Blair’s Weekly Update 06-28-09

Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Scaff mentioned the topic of getting the right shoe for each runner.

Table Duty:
Thanks to the staffers who manned the table. The refreshments are always welcome after our runs.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG had 11 runners today. We welcome back staffer Joe Wong who went to Thailand for additional training. Did a quick briefing to make sure everyone was in good health, passed the morning urine test, and applied sunscreen protection. I also reminded them to keep the pace at 9:00-8:40 for the first half of the run. Each staffer rotated the lead and changed after each water stop. This gave them a chance to work at holding the group at a steady and desired pace. Five runners turned at the 6-mile mark. I went over the signs of dehydration and overheating to include dizziness, nausea, seeing spots, and cramping. Seven continued to the 7-mile mark. We had a strong run coming back in at a pace ranging from 8:30- 8:00!! This proved again that if you run a comfortable pace in the first half of the run, you can run a negative split on the second. Be careful, injury prevention is high priority.

Red Group by Jeff Beard

The Red Group went out for a 12-mile run, under great conditions – partly cloudy skies and a strong breeze. Carl reported that their average pace was a blistering 8:53! If that’s the pace everyone is planning to run the Marathon at, they will easily break 4 hours – or, end up walking up Kahala Avenue. It’s important to remember that we need to be running these middle distance runs at a pace that we can keep up for 26 miles, not just how fast we can run 12 or 14. Next week, we should all be adding 2 miles to our Sunday runs. I went out for an 8 mile run, at about a 10:30 pace – I’m finally getting some strength and endurance back!

Pink Group by Rosie Adam-Terem

There were about 12 of us this morning, grateful for the breeze and cloud cover that made a good portion of our last 12-miler very pleasant. We were also grateful for the wonderful snacks at the end! Mahalo.

With no official clinic next weekend, we will be starting our 14-mile month on July 12. Please remember to do the homework: at least two hour-long runs during the week, and maybe another one on Friday evening, to get a good base mileage going to build for the longer runs ahead. And of course, drink plenty of fluids.

White Group by Sam Usman and Ivie Kumera

Blair and Barbara were both missing due to kids’ illness. A WILD PACK OF 40 departed from the park. Every one of the 40 runners looked in great shape! We took water breaks at all of our prescribed spots per the “Blair rule.” In addition, we had 10 staff members to keep everyone company. Jokingly, I banished Emma and Paris from the group for being “runaway devils”; they were in a very fast groove today. We welcome newcomer Sandra who was nice enough to joke with us and play “Bachelorette”. Although, serious proposal were pouring in! Sergeant Max and Violet led the wild armed forces crazies with their running cadence. Blair, I am so surprised by our group; every week it gets bigger and bigger with more and more energy. I feel like I am about to explode! We had 6 newbies and all of them looked in great shape! Next week, Ivie and other staff members will be meeting at 6.30 a.m. to lead the group since there is no official clinic. I will be partying till the wee hours on Saturday night and Sunday morning at my annual Fourth of July party at my place. If anyone is interested , please call me, Sam I am at 521-4581; starts at 7 p.m. and is located next to the Ala Moana Shopping Center; call me if you need more info; I promise you will have a blast. Come to dance and have fun!! (*Sam, you might have over 600 people there after they read this in the update. Hope you have enough pupus.) Also, I will be leaving for San Diego next week and will not be back until 7/26/09.
-Sam I am

40 runners! (37 to 40, a range, not an exact count, because Ryan was absent and didn’t count for us; hope you did well at your tennis match, Ryan). The WHITES trekked to our 12-miler at a pace of 10:40 to 11:40 minute miles. Dennis did 14 miles. (What? the student that always did extra credit for that ‘A’, or the student, that didn’t follow directions? He thought 12 miles was to Hawaii Loa Ridge Park, and followed Nelson, not his wife, just like at home. He wondered what happened to our group.)

We all did well at a steady “talking pace;” we shared tips on marathon training and found out more about each other on a personal level. What a versatile group we have! Staffers: Sam da Man, Alberto, Nelson, Paris, Max, Lisa, Norm, and Ivie kept everyone together. Brother Blair, whom we missed; you should be so proud of the Whites! You should see us with Commanders Max and Amy on Diamond Head Hill in military cadence.

See our “before” picture in June below. In September, we will take another photo when we should be at our goal weight. Some of us have already lost weight! With our training, how could we be better “losers?” Our goal weight makes for better running time and Happy Feet!


Reminder: no official marathon clinic, July 5th, but we are having a 12 mile run for the WHITES, meeting at 6:30 a.m., Ivie and Blair will be there. Sam will be out, don’t forget Sam’s 4th of July party to watch the fireworks at his place.
-Ivie Kumera

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

The Blue Group finished it’s last 10-mile run with 20 runners. The weather was so nice today with some overcast skies with a breeze. Kelly gave the group an interesting talk about a Harvard study. School jocks and bookworms had the same life expectancy. However, those that exercised later in life whether or not they participated in sports in their school years, lived longer. The bottom line is to continue exercising to keep in fit and add years to your life. We will add two more miles to our Sunday runs going 12 miles to Wailupe Park and back in July. Andy reminded the group to try some jells, power bars, sports gummies or beans to find out what flavors you like and eventually to bring along during the marathon. The turnaround point would be a good time to do this. Since there will be no official clinic this coming Fourth of July weekend, the Blue Group will meet at Kapiolani Park and start at 7 a.m. See you all there!

Beginner’s Bits by Norm Uyeda

The Beginner’s group went on their last 8 miler today before ramping up the training mileage next week. We had a pleasant surprise at the inbound Kahala waterstop, when the dog owners at the unofficial doggy park brought their dogs over for us to play with and to fuss over. The group is staying together in fine fashion and we finish our runs with a large percentage of the starters still in formation. Norm’s Friday night sessions at Ala Moana will begin in late July – stay tuned for more info.

Norm will be on a “staycation” in Waikiki next Sunday and will join the group in spirit……Jason has the conn.

Jason’s stats:
Time. 2 hrs 1 min 31 sec
Pace. 14:47 minutes/mile
Miles. 8.22
Calories. 983

Da Comment Corner:

Bus Run:
The Second Bus Run is scheduled for August 2nd; most of the Advanced and Intermediate runners will be dropped off at Sandy Beach and run back to the park, approximately 12.5 miles. Many of the Beginner’s will be running from the Hawaii Kai drop off and run back, approximately 8 – 10 miles. A signup sheet will be posted so we can get a runner count to figure out the number of buses needed. In case you were concerned, the Sandy Beach route goes into the valley and through Hawaii Kai town and does not take the more scenic but more dangerous coastal highway.

A Six Year Old’s Opinion:
I took care of my son, Zach, who was ill yesterday and so could not attend the clinic. Oh, how I missed running with the group. Aside from the obvious benefits of running, I missed the camaraderie of running with a bunch of great people. Positive endorphins must also be generated by jovial conversation and overall positive social interaction. And, contrary to my six year old son’s opinion, going out for a nice Sunday morning run beats watching the same episode of Star Wars- the Clone Wars cartoon for the 20th time.

Welcome back Joe Wong of the Advanced Group! We missed you!

See you at the water stops,