of that group. We thank Nelson, S. and Mike Z. for the Gatorade at the second beach park. Leader Ivie ran early today so she could help with her daughter’s project. We missed you!!

Paris’ Comment:
Realizing how unmanageable a group of 40 to 50 runners can be, Blair wisely carved out from the White Group 20 runners willing to go at an 11:00 pace. We had a great RUNNING time! Under favorable Summer weather with a nice breeze we made it up Diamond Head Road at 11:00 or better. Eight early-rising runners, including staff Nelson and Michael, who were on their way back to the 2nd beach park, were in our group. Michael led us to the Gas Station, 4-mile mark, and Nelson the rest of the way to our half-way/turn-around point where he had Gatorade for all. On the way back, Richard from Kapolei, unofficial staff, took our slimmer group of 12 runners back to the Gas Station at a perfect 11:00 pace. I lead for the rest of the way, taking our favorite route — Kahala Avenue. Another successful HMC training Sunday. Thanks to Nelson, Michael and Richard … it would not have been as fun without their help.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

Andy was back leading the Blue Group of about 20 runners. We are continuing to do 12 miles through August, turning around at Wailupe park just so everyone feels comfortable. Welcome newcomers to the group, Ben, Russ, and Mari. The marathon is 3-1/2 months away so start thinking about what you plan to wear during the marathon. Get your new shoes, tops, and shorts now so you can try them out and be comfortable wearing them on your training runs. Don’t do anything different on marathon day than what you’ve been doing on your training runs. Andy will be out next week again. This time for the Clinic’s table duty so Fiona will be the group leader with help from Anita and Nelson. Vicky said she’ll make her delicious carrot cake squares for the table. In two weeks, during the Labor Day weekend, while there is no official clinic, Andy will be at Kapiolani Park at 7:00 for the morning run for those who want to join the group. We’ll do a slow 14 miles since we’ll be starting earlier. We will continue to do 14 miles in September and half of October, then finally to 16 miles the rest of October to November. Keep up your weekly runs.

Beginner’s Bits

The Sensei Says by Norm Uyeda

The Beginners completed their first full 12-mile run today by taking all of the “long cuts” out to Wailupe Park and back. We went out via the 18th Avenue Marathon route and also ventured into the Kahala backroads across from Kalani High School. Light clouds and a nice breeze made the run much more enjoyable and the group finished much stronger than on previous hot and humid Sundays. Sensei Norm enforced a strict single file only rule while on Kalanianiole Highway due to the number of bikers who are training for the upcoming Century Ride in September.

We had several newbies today, and upgraded one of them to Andy’s Intermediate group as we passed each other on Kalanianiole Highway. The other two newbies chose to take another route back to Kapiolani Park after our Kahala Park break.

Get well quick to Group Leader Gail and also to Dale, Maria and Elaine, who are all temporarily on the disabled list.

Next week: Shave Ice!! Bring some extra money and plan for a slightly longer run as we will end our training session at the Waiola Shave Ice store on Kapahulu Avenue. Mmmmmm……Strawberry Shave Ice with Azuki beans….or maybe Sweet Cream Shave Ice with Ice Cream….decisions decisions…..

Jason’s Stats
Time 3:03:08
Pace 15:44/mi
Calories 1383
28 runners started. 25 completed the 6 mile mark. 24 finished with the group.

Da Comment Corner

The Third and Final Bus Run – September 20th:
Please sign up on the sheet that is posted on the bulletin board. The last drop off point for this trek is at Makapuu Point – roughly 14.5 miles back to the park. Other drop off locations will be scheduled – please check with your group leader.

Four Months to go:

December 13th, 5:00 a.m. (the date and time of the Honolulu Marathon in case you forgot) is coming up soon so let’s make sure that we are maintaining our training regimen. As mentioned by the group leaders often, let’s also make sure that we are comfortable in our attire, accustomed to our supplements (whatever it may be), and most importantly, have picked out and adjusted to our marathon shoe of choice. Shoes are usually good for about 300 to 500 miles of wear, so please check your running diaries on your accumulated mileage. Also, new shoes need to be “broken in” so please plan accordingly. Your total running attire (shorts, tops, [very important] socks, hats, etc.) and equipment (shoes, sunglasses, gel belts, etc.) should be at least a month old and “broken in” before the “big event”. If you have any questions, please check with your staff leader.

See you all at the water stops,