Blair’s Weekly Update 08-09-09

Doc mentioned the severe effects of heat and dehydration.

Table duty
Staff leaders Jason and Arlen – thanks for the great refreshments. The fruits and pastries were delicious! Mahalo!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG of 8 runners ran their first 16-miler. We kept an average pace of 0845-900 going out. The weather was cool, but humid. Kept the group well hydrated knowing there was no water at Wailupe Park. The 3-mile run to the next water stop was no problem. Coming back in the group fragmented to faster runners doing 815 negative split. The majority did a 830-845 pace. The goal of the long run is to cover the distance at a pace that leaves you feeling well enough to do more after the run. If you are spent, you ran too hard and fast. Practice pacing!!!

Red Group by Jeff Beard

Well, the Red Group has officially shrunk down to 1 – me! Paul, Rick & Carl have all moved up to the Advanced Group, doing sub-9 minute miles. Since I missed last week (sore back), I went out for 12 miles at a little slower pace than usual – around 10 minutes. Even with a nice breeze, it was still hot & muggy – gels, bars, etc. are a necessity on these longer runs, especially with this weather. Remember, with the Marathon only 4 months away, the pace we are running at now SHOULD be the pace we plan to run the Marathon in. Follow your group leaders and try to maintain a constant pace, so you can run the race you want to run in December, not the one you have to. It’s also time to add a few miles to your weekly runs, so that you’re doing 35-40 miles total for the week.

White Group by Blair Hoashi

The sight of 50 runners (an all time record member count) running in single file up Diamond Head was incredible! The group was at its precision best! Due to the large number of members, we devised a plan to split leadership duties amongst five staff leaders on our first 14-miler. A pace of 11:30 – 12:00 minutes per mile pace was decided upon for the trek. And, this will be our ongoing pace from now on until otherwise decided. On our return at Triangle Park, the “more gas in their gas tank” runners were given the “green light” to finish up at their own pace.

Guru Sam led the group up Diamond Head and on to Triangle park and did an incredible job in keeping the group organized. Then, staff leader Alberto took over for Sam at Triangle Park and led the large group to the Kahala gas station. Staffer Paris next took over the group at Kahala and led them to the second beach park. The usual water/bathroom stop at the first beach park was under repair, so it was skipped. At the second beach park ice cold Gatorade was waiting for us thanks to the generosity of Nelson S. After a brief rest, leader Ivie led the group back from the second beach park to the Kahala gas station. Yours truly then led the group from Kahala to Triangle Park. Thank you staff leaders for your efforts! The huge group truly appreciated your efforts.

As mentioned at the White Group meeting before our run, please be PATIENT with the pacing on our Sunday runs. At this point, we are only running a distance that is about half of a marathon; so, PATIENCE is very important regarding pace. Running at too fast a pace will surely lead to injury, dehydration, and fatigue (our immune system gets weaker and we become susceptible to illness) so please be patient with your pace and try not to push too hard.

We continue our 14-milers; hope the first beach park facilities are repaired by this Sunday!

Blue Group by Andy Hirano
Boy was it a hot run. Continuing our 12-mile trek, to Wailupe Park and back there was a slight breeze only sporadically at times. Since there was no water at Wailupe park, Janet’s husband Maurice graciously met the group at Wailupe with some refreshing, ice cold water. Thank you Maurice for your time and efforts to support the group. We really enjoyed it. On the way back to Kapiolani, we took the route behind Kahala Elementary school to get two additional water stops as the group needed the hydration. Today was Kelley’s last day for quite some time. She’ll be heading to Germany soon. Chris will be away for a month enjoying his long planned European vacation. Don’t forget to take a photo with your clinic shirt. Almost all the staff leaders will be out next week. Anita will be here but she prefers to watch the tail end of the group. Raquel volunteered to lead the Blue Group next week and enter the Blue Group’s report. Byron and Vicky will also help lead the group for another 12 miler…slow and steady. Andy may join us just to Triangle park as he has a 95th birthday party to attend later that morning. It might be a good idea to bring a couple of bucks to buy a bottle of a sports drink at the Kahala gas station if Wailupe Park’s water is still out of order. Hydration is paramount in this hot summer weather!

Beginners Bits by Norm Uyeda

Sensei says –
The Beginner’s Group ran a different course today because of a report of a lack of water at the Wailupe Park 12 mile turnaround. A lack of water at Wailupe would have meant a 4 mile stretch without any water on a hot and humid 12-mile run. So we did a loop up Ainakoa Road with a water break at the Ainakoa Park and then did a 440 lap and a water break at Kalani High School. Sensei Norm decided to cut the run short when the group started to thin out more than usual (probably from the heat) on the inbound leg from Kahala.

The money found last week has been claimed and identified. Senior moment correction – it was Kim who originally found and turned in the money.

Welcome back to Kiwi Don and Annette from their trip home to New Zealand with a side trip to Bangkok.

Thanks to Jason and Arlen for the bananas, watermelon, apples and homemade chocolate mochi while on Table Duty.

Please play it safe with the upcoming bad weather. Sensei says it is OK to skip a homework day if it is raining cats and dogs.

Jason’s Stats

Time: 2:46:45
Distance: 11.01 miles
Pace: 15:09 minutes/mile
Calories: 1,325

Da Comment Corner

I forgot to acknowledge a very important member of our clinic group who is very instrumental in getting these updates out every week – webmaster Bob Lew. Bob is responsible for getting these updates into high tech. Without his expertise, these weekly issues would not be delivered efficiently. We’d like to also acknowledge, Bob’s wife Libby, who helps Bob in his tasks. Much mahalos!!!

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Any comments or questions are welcome.

See you at the water stops (hopefully at the first beach park),