Blair’s Weekly Update 05-03-09

Doc’s topic was on distribution of weight and its effect on running. The more weight in the lower parts of your body, the harder it is to run. So, as an example, heavier shoes could cause a runner to exert more energy versus a lighter shoe.

“We run to eat” – our Spring Picnic:
We had a huge turnout for the Spring picnic – we went through about 5 barrels of chili and all three barrels of rice. Much thanks to Luanne Murakami and Norm Uyeda for organizing and staffing the event. Also, special thanks to Alberto, Dwight, Maile, Burt, Muriel, Cody, Norm’s grandson, and whole array of others who helped with set up, “dishing out” and clean up. Apologies if I did not get your names. First one in line to partake of the food was Debbie, of the beginners. Thanks for starting us off in such a positive manner.

Group Reports:

Pink Group – by Rosie Adam-Terem

We had a group of about eight runners today and ran to the gas station and back via Kahala Avenue. Welcome back to Bill who will be rejoining our regular runs in June. Some of us ended our 8 miler with a quick plunge into the ocean, which was most refreshing. Then it was time for the picnic! The spread was magnificent. Thanks to all who organized and ran the event.

Our pace today was probably a little faster than the 10 minute mile we are aiming for. Keeping the pace down is an important skill, and one that will pay off when we get to the longer and hotter runs. From next week we will run regular 10 milers on Sundays. It will soon be time to add another day of running at least an hour. To keep the spacing even and allow for recovery between runs, it may help to do one evening run if you usually run in the mornings, and vice versa if you usually run in the evenings. For example, Sunday run with the clinic; Monday off; Tuesday a.m. run; Wednesday off; Thursday a.m. run; Friday off until the evening run; Saturday off; and back to Sunday morning with the clinic.

The mid-week 10-mile Tantalus runs have been really great: cool weather, beautiful scenery, and a good challenge on the hills. This week I am hoping to run it on Thursday. Please let me know if you want to join me ( Start time will be 5:45 a.m. meeting at the little park at the base of Makiki Heights Drive. Bring water!

Coming up, don’t forget the early kama`aina sign-up for the Honolulu Marathon on May 23 and 24 at Sports Authority in Waikele. Fee is $30. Also the first Bus Run is set for June 14th. You will need $2 for the bus ride out, and just your feet to come back again. Please sign up next week so that we know how many people there will be for bus scheduling purposes.

White Group – by Ivie Kumera

Our group of 29 strong (according to our statistician, Ryan) did our 8.5 miler at a 11 minutes/mile pace (estimate). Staffers for our run included: Sam I-am, Alberto, Nelson, Rachan (welcome back!), Max, Elsie, and myself. Various legs of the run were led by our staff. Cal Berkeley/Harvard grad, Elsie did our “smart” run down Kealaolu Avenue. Sam, Alberto led us up Kahala Avenue. It was a piece of cake, as Sam pointed out our 23 mile mark. Sam has decided to allow me to continue to wear my “staffer tank” for one more week, as I did manage to lead our group for a short leg. Sargeant Max led us all the way up and down Diamond Head Road, single-file, in cadence, as we ran to his lead of “Left-Right-Left” “Left – … right to our potluck chili lunch!” What a great way to end our run! As Sam has said, this is the best group he has led, in his over ___ years of marathons. Everyone together, looking out for each other, encouraging one another. Nelson always makes sure we are safe, and together, no “runner left behind.”

Thank you to staffers, Blair, Dwight, and Rachan (yes, he cut his run short to help), for your servant leadership at the potluck.

Remember your homework up through June: 2 days of 1-hour runs, then we kick it up a notch. Now till September, lose the weight you want (set a goal). I will bring a camera next Sunday. We can have our “before” group picture, and another “after” picture in September. For Sam, we can be the “biggest loser” as a group.

Blue Group – by Andy Hirano

The Blue Group began with 33 runners today doing another 8 leisurely miles to the Kahala gas station and back. At the Operation Redwing Medal of Honor Park (Triangle Park), we reintroduced ourselves. We have such a diversity of folks from all walks of life. During our run there is a lot of interaction among our group. You can hear it by the chatter as we make our way along the course. There’s lots of enthusiasm. You come out for the exercise and stay for the fun. The picnic was such a wonderful activity to end our Sunday run. Thanks for everyone’s participation and the tasty additions to the table. Don’t forget your homework and see you all next week.

Beginners Group – by Norm Uyeda

Thanks to everyone for their hard work in putting together the picnic. Special thanks to Alberto (tables), Maile (t-shirts), Blair (food pickup) and Lu (picnic chairperson).

Several people commented on the great desserts and many wanted to find out who made the dessert with the cream cheese/apple/cinnamon mixture.

On a down note — another biker had some negative comments about our group’s inability to share the sidewalk. We can’t please everybody, but please try to allow room for the other people using the sidewalk.

Jason took the lead for the Beginner’s group today to allow Norm to assist in setting up the picnic.

Picnic pictures at:

Jason’s Report:
Cliff spoke for a few moments and had Jason and Gail lead the Beginners group out to Triangle Park and back. The early start caused a bit of traffic with the incoming Advanced and Intermediate groups, which overtook the Beginners group. The group ran for 1 hour, 2 minutes, and 11 seconds at a 15:07 minutes/mile pace for 4.12 miles. Participants were happy with the pace, but some were walking up the hill. At the Triangle Park waterstop, Cliff spoke about running the slower pace even though they could walk it. He emphasized the point that we are running for distance, not speed. Later, at the final water stop upon the group’s return, Cliff allowed the runners to go at their own pace if the group was running too slow for them. Jason kept the pace at a 15 minutes/mile all the way back.

Picnic participants wanted to know which member baked the custard crumb pieces. Jason brought his signature almond cookies.

Da Comment Corner

During the picnic, I formulated a new diet – “the malasada diet”. After eating one (it was deliciously deep fried with the middle part soft and chewy, and “drowned” in white sugar), I realized that I should eat it only once a year.

Happy birthday, Keith Y. I hope you survived your “aerial adventure”.

Get well, Grumpa Jim in Sydney!!

See you at the water stops,