Blair’s Weekly Update 07-26-09

Doc talked about the perils of smoking. Hmmm, smoking and running the marathon? Not a good combination.

Table duty:
Thank you to Paris (who is from Italy) for another great assortment of fruits at table. Delizioso!

Second Bus Run:
This coming Sunday will be our second bus run and we will be leaving promptly at 7:30 a.m. so please do not be late. Cost is $2. Doc will be away on the mainland so there will be no talk. Please try to be at the park by 7:15ish for last minute announcements and be ready to board the buses.

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG did their 14-miler with 7 runners including a guest runner, Penelope Freedman who hails originally from South Africa. Her PR for a marathon is 3:28. We tried keeping her at our 9:00-8:45 pace going out but it was hard slowing down someone who roams with the Kenyans! We must have averaged 8:30 going out. Coming back in was even more brutal. At times we were running an 8:00-8:10 (her marathon pace)! It would have taken a 2X4 to the back of her knees to slow her down.Needless to say we had a great workout. Congratulations to Tinman Jeff Oh (3:13:40) and Mark Admiral (about 5-10 minutes faster than Jeff).

Red Group by Jeff Beard

The Red Group this week consisted of…….me! Paul ran early and Carl is out with a hamstring injury. I went out 12 miles at about a 9:40 pace – a little slower than last week, as it was hot and muggy again, and I wanted to take it a little easy. As it was, I still bonked a little the last 3-4 miles. After thinking about it for a while, I realized that it had nothing to do with Sunday, and everything to do with the previous week. I’ve been working outdoors all week in Kaneohe, and it’s been very hot and humid – and I was sweating heavily all day long. I’d drink 50-60 ounces of water each day, and I should have been drinking at least twice that much – I came into Sunday very dehydrated! In this weather it’s especially important to ALWAYS stay hydrated, not just on Sunday. So, lesson learned – I’ll be a heavy drinker this week!

White Group by Blair Hoashi

32 members welcomed back the Guru (Sam) from his vacation in San Diego. The group ran very well together and tackled the tough Kahala Ave. route in unison. Sam always tries in positive fashion, to control our group to make sure that we are running together and maintaining our “White Group pace (approx. between 11: 00 – 11:30 min. per mile). As we always reiterate, the leaders are there to set the pace for the group as a whole, so please keep in pace BEHIND them. It’s not very easy to be a leader of a group of 30+ runners as I am sure all of you are aware.

A member mentioned that we are getting in better shape therefore we should go faster on our Sunday runs. But, this member does not realize that we are running further and further throughout our training, therefore the buildup in stamina and conditioning is to “accommodate” the extra distance that one will be running. 26.2 miles is a very long way!! As Jeff Beard, the Red Group leader mentioned a few weeks ago, speed work should be done on your weekday training sessions and not on Sundays. Sundays are to get your body “acclimated” to the “long run.”

If you feel that your pace is a little quicker, you might try out a faster group – you are always welcome back! Or, if you feel that we are too quick, then slowing down to the next group might work out better. As earlier mentioned, the pace that we set for this group, is at approx. 11:00 – 11:30 per mile pace and all of our past “trainees” have finished the marathon with incredible times and in great shape! Right, Sam? So, be patient with us; we follow the guidelines that are set by Dr. Scaff and the Honolulu Marathon Clinic. We know what we are doing (I think). (Sorry for the seriousness of this entry.)

The White Group will be getting off at the Sandy Beach intersection on our Bus Run, approximate mileage – 13 miles. We will be starting off at a little slower pace as the first water stop is approximately 2 miles out and we start out on a long gradual incline.

Happy birthday, Maria!

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

The Blue Group with 21 runners finished it’s 4th 12-mile run at a steady pace to Wailupe Park and back. It was a nice day for running, not too hot and a slight breeze. Welcome to some of the beginning group runners moving up to the Blue Group; Curtis, Gino, Lori, Lisa, Roy, and Michelle. As the months go by and you’re ready for more speed, try a faster group if your goal is to finish the marathon in good time. At our pace, the Blue Group will finish the marathon between 5-1/2 to 6 hours. The group talked about their weekday training runs. Keith Tanaka organizes a run from Ala Moana Park, Magic Island on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 p.m. There is a notice on the bulletin board for those that want to join the group. Keith’s e-mail is On the way back, at Triangle Park, the Boy Scout troop manning the water stop for the Honolulu Tinman Triathlon offered some hot dogs to us as we passed by. Yummy, and thanks volunteers.

Next week for the bus run, the Blue Group will start from Hawaii Kai’s Mamala Bay, circle the Hawaii Kai loop, then head back to Kapiolani Park following the marathon route through Kahala Avenue to the finish line. It will be 12 miles

Beginner’s Bits by Norm Uyeda

The Beginner’s group finished off July with a warm 10-miler. Next week brings the Bus Run with an 11-mile training session that will begin with the Hawaii Kai marathon loop and should include Kahala Avenue. The Bus Runs serve as an invaluable tool for helping the first timers to familiarize themselves with the landmarks in order to lessen the anxiety on race day. Nothing better than to run in familiar territory!

Welcome to 9 year old Camryn, who was keeping her grandpa Alan company. First timer Tina walked back with Group leader Jason who is doing a great job in running sweeper for the group. Group leaders Gail and Libby brought the walkers back via Monsarrat. Welcome and also Farewell to Michelle, who ran with us for most of the day and then ventured into faster territory with Andy’s Intermediates on the inbound leg.

We had more new people today so again we went over the topic of shoes. Most important was to buy your shoes AFTER a training session – while your feet are still swollen from the run. Also on the topic of “swollen”, we discussed the aspect of leaving the rings and tight jewelry at home. The long hot runs are beginning to make themselves known in the form of swelling and of tightness in the hands which might in turn cause some discomfort if your jewelry is tight.

Jason’s stats:
Time 3:06:52
Distance 10.14 miles
Pace 18.26 minutes/mile
Calories 1,171

Da Comment Corner

Iron men and women!
Congrats to members Jeff O., Mark A., Eric A., Jessica G. and others, who participated in the triathlon!!

As we go out further, let’s make sure that we are aware of gels, power bars, jelly beans, pretzels, cracked seeds, etc. for replacement energy. Please experiment and find out which product is best for you. As an example, many runners have stomach problems when taking in gels.

See you on the bus!