Blair’s Weekly Update 07-12-09

Doc’s Talk

According to Dr. Scaff, the dirtiest part of your body is …..the elbow. Doc also spoke on the danger of Tylenol to the liver and also about allergies.

Table Duty:
Mahalo to Bob and Libby Lew who provided us with fresh baked brownies and bread pudding. It was a great complement to the watermelon, melons, grapes, pretzels and Gatorade.

Group Reports

Advance Group Report by Les Young

The AG had eight runners today. Kozo is recuperating his hamstrings. The group started out slow keeping the pace at 9:00-8:40. I made it a point to call out the pace everytime I looked at my Garmin GPS readout. The group learned it was so easy to slip into a faster pace without realizing it. Good breeze but made all our waterstops to keep hydrated. The slow pace out made it easy for a fast pace (8:15-8:00)coming in. Mark even commented that he felt so good he could do another 14 miles! That is the beauty of correct pacing. Run your pace in the first half and finish strong with a negative split.

Red Group by Jeff Beard

Sunday was hot and muggy, but a good breeze helped – some….. we all still lost a lot water and electrolytes during the run, so I hope everyone has a good stock of Gatorade, gels, etc.! I suggest at least one gel/gummy, etc., in addition to a bottle of sports drink, for any run over 10 miles, especially in this kind of weather. The Red Group went out for a 14 mile run, and Carl, Paul & Rick kept close to Les and the Advanced Group, averaging a 9 minute pace. I went out for 10, at about a 9:45 pace – I’m getting stronger! At this point, we all should be running 15-20 miles during the week, in addition to our Sunday runs, so that we’re getting in 30-40 miles a week – that’s what it takes to run the Marathon. See you all next week.

Pink Group Report by Rosie Adam-Terem

Our group of seven was joined by Lisa and Trevor at the first beach park, and ran out to the second beach park for the first 14 miler of the year. The wind and cloud were very welcome helpers, and everyone seemed to be running strong today. Anita and Bill were the greatest pacers, ensuring that we stuck fairly closely to our average 10 minute pace. Some of us dipped in the ocean after a few treats at the refreshment table; that watermelon was fabulous. Mahalo!

We’ll do 14 again next week and focus on the negative split concept (out slower than back).

White Group by Ivie Kumera

Better Together” – running with others can liven up our run…may be able to go faster or farther than you do on your own per Runner’s World July 2009. And so indeed we did! Yes, we can; 31 of the White group members did our 12 miler including Kahala Avenue. (10:30 to 11:00 minute/mile) Staffers, Alberto, Nelson, Paris, Norm, Lisa, Trevor, and Ivie led our awesome getting leaner running machine WHITES. We missed our core leaders, Sam da Man and Brother Blair. A much quieter, but serious on our miles and pace group practiced ‘no talking, no touching, no scratching, and breathing through our nose and out through our mouth’. We practiced what should be done on marathon day, ‘negative splits’, we averaged 11:15 the first half. At Kahala Avenue, we broke into 2 groups: 1. faster kick (10:30) and 2. the usual pace group. Faster group Laura (pace keeper) and others kept left us “Dust’- in and ‘Dwayne-ing’ in our own sweat. 2nd group kept our steady pace of 11:15 through the end. Keeping us on-time arrival, in single file and safe, no injuries, was Jim, our traffic controller. Thanks, Jim! Just a reminder, if you would like to run with our clinic, Tuesdays and Thursdays, some of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic members meet at 5pm at Magic Island. The regulars from the White are Al and the lead for the intermediate is Jeff. Wei will try to make it this week. I will try to be there on Thursday. Keep up your homework! Cross-training counts!

Blue Group by Blair Hoashi for Andy Hirano

I had the privilege of leading the Blue Group today; group leaders Andy and Fiona were out ill and a staff leader was needed, so I volunteered to take the group on their 12 mile excursion. The 12 miler was at a nice and easy pace – 11:30 to 12:00 min. per mile (per my Garmin). 30 runners started in nice breezy conditions but on our way back, the sun got a bit stronger and the trade winds dissipated. But, we all made it back safe and sound. I noticed a lot of conversation amongst the group so the pace seemed to be comfortable for most. Special mahalos to “Sergeant at Arms” Vicky from Makakilo – she always kept the group in line. Due to Vicky’s efforts the group was always coordinated and at its proper speed. And, yes, I will be the first to buy your positive thinking book, once you publish it. Also, thanks to Craig whose watchful eye made sure that we were in single file and no one was left behind. Andy, you have a great group of runners – motivated, disciplined, and fun loving. Thank you Blue group members for a great time!

If CSI should ever have a Honolulu division, staffer Annette K. should head it. Member Bev, stumbled, fell and suffered some scratches on her knees as we were running up and around Diamond Head to the 18th Ave. turn. Annette mentioned that it is a very common area for these falls to occur. She noted that she and several others have had incidents there and that the sidewalk on which we run is uneven and several pieces jut out. (Oh, I knew that, since I had a mishap there a few years ago. So, we just need to be more cognizant of that area and be careful, right?) Well, Annette further explained that runners are not aware of the “uphill nature” of the route; we do not raise our feet higher as if in “climbing mode” when we run here. Therefore, the occurrence of numerous mishaps and injuries. Annette, thank you for pointing out these facts – we should all be careful about the jutting sidewalk as well as our footwork.

Beginner’s Bits by Norm Uyeda

A large pack of Beginner’s went out today for their second 10 mile run to the “Phone Booth” (yes…there actually was a phone booth back in the old days) and back. We again stopped at the Kahala Park water station and played with Angel (a very playful German Sheppard puppy) and her doggy friends.

Norm handed out the Beginner’s training schedule along with a brief rundown of the upcoming events. Missing in action was Group Leader Jason who was down with a virus. Thanks to Jason for taking care of the group while Norm went and played staycation tourist over the Fourth of July Holiday weekend.

Welcome to newcomers Jim, Nancy, Kimiko and Yuka. Welcome back to staff member Lilia who was out with a foot injury. We wish speedy recoveries to Group Leaders Jason, Cliff, Maria and Eileen and hope to see them back in the pack soon.

Because of the large number of Tinman bikers out on the road, Norm enforced the “single file only” rule along Kalanianiole Highway. Beginners were also cautioned to do their homework. Training mileage during the week is all the more important now that the Sunday mileage is getting serious.

Beginner’s training schedule attached.

Da Comment Corner

Second Bus Run
Please sign up for our second Bus run scheduled on August 2. The last stop is Sandy Beach, approximately 13 miles. It’s a nice fun run in an area which is “normally” not run.

Running “Up and Around” Diamond Head
Please see the Blue Group report about Staffer Annette’s helpful comment.

“Dr. Love”
Congratulations to staff leaders, Marilyn N. and Wayne H. who got married last week! As I recall, this is the sixth marriage to occur due to the “power of the clinic” within the last ten years. Dr. Scaff must be transmitting some “silent love mojo” to clinic members as he is giving his talks. Just kidding! You never know though, your future husband or wife might be running in the same group.

See you at the water stops,