Blair’s Weekly Update 05-31-09

Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Scaff talked about the spreading of germs; rather than bathrooms or airplanes, Doc states that more egregious germ locations are our money and computer keyboards.

Table Duty:
Special thanks to Staff Leader and Commander Don of the New Zealand Police Department for all of the fresh fruits, assorted goodies and ice cold Gatorade and water. We all needed your refreshments today; it was HOT!! Thanks mate!

First Bus Run, June 14th:
Please sign up for our first Bus Run of the year – we need a runner count so we can decide on the number of buses needed. Most of the groups will be dropped off at Maunalua Bay (across from Roy’s restaurant in Hawaii Kai). A straight run back will be about 8 miles and two more miles can be added by taking in the “Hawaii Kai loop”. Cost is $2; it will give newcomers an opportunity to run on new territory and this route, is part of the actual marathon course. Currently, we have over 100 runners signed up.

Group Reports:

Pink Group Report by Rosie Adam-Terem:

Today there were 12 runners setting out for our first 12 miler at a 10 minute pace. It was so muggy and still that it felt really hot and draining so we all had to drink extra water to stay energized. We still have a tendency to go out a little fast and while some of the group can match this pace (9.30) the whole way, for others it is too tiring so the last few miles are sluggish. We will continue to aim for a negative split (slower going out than coming back) because this is good discipline for saving energy for the real thing.

At the 12-mile and higher distances, it is probably useful to bring along some supplementary energy source like goo, blocks, gatorade, and/or pretzels to maintain some carbs and a good electrolyte balance. I’ll be away for the next two Sundays but I’ll do my running homework by myself, I promise.

Have a great two weeks!

White Group Report by Blair Hoashi:

I was happy to be back to enjoy the camaraderie of the White Group members again. I was out ill for almost three weeks and was enjoying all of the well wishes and “welcome back” comments from White Group “regulars” like, “da boys” (Dustin, Kea’ka,and Duane); the two Lauras; the always vivacious Maria; our young mascot Ryan; Emma; Wei; James; “speedy” Mike; Violet, who unfortunately, got stung by a bee; always friendly and cheerful Alice; “tuff runner” Byron; Dr. Rob and Donna; Dr. Dennis and Ivie; B2B veteran Al; and a whole slew of others who I can picture but cannot place the names. After my initial euphoria,  I was in a state of panic because I realized that I had to RUN a 10 miler in order to keep up with these great comrades. I had not laced up my Mizuno’s for over 3 weeks! Luckily, Guru Sam intervened and had a “recovery” routine for me. Thank you, Guru! I started off with the Blue Group then joined up with the Whites later. I cut my run short while Guru Sam and other staff leaders took the group to do a 10 miler. Special thanks to young Dr. Dennis and his even younger wife and staff leader Ivie for running/walking (mostly, walking) back with me.

By the way, Andy H., the Blue Group is a “well-oiled machine” when attacking Diamond Head. Your group’s single file formation up Diamond Head was a thing of beauty and precision! Great job, to the Blue Group!

Staff leaders, Guru Sam, Dwight, Alberto, Nelson S., and Paris led a group of almost forty runners through another 10 mile run at an 11:00 minute/mile pace. Our last 10-miler is scheduled for next week (to include Kahala Avenue). Right, Sam? The following week is our first Bus Run on June 14th (probably a 10-11 miler), then we progress to 12 miles the week after. Please sign up for the Bus Run on the bulletin board so we can order the appropriate number of buses. Currently, we have over 100 runners signed up. Please be aware that a half marathon race is scheduled at the park for this date as well.

Please continue your homework runs as it will be crucial to your “success” as we go longer.

Blue Group Report by Andy Hirano:

The Blue Group grew to a massive 39 runners today as we did our first 10-miler to the phone booth on Kalanianaole Highway. It seemed much longer as the weather was hot and humid. There was a slight breeze. The rest stops in the shade were quite refreshing. The group stayed together for the most part.  There were a number of group leaders with the Blue Group today; Andy, Kelly, Fiona, Anit and Anit, Craig, Nelson, and Muriel. The intermediate training schedule is posted on the Honolulu Marathon Clinic’s web site. Begin 3 hours beside Sunday’s run; maybe two and a half hour runs. Drink plenty of water and run safely.

Beginner’s bits by Norm Uyeda:

In anticipation of next week’s increased training mileage, the Beginner’s Group went out for a “long” 6 mile run on Sunday. Actually, the hot and humid run logged in at 8.17 miles and should relieve any anxiety about facing June’s 8-mile run out to the Aloha Gas Station and back. Jason, Gayle and Norm took turns at the helm of the runners while Group Leader Cliff and Lu led the walkers. We continue to see more new faces as students trickle in following the Honolulu Marathon signup. Some of the group again finished the run with a refreshing splash in the waters of Waikiki Beach. The cool waters not only help bring down the overheated body temperatures, but also help to relieve the swelling of the ankles, knees and feet.

Next week – a “short” 8 miler to introduce everyone to the Aloha Gas Station turnaround.

Albums of the various Clinic events can be viewed at:

Da Comment Corner:

We thank staff leader Rachun for his donation of the table and bulletin board.  We will put those to good use.

Keep hydrated and have a great week!

See you at the water stops (especially, now with the heat),