Blair’s Weekly Update 08-02-09

Bus Run

126 runners boarded two school buses promptly (before 7:30) and participated in our second bus run on a cloudy, windy day. Thank you to all of the generous runners who donated more than the bus fare of $2. The Clinic appreciates your generosity.

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG took the bus out to Sandy Beach and ran the 13.1 miles back to Paki. There were 10-12 runners with members of the Intermediate Group running with us. We kept an average 8:45 pace until we got to Wailupe Park. Mark and Penelope opened up to an 8:20 pace to the gas station and even faster to the end. We forgot to bring a 2×4 to slow them down! Next Sunday we will start our 16 mile runs.

White Group by Blair Hoashi and Sam Usman

Our group had 22 members start out from the Sandy Beach drop off point. Staff leaders Ivie, Paris and I led the group up through Kalama Valley, past Hahaione Valley, on to Kalanianaole highway, up Kahala Ave., then back to our clinic meeting place (approximately, 13 miles). Guru Sam led a group of runners and did a shorter 11 mile route. Sam, your humorous and insightful stories were missed on our run! Special acknowledgement is given to staff leader Ivie who cut her run short to help a “wounded” runner. Apparently, this runner’s previous foot injury had recurred and she was not able to continue on from the second beach park. Leader Ivie stayed with the runner and looked after her. This is why staff leaders like Ivie are so special; they sacrifice their own training development to assist others in need!! UDABEST, IVIE!!

While the morning was muggy, trade winds helped enormously to cool us down at various parts of our route. We did our run at an average pace of 11:20 minutes per mile. I led the group for most of the way and found that a comfortable pace for many of our group seemed to be at around a 11:15 – 11:30 pace. I noticed that there was a lot more “chatter” in the group at the slower pace compared to a “strict” 11 minutes per mile pace. And, to be fair to group members who might have a little more “gas in their tanks” toward the end, we had them run at their own pace once we reached Triangle Park. This new “procedure” seemed to work out well to appease the “faster runners” in our group.

Congrats to the two Lauras; Laurie; Birthday Girl Maria (who started her birthday morning with a bus run; no sleeping in or a lazy “remote controlled” T.V. morning for her!); Wei; The Boyz – Dustin, Duane and Ke’aka (how’s the knee?); Kapolei Laura’s husband and their daughter, Lindsey (those compression socks really work, huh?); Andy (who back-tracked to catch up to us); Dr. Rob and Donna (who finished the whole run even though their house is located along the route); and a host of others who I met but am not able to remember their names. I will do a better job next week. Great job to everyone!!
We start our 14-milers next week.

Sam’s Report

Emma the “rabbit”, Mike Z. (who has not run for 6 weeks), my Indian “brother” Ujjal (who has been disabled for 6 weeks), myself, and six newbie’s, all women, comprised some of the 12 members of our group. We missed Violet who must have been “studying too late at the library or, partying too much”.

Everyone took turns leading the group and we promised that we would all finish together. Guess what, we all finished the 11 miles, together. At the end though, one of our members hit the wall, about 1/2 mile before the end. So, we all walked for 2 minutes and let her lead us to the end. I am planning to go very slowly next week so those with this in mind should run with me. 12 was a good manageable group.

All of my 11 friends have promised to run with me next week; bottom line- no hurt, no rush. The journey in life is more important for me than the result. I truly enjoy running and meeting all of the wonderful people and that is my “reward” in running.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

The Blue Group enjoyed a wonderful 12 mile bus run. Skies were overcast and there was a breeze. Starting at beautiful Maunalua Bay in Hawaii Kai, we followed the marathon route’s Hawaii Kai loop clockwise, then along Kalanianaole Highway, down the grueling and dreaded Kahala Avenue , and on to the finish line at Kapiolani Park . We started with a good number of folks, 22, including some newcomers to the group, Nell, Louie, Leslie, and Awana. Alaijah’s previous week’s injury (from gymnastics) prevented her from completing the run, and was assisted by Kelly. Get well soon. Norm’s beginning group were right on our tails again through Hawaii Kai and down Kalanianaole Highway . The Blue Group really enjoys the water stops along the way and a good number of folks are trying their power bars and jells. We will continue our 12-mile run next week. Be sure to drink plenty of water and hydrate.

Beginners’ Bits by Norm Uyeda

All 22 members of today’s Beginners Group went out for a long 10-mile Bus Run starting with the Hawaii Kai loop and ending up at the Clinic via Kahala Avenue. Group members eagerly took in all of the landmarks and Clinic tips (good bathrooms, bad bathrooms, mileage points etc) as they tried to prepare themselves for the BIG DAY in December that will be here all too soon. Sensei Norm exposed the group to his alternative to gels and energy bars….orange peel pellets! Some salt, some sugar, questionable electrolytes but most importantly – cheap! The response to this acquired taste was underwhelming to say the least.

We bid a sad but temporary Aloha to Chinami, who is going back to Japan on some family business but promised to return to the Clinic.

Joan found some money and turned it in to Norm as a donation to the Clinic. If anyone lost any money on the road, please let Norm know how much, what denominations and the accompanying serial numbers. Just joking about the serial numbers…..please contact Norm if you lost any money today.

Jason’s Stats:
Time. 2:38:17
Miles. 10.79
Pace. 14:40/mile
Calories. 1,218

Da Comment Corner

Growing membership
We now have 651 members on our email list and it keeps growing. Special acknowledgement goes out to the group leaders who send in their comments each week for the benefit of their members. Kudos to Les Young – Advanced Group; Jeff Beard – Red Group; Rosie Adam-Terem – Pink Group; Ivie Kumera and Sam Usman – White Group; Andy Hirano – Blue Group; and Norm Uyeda – Beginners. Thank you for all that you do!

We also express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Scaff and the HMC Board for their wisdom and support.

We appreciate your feedback; and, comments are welcome!

See you at the water stops,