Blair’s Weekly Update 06-21-09

Doc spoke on the evolution of the human species and how it related to running.

Kudos on a job well done at table duty by White Group leader Ivie! The drinks, apples, watermelons, and pastries were perfect after our heated runs. All of the finishing runners really appreciated your generosity and efforts. But, we all missed on our group run!

Thanks to Board member Val for subbing for Maile and assisting Libby on shirt and cap sales. The new HMC visors look great and come in three colors. If not for you, it would make a great gift for others. Cost is $12.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG had 7 serious runners today doing an 8:40-8:45 pace going out to the 14 mile turn around. We battled some pretty stiff headwind, but this was great for training. Hydration was less of a problem because of the cooling wind. No rest for the wicked!! The faster runners set a 8:30 average pace coming back in. I reminded them that speed kills, so be careful and avoid being injured. I would like to them run a slower 8:45-9:00 pace this early in our training. Chaffing should become more of a problem as we increase distance. Be sure to lubricate problem areas. Where are these areas? You will find out when you hit the shower!!

Red Group by Jeff Beard

It’s good to be back running! I went out for an ‘easy’ 8-miler, at about a 10 minute pace – probably a bit fast after a 7 week layoff, but I had fun. The rest of the Red Group (Carl & Paul) did 12 miles, at a 9:15 average! The breeze felt great (when you weren’t running into it uphill), and it kept the overall temperatures moderate. As we start doing longer runs, fluids/electrolytes are critical – replenish with something at every water stop. Keep up the good work – we’ve just started to run!

White Group by Blair Hoashi

I am always in awe of staff leader Sam (the Guru), but today, I was especially impressed! Sam is like the “pied piper of the clinic” – he led a huge group of runners with authority, kept everyone on track, and even organized group activities during the run. Also, he generously bought Gatorade for many of the runners. No wonder the White Group is growing. The group had nearly 35 runners even though the total clinic attendance was lower than usual (probably due to Father’s Day and the Aloha State games going on). We ventured out, for the first time, to the first Beach Park and back – 12 miles. Guru Sam, with help from staff leaders, Alberto, Nelson S., Horatio, Paris and Blair, planned to run at a little slower pace today due to the heat and the extra distance. We stopped very deliberately at each water stop and made sure that everyone in the group was ok. We left no runner behind. I heard many positive comments about how nice and easy today’s run was and how much everyone enjoyed it. We should all thank Guru Sam on a great strategy for our first “long run.” The group also enjoyed running to the military cadence of Commander Horatio and General Violet on our way back. A good time was had by all. To group newcomers Barbara, legal eagle Liz, Renee, Sandra, “da young one”, and her friend, Ann, see you next week! Group “regulars” Al, Laura, Da Boyz (Dustin, Duane and Kea’ ka), Laurie, Wei and others, congrats on your first 12-miler! Please continue your “homework runs” during the week. We missed you, Ivie and Emma!

Blue Group by Andy Hirano

The Blue Group had noticeably fewer runners, 22, as it was Fathers’ Day. On these special days we end up with a few less runners. It was a nice pleasant run for the group. Although it was the first day of summer, the wind was up and there was a steady breeze throughout the entire run. We completed another 10-mile runs to the phone booth on Kalanianaole Highway and back. Our last 10-mile run will be next week. Then in July we will increase to 12 miles. The turnaround point will be Wailupe Park. Someone asked, what happened to the training schedule? Some of the brochures on the Sunday table have a training schedule. One could be found on the Clinic web site, then click on ability groups, then intermediate or beginner’s group. Up to now it has been number of hours per week. From July one should keep track of their training by miles per week. Hele on! See you next week.

Beginners’ Bits by Norm Uyeda

The Beginners group celebrated Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice by going for a breezy 8 mile run out to the Aloha Gas Station and back. We talked about being in the second trimester of our training and the approaching marathon event in December. Subjects covered were shoes (don’t wait until the last minute to get your marathon shoes), clothing (don’t wear ANYTHING new on marathon day) and diet (if you must – now is the time rather than waiting until October or November). Also covered was the importance of the weekday training and the difficulty of moving up to the next Sunday training distance of 10 miles without doing your “homework”.

Welcome to newcomers Kathy and Robert. Also welcome back to Group Leader Kiwi Don who is recovering from a pulled hamstring. Thanks to Group Leader Jason for again playing “sweeper” and making sure all of the stragglers were watched and cared for.

Have you been anywhere interesting while wearing your Clinic t-shirt or hat? Send any photos to Norm for his “where have you been” photo album.

Da Comment Corner:

Belated Father’s Day wishes to all of our fathers!! Hope it was a fabulous day!!

Special Father’s Day wishes to my father-in-law, Jim McNeill in Sydney, AUS. We wish you the very best! Get well soon! When Jim visited us, he always enjoyed attending the clinics on Sunday. Jim, a retired micro biologist, developed the world’s first “germ free” mice and lectured on this topic throughout the world (Harvard, Oxford, etc.).

A Father’s Wish (Reprised):
About five years ago, my dad suffered a series of small strokes which left him very immobile. To this day, when we all go out for Father’s Day brunch or dinner, he always mentions how envious he is of Fiona and I because of our ability to run and exercise. He fondly recalls his experience with the Honolulu Marathon Clinic before the strokes; he and my mother attended the clinic regularly. He mentions how much he enjoyed walking with Luanne and her group and how much he would like to rejoin the group someday. Perhaps, one day…

With Sympathy:
Our deepest sympathy goes out to staff leader Maile B. Her dad recently passed away after a long illness.

Also, our sympathies go to staff leader and board member, Val O., who recently lost her mother.

See you at the water stops,