Blair’s Weekly Update 08-16-09

I arrived very late so did not hear Doc’s talk. Apologies!

Table Duty:
Thank you to Rachun and Andy for creating such an elaborate menu for table duty!

Group Reports:

Red Group by Jeff Beard

The Red Group started out with just me this week, again! Some of the faster Pink runners were keeping up with Les and the Advanced Group, but at the 2nd beach park/14 mile turnaround, they decided to slow down and run back with me. It was a great day for running – still a little warm & humid, but with a nice steady breeze – definitely better than the last several weeks! We ran at about a 9:30 average pace – sometimes closer to 9. I’m still building up endurance after a 7 week layoff – I had a little trouble with last few miles, but I’m able to run farther and faster than I could last week. The rest of the group ran strong all the way back – I hope you’ll permanently join the Reds! The Marathon’s less than 4 months away – this is a very critical time for us to increase our mileage and build up the necessary strength to run a full 26.2, while still staying healthy & injury free.

White Group by Blair Hoashi

Approximately 43 runners made up the White Group today. Under the leadership of the Guru Sam, Ivie, Paris, and Horatio, the group went for their second 14 miler for the month. A steady 11:30 minutes/mile pace was maintained. As usual, the “more gas in their tank” members went off on their own at Triangle or Medal of Honor Park when coming back.

Family affair – Richard, Laura, daughter Lindsey, and sister Moana and her husband are part of the family network who drive in from Kapolei and Mililani to attend the clinic every Sunday! Interest in the clinic started with Laura and Moana, White Group members last year who finished their first marathon in sub five hours. Well, not to be out done, their husbands and daughter, took up the challenge and now are regular members of the White Group. Moana’s husband runs with the Advanced group. Congrats to the family network on their perserverence and determination! I asked Richard, a manager at an oil refinery, jokingly, about the possibility of the cost of gas at a $1.50 per gallon; he mentioned that after I run a 3 hour marathon, we would talk.

We continue our 14 milers until September.

Blue Group by Raquel Ongos

Weather was ideal for running today, sunny skies but yet compensated with breezy, cool winds. The blue group did an excellent job today in making a great team effort to keeping the pace and staying together, even though Andy, our group leader was not able to join us today. We missed you Andy; oh, and thanks for meeting with us before the run and giving us the 411.

Thanks to Gino (our pace-setter), Tanya (our navigator), Byron (our bike-seeker), and Annette (made sure we didn’t leave anyone behind) and efforts of the other members of the Blue group, we were able to return back to Kapiolani Park, together, cheerful, and of course un-injured.

Even though this was my last run with the clinic due to school starting up. I really want to thank the great Blue Group for being consistent, encouraging, friendly, and motivational to me. This running experience is one of the greatest highlights of my life.

It wasn’t just the running that I enjoyed doing, but it was the great people that I ran with. I will miss you all, and as Blair says “See you at the water stops”. It has truly been a great pleasure running with you folks. Thank you again.

Beginner’s Bits by by Norm Uyeda

The Sensei’s Says
A small but determined bunch of Beginners went out today to Wailupe Park for the FIRST time. Friendly winds kept the oppressive heat in check for most of the morning, but still the attrition rate was high with 22 members at the start, 12 at the half way point and 9 at the finish. Thanks to “sweepers” Gail and Luanne who tried to make sure that everyone made it to the finish line.

With Wailupe Park now under their belt, the courageous Beginners now look forward to the next milestone mark – the second park or Kawaikui Park which is also known as the 14-mile turnaround. But before that, we also look eagerly anticipate the “Shave Ice Run” at the end of August. The Shave Ice Run will include a stop at the Waiola Shave Ice Store in Kapahulu and will help to usher out the hot summer months and also mark the beginning of the final trimester of training.

There were SIX newbies today who were joining the Clinic for the first time. Sensei Norm advised four of them to ease into the training by turning around at the Aloha Gas Station for an initial 8-mile run. Two other newbies (Adi and Benny) joined us for a short time in the morning before switching to Andy’s Intermediates. Welcome to all the newbies and we hope to see them back again next week.

Thanks to Rachun and Andy for a great finishing table. Rachun always provides those “little extras” like the Thai Iced Tea and the Cherry Guavas in addition to all the other goodies that help the exhausted runners to recover.

Belated congratulations to Clinic members Wayne and Marilyn on their marriage last week.

Jason’s Stats
Time: 2:52:38
Miles: 11.74
Pace: 15:11/ mi
Calories: 1,320

Da Comment Corner

Third and Last Bus Run:
It is scheduled for September 20th. The last stop of this trek will be at Makapuu Point (close to Sea Life Park) – approximate distance back to the park, 14.5 miles. This is a great opportunity to run in an area that is normally not run – the eastern sea coast. Please sign up as soon as our sign up sheet is posted.

Good luck and farewell to Raquel ! Hope we see you back at the clinic soon!!

See you at the water stops,