Blair’s Weekly Update 07-19-09

Doc’s Talk

Over doing one’s training was the main topic of Dr. Scaff’s message to day.

The Patisserie (table duty):
Thanks to staff leaders Gail and Lianne for the smorgasbord of baked goods, fruits and drinks. The mango and banana breads were delicious!

Group Reports

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG had 10 runners today including two from the Intermediate Group. We worked on our pacing going out at a 9:00-8:45 pace. We worked at keeping that pace going up Diamond Head to the first water stop. The group leaders took turns taking the lead after each water stop. Everyone made it to the 7-mile turn around with no problems. I invited them to run a negative split if they felt strong enough. I noticed the new runners were not taking any carb replacement so I went over the importance of replenishing and hydration during the run. The group came back in averaging a 8:15 pace. Best of luck to Jeff Oh and Mark Admiral who will be competing in the upcoming Tinman next Sunday.

Red Group by Jeff Beard

The Red Group (Paul and new member Jeff) went out for a 14-miler on Sunday, and trailed the Advanced Group all the way. Paul reported that they averaged under 9 minutes per mile. I went out for 12 miles, at about a 9:30 pace. I’m catching up! The wind helped, again, but it was still hot and humid – even running into the stiff breeze, we were all dripping wet. I can’t mention enough, on days like this, to take plenty of fluids and supplements, especially on these longer runs.

For those of you wishing to buy powered Gatorade, Sam’s Club does carry it, but only at the Keeamoku Street store. They have the large cans (makes 9 gallons) for $9.77, and only in the lemon-lime – it’s on isle 30, about ½ way down, on the right. I asked at the checkout, and they said that they always carry it. If you’re not a Sam’s Club member, perhaps those of us who are can make a run.

Also – several people have asked for my mango bread recipe and I’ve been happy to email it to anyone who requests it, but I’ve found an easier way! Bob has agreed to post it on the Clinic web site – there will be a link on the Community page – enjoy!

The Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

We managed 13.6 miles at a 10-minute pace (10:04 according to my Garmin) so our average speed was 6 mph with spurts of 7.5 mph. Right on target. It seemed very hot today so we were all grateful for the gusty trade winds and the water stops. We were also thrilled to find Nelson with cold Gatorade and pretzels at the second beachpark, manning his own aid station. Thanks Nelson! And thanks for the snacks and refreshments at the end, always fun to look forward to.

We were a smaller group than usual today, with regular staffers Bill, Nick, Amanda, and Rosie happy to run with our newer members Renee, Jennifer and staffer Lisa again. We were joined for the first time by Obi who had no problem with our pace. In fact, slowing him down might be the ticket.

At the first beach park, a group of four turned around, wisely not wanting to overdo things. Four plodded on together to the second beach park. Alex is doing looong distances on her own, getting ready for the inaugural Kauai marathon in September, and Bill added a few miles to the goal distance today because he has signed up for Portland in October. Rosie is going to run the Bizz Johnson Trail Marathon on her birthday in October, so she too will need to put in a couple more miles each Sunday. With all these different individual goals, we will maintain a core of preparation for the Honolulu marathon. Following Dr. Scaff’s plan we will increase our long run distance by two miles each month until November.

White Group by Ivie Kumera

34 runners on Sunday! What a group! We finished at 2 hours 11 minutes, for the 12-mile run (which included Kahala Avenue, so a little longer than 12 miles). We are the 11 to 11:30 minute/ mile. Great job, steady pace, with our increase in mileage, we are doing well. Thanks to our leaders, to keep us together, Alberto, Paris, Blair, Max (good to see you, Max!), Nelson (who joined the Pink group this week, and myself (MIA part of the way). Thank you also, Laura, Jim, and Marie, and our Garmin watchers…Dwayne, Byron, Ron, and Al, and others. Remember our homework, 15 to 20 miles a week, running 2 to 3 times a week. Ala Moana Magic Island, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5pm, Al is there to start. Cross-training helps, and as Dr. Schaff says, though, don’t over train! As Paris puts it, don’t run ‘dying trying’ or believe in ‘no pain no gain’. We ‘run for fun’. We all run for the runner’s high! Have a great week, and as Blair puts it, see you at the water stops.

Where’s the Fire ?
by Blair

I did not make it to the initial start of the group run but staff leaders Ivie, Alberto, Horatio, and Paris led the way on their 12-mile run. As I was running to catch up to the group, I noticed the group was unusually large. At the Kahala stop, I discovered that they were running part of the way with members of the Pink Group! I mentioned to the group and staff leaders to watch their pace and slow down. This was the mantra for the run back from the first beach park. Thank you Ivie and other staff leaders for “reining” everyone in!

On the way back, I slowed to assist a member who mentioned she was dehydrated. After some Gatorade and rest, the member felt better and we walked/ran and continued back. She stated that she should have hydrated much more during the week and especially the night before. We made it back safely to an “oasis” full of various breads, fruits and drinks. Group members please make sure to hydrate at every water stop and take in some gels, power bars, pretzels, etc. to replenish needed sources of energy. Carrying a water bottle might be a good idea on our long runs. Dehydration can have severe consequences. Please be careful!

We miss you Guru Sam! Keep up your training in San Diego so you will be ready for the Bus Run.

Happy birthday to Laurie and to Wei’s son!

We will do our last 12-miler this Sunday then start our 14-milers after the Bus Run! Please sign up for the Bus Run ASAP.

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

We’re back! The Blue Group had a return of a number of staff volunteers today as opposed to a rash of colds and injuries which took out the staff last week. Welcome back Andy, Kelly, Craig, Nelson, and Georgette. We finished our 3rd 12-mile run on a nice cool and breezy Sunday. Everyone kept a good pace with no injuries today. There is always a lot of chatter and great enthusiasm in the group, especially at the water stops. Mark UH’s number one fan, brought along his daughter, Clarissa to join us today. We met up with Norm’s beginning group at the 5 mile phone booth and they were right on our tails coming back from Kalanianaole to Triangle Park. Kelly will be with us for only a month more. She accepted a new opportunity to work in Germany at a US Army hospital there for the next three years. She hopes to return in December for vacation and the holiday season. Kelly has been a mainstay with the Blue group the last three years. Wish her well!

Beginner’s Bits – Norm Uyeda

A special thanks to Gail and Lianne for setting up a really ono refreshment table today with so many good stuffs to eat.

The Beginner’s group continued their July training with a 10 miler out to the phone booth and back. Many years ago, there actually was a full length phone booth at that spot – the kind of phone booth that Superman could change clothes in. Cutbacks at HawTel put an end to it though. Norm’s quick talk was on not giving up if your training falls behind the optimum curve. Everyone was assured that their marathon could be adjusted in order to accommodate any level of training. Everyone was also reminded that our goal is not to earn a place on the podium, but rather our goal is to cross that finish line with a big smile on our faces.
Enforcement of the First Law (running in front of Norm will cost you a can of beer) had two violations today against Lilia. Honami and Chinami were also cited, but due to their nationality, the fine was changed to sake instead of beer. Harry was also cited, but because his violation was so brief, he was fined a Diet Coke instead of a beer.
Next week – Tinman. Parking will suck. Come early. Leahi Ave might be easier to access instead of Paki Avenue.

Upcoming – Shave Ice run. Date to be announced later.

Jason’s stats:
Time: 2:31:18
Pace: 14:59 minutes/miles
Distance: 10.10 miles
Calories: 1194

Da Comment Corner

Second Bus Run – August 2nd; please sign up ASAP.

Tinman Traffic:
Please be aware of the Tinman event going on at the park this coming Sunday. Parking and access to the park might be difficult.

See you at the water stops!