Blair’s Weekly Update 06-07-09

Doc’s Talk:

E-centric running was the subject of this morning’s talk – downhill running and the pressure it puts on the legs.

First Bus Run:
Please remember to come out early on Sunday to hear Doc’s talk, at 7:20 a.m. then board the bus promptly @ 7:30 a.m. to head for the various drop off points. Cost is $2 and we will be running on the actual marathon route. This will be a great way to experience and see some of the scenery of the eastern coastline. And, you’ll meet a lot of interesting people on the bus. For most groups, the run back should be approximately 8-10 miles depending on the addition of the Hawaii Kai Loop.

Table Duty:
Special thanks to staffer Mark A. and his lovely wife for taking care of us at table duty. Having an oasis of fruits, pretzels, and drinks at the end of our run was a perfect way to finish our Sunday training.

Clinic Shirts:
Special thanks to Maile and Libbey who assist with the sale of our clinic running shirts every week. Mahalo!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group – by Les Young

The AG of seven runners ran their first 14 miler today. The breeze felt great! We averaged an 8:40 pace going out to the 14 mile turn around. This provide some runners with enough reserve to run the last two miles at a 7:40 pace. The key today was keeping hydrated. The lesson learned, don’t try to keep up with the Kozo Kick!! We are ready for the “Bus Run”.

White Group – by Blair Hoashi

Staffers Guru Sam, Ivie, Horatio, Nelson S. took a group of 30 to the phone booth and back. The Kahala Ave. stretch was included on the way back to make it a tough 10 miler. A ten miler is scheduled for the bus run; thereafter, the group starts its run to the first beach park – 12 miles. As is always mentioned, please continue your homework runs – it is the foundation for your long Sunday runs. We congratulate many of the “newer” group members on their commitment to the training. Da Boys (Dustin, Duane and Kea ka), Emma, Ryan, James, et al, in addition to the regulars like Laura, Maria, Byron, Al, Roeland, set a solid foundation for the group. We look forward to seeing everyone at the bus run!

Blue Group – by Andy Hirano

The Blue Group had a pleasant 10-mile run with 33 runners. It was a wonderful change from last week’s hot and no breeze run. There was a breeze blowing keeping us cool. Summer is quickly approaching. The longest day of the year for sunlight is in two weeks, June 20, and also marks the beginning of Summer. Fiona reminded the group to run single file whenever there are other pedestrians or runners on the sidewalk. They have the same right to use the sidewalk. So as we come up to pedestrians or runners, raise you hand to signal to those in the back to converge to single file to let them pass on their side of the sidewalk. For the bus run next week, the Blue Group will do a 10-mile run following the marathon route down to Kahala Avenue and to the finish line at Kapiolani Park. Hopefully, the Hibiscus half-marathon will be finished by then. Thanks Shane for sharing you pretzels with the group. Pretzels taste so good on the runs and should be part of your supplies during the marathon in December.

Beginners Group – by Norm Uyeda

The large Beginner’s group of over 60 members went out on Sunday for their first trip to the Aloha Gas Station. The eight mile run was made easier by the cool breezes and intermittent cloud cover. The runners were led by important Jason, Gail and Norm while Cliff, Liann and Lu headed up the walking section. Runners were advised to not miss next week’s Bus Run. The main Beginner’s group will get off at Hawaii Kai and make the trek back to Kapiolani Park. Some may opt for the 7-mile run and get off at Kawaikui Park.

Stats from Jason: Mileage – 7.96
Pace – 15.82
Calories – 892

Da Comment Corner:

Way back when:
A former staff leader, Andy K. “ran into” the White Group recently and commented how much the clinic had grown. Andy was one of my first staff leaders about 12 years ago when the clinic used to meet at the bandstand. Back then, I remember Doc speaking to about 20-30 runners on Sundays and the clinic picnic attended by only about 15 people. We sure have grown and are still growing!

A funny phone conversation:
Many years ago, Andy K.had called my house to talk with me but my brother-in-law, Andrew who was visiting us from Germany answered the phone.
The phone rings and my brother-in-law answered the phone. “Eh, – Andy”, my brother–in-law hears and answers, “yeah, -Andy.” “This is Andy”, Andrew hears and replies, “yeah, this is Andy!” “Andy!” Andy K replies, frustratingly. “Yeah, this is Andy!” my brother-in-law, Andrew responds. This went on for a few more times until finally, they figured it out and had a good laugh.

Please keep well hydrated and please try not to overtrain. The flu bug is still around so let’s not get our body worn down.

See you at the water stops,