Blair’s Weekly Update 05-17-09

There will be no “official” clinic this coming Sunday, 5-24-09, because of the Memorial Day Weekend. Please check your group reports to see if they are meeting at an earlier time. The “walk up” registration for the Honolulu Marathon Clinic is this Saturday and Sunday at the Waikele Sports Authority.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group – by Les Young

The AG had a hot and humid 12-mile run. Some runners asked why we do not run earlier too minimize exposure to the sun. Three reasons: 1. The official start time for the clinic is 7:30 a.m. 2. It will get hotter into the summer months, so start getting acclimated to training and running in the heat. 3. Unless you finish the marathon in 4 hours or less, you will be running in the same heat and humidity for the last half of the run. Learn how to protect yourself with proper clothing and sunscreen. Start monitoring your sweat rate and compensate appropriately with water intake and sodium/potassium replacement from whatever source that works for you. Find out now what works for you instead of crashing and burning during the marathon. The nine runners we had today handled the heat/humidity very well running a conservative 9-minute pace going out and had enough to spare by running a negative split back at 8:30-8:20 pace.

Red Group – by Carl Tanaka

Aloha Blair…..I’m sending a report for the Red Group while Jeff recuperates from his injured foot, it appears he will be out for the next six weeks.

Today, the Red Group consisted of three regular runners, a newcomer, and a visitor hailing from the great state of North Carolina (Cherokee, NC), Natalie Welch. Natalie is visiting with her parents as a reward for graduating college (in four years!), earning a degree in Business Sports Management. She is training for her first marathon, and plans on forming a running group back home. Also joining the Reds for the first time was Bobby, hailing from the greater state of Waianae! This is his first marathon, and he too, ran strong! Go, Bobby!

We ran a very comfortable pace, averaging 9:02 going out and back to the gas station, while two other runners kept going to the first beach park. Last week due to the heat, we averaged 9:10 over 12 miles. Next week, since there is no formal clinic, we’ll be meeting at 6:30 a.m. for a 12-miler.

White Group – by Sam Usman and Ivie Kumera

Brother Blair, here is my update contribution…
We started with 36 runners , shrank to 29 at Kahala, then ended with 21 on the return. Allison, Alberto and you were missing from action; Ivie, Major Max, Laura, and Violet were amongst the group of healthy and good looking supporters. Good news we did 10 miles as you had requested. Ivie was happy because we stuck to the agenda of 10 miles. On the way back, Major Max, Violet and others started doing the army drill. But in the end I lost control and several “losers” ran away from me at their own pace. The group will meet next week 6.30 a.m. I plan to make them go through Waikiki, Ala Moana and back.

Monday is the chilli cook off; I plan to wear a sarong and do lap dancing for a $1.00 donation. Blair, for you its free. (thank you Sam, I think?)
-by Sam Iam

Papa Blair should be proud of our group, though he was out with a fever, his leadership allowed our group to manage, with Papa’s absence. 28 runners did our true 10-miler, to the telephone booth and back. We stayed together, for our 11 to 12 minute pace (times keeper Laura and Byron, as ‘land traffic controllers’). Jim, we missed you, he is our other pacer (air traffic controller by profession). Our 5 miles back were led by 5 members, newcomer, KCC instructor, Barbara, Ivie, Nelson, Sam I-Am, and Max. Happy Military Appreciation week, to our armed forces runners! We appreciate you, we enjoyed running Diamond Head in cadence! So we want to be an Airborne Ranger?

Sam pointed out our 25-mile mark for the marathon, and that’s when we felt, “oh, so good.” Some of us picked up our pace and ran 9:30 to 10:30-minute pace the last 1 mile back. Continue your 2 days 1 hour runs a week. Dr. Scaff’s tip, of the “tight” runner being an “efficient” runner. May we recommend “core strength/ training” during the week? Here is a quick summary: Stay well, some of us were “under the weather.”

No official Honolulu Marathon Clinic meeting, though the White Group will be meeting: Sunday, May 24th at 6:30 a.m.
– by Ivie Kumera

Blue Group – by Andy Hirano

The Blue Group was back to it’s usual group of 32 runners. Clinic staff Fiona was back after a brief layoff. It was our 4th run of 8 miles. The weather was clear, sunny, and hot. Got to drink your water and hydrate. The break at the Kahala gas station was a welcome relief to chat in the shade before turning around. The group stayed together most of the way. Since there will be no formal clinic next week due to Memorial Day weekend, Andy will be at Kapiolani at 7 a.m. for those that wish to do our morning run. It will be the Blue Group’s last 8-miler. The following week we’ll do ten. See you all this coming week at 7 sharp!

Beginners Group – by Jason Aloysius Wong

The Beginners group was led by Jason and Gail. Cliff had table duty, and Norman was completing San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers 98th 12K run. 33 people ran, and 17 people walked. It was 86 degrees out, with 44% humidity. There were nice breezes, and the group took in the shade whenever possible. The group followed the same course as last week for a total of 6.24 miles at a 14:38-miile pace. Total time was 1 hour 31 minutes. At Triangle Park, Jason reminded the group to drink lots of water because it was really hot. He also talked about what he carried in his fanny pack: phone (in a snack ziplock bag), food/energy (gel, bar, or pretzel sticks), waterproof wallet (money, alcohol swabs, band aid for blisters, salom pas for pain, Tylenol, Kleenex, medical insurance card, id, and emergency contact information), and car keys. He mentioned that these items may be of use when we reach 8+ miles. The group was reassured that it did not need to go beyond 16 miles in training because by November, as Dr. Scaff says, the marathon will be in each runner. The group was reminded to watch for pot holes and uneven sidewalks.

Roger spoke about RST. Relax (hands don’t swing side to side), Silent (running without sound/heel to toe), and running Tall (having your body look like a utility pole).

Da Comment Corner

As mentioned last week, early registration for the Marathon on this weekend at the Sports Authority in Waikele.

Please try not to over train as it can increase fatigue and susceptiblility to all kinds of viruses going around.

See you at the water stops,