Blair’s Weekly Update 04-26-09

Doc spoke to approximately 200 runners this morning about dehydration. He reiterated that we should take in at least 10 ounces of fluids for every 20 minutes of running.

Dr. Scaff mentions that if there are any specific questions about his talk topics, he is is available to answer your queries. Please email us through the updates and we will pass it on to him for his comments back to you or on the clinic website.

Clinic Picnic on May 3rd and not on the 5th!
Our spring picnic is on May 3rd and not the 5th as previously mentioned. Apologies! There will be lots of great food with great company (us)! What a great way to spend a late Sunday morning after an invigorating run! A guiltless picnic? The four to ten miles that we’ve run should equate to at least a nice sized plate of chili, rice, veggies, okazu (side dishes) and dessert, right? Perhaps even a second helping! Friends and family welcome!!! $1 charge per attendee.

Thank you Norm K. for taking the reins at table duty; the drinks and fruits and pretzels were delicious!

Group Reports

Red Group – by Jeff Beard

The Red Group went out with 8 people this week – we keep picking up Pinks! Most of the group went 10-12 miles, at an average pace of around 9/9:10 per mile – a good pace, but remember, we’re supposed to be running at the pace we intend to do in the Marathon. Since I’m still getting my legs back, I just went out for an easy 8. It’s finally starting to warm up, so pay particular attention to sun screen and water. As we increase our mileage, it’s also a good idea to stock up on gels, bars, gummies, whatever, for extra sodium and potassium. See you all next week for the picnic – I’ll bring enough mango bread for everyone

Pink Group – by Rosie Adam-Terem

We had a group of about 10 runners on this fine morning. We ran ten miles (except for Alex who went longer on her own as she is preparing for the Kona Marathon in June. Anyone who is thinking of doing that race might want to connect with Alex next week to see if a nice HMC group can be formed.) Our overall pace was just about 10 minutes per mile, as planned. We go slowly up the hills and more speedily down them, so it averages out. We reminded ourselves that this is the long slow run portion of our training and that what we are learning is to stick to a pace we know we can keep up, not for nine or ten miles, but for 26.2. Speed work can be done during the other training runs in the week. We should all be doing two runs of about an hour during the week. At this distance, we have to start thinking about replacing electrolytes either by eating a few pretzels (Dr. Scaff’s magic potion) or by drinking sports drinks. Expect to increase to three runs in June.

In May we will be running regular 10 milers on Sundays – got to earn our picnic breakfast on May 3rd! Don’t forget to bring your delicious offerings and $1 per head to pay for the other items. It is always a fun event.

Some of the Pinks are going to do a Tantalus run on Tuesday morning, up by road and down by trail if time permits (unless the trails are too horribly muddy). It’s roughly a 10-mile circuit (shorter if we use the trails to descend, saving our joints in the process, but the trails take more time) with the first five miles seriously uphill. Meet at the Board of Water Supply grassy area at the base of Makiki Heights Drive for a 5:45 a.m. start. Look for Rosie and Anita. If you have a reflective vest or band please wear it. And please bring water to run with. Allow two hours for the run and expect to be wet and/or muddy by the end (plastic bags to protect cars from water and dirt, etc). Runners from other groups are more than welcome to join in. Please email me if you intend to be there: My cell phone is 292-4793 and I always have it with me on runs.

See you next Sunday (or maybe Tuesday!)

White Group – by Blair Hoashi

We had a huge group of 39 runners today. Luckily, we had the full corps of staff leaders on hand – Guru Sam led the group with help from Ivie, Dwight, Nelson S., myself and new staffer, Elsie. Elsie trained with the clinic’s Advanced Beginners’ group last year and completed her first Honolulu Marathon in December. She wanted to give back to the clinic for the lessons she had learned last year so became a staff member. Elsie always seems to want to be involved and “give back” to the community. Currently, Elsie teaches elementary school kids in Nanakuli. Previous to her current employment, Elsie attended the University of California at Berkeley for her undergraduate degree in Education; she also made some time to atttend Harvard for her Master’s in Education! Thanks Elsie, for “giving back” to the clinic but more importantly, thank you for sharing your talents to assist the children of Hawaii.

The large group included Kahala Avenue on the backstretch which added about half a mile to our 8-mile run. Thanks to Guru Sam’s leadership, we managed to stay together and avoid any traffic mishaps. We continue our 8.5-mile (Kahala Avenue included) next week, but progress to the phone booth (ten miles) the following week. So, please maintain your “homework” runs; without these runs, it will be hard to keep up with the group as we go longer.

Blue Group – by Andy Hirano

The Blue group with 32 runners, got our first 8 miler under our belts with Kelly, back from family activities, at the back of the group keeping everyone together and staff, Georgette. The group did amazingly well. We will continue to do 8-mile runs on Sunday for a month. What is the “official” name for Triangle Park? We all refer to the Park as Triangle Park. At the Park, Andy gave a brief history to the name. It used to be called Ft. Ruger Park, until November 2008 when Charles Diou lead the initiative to rename the park, Operation Redwing Medal of Honor Park in honor of Lt. Michael Murphy and 18 other soldiers and sailors who died with him in Afghanistan during Operation Redwing in 2005.

Andy spoke also of the Marathon Maniacs running club. There are 35 members in Hawaii. To achieve the 1-star Bronze level, one must complete one of three criteria; back to back marathons on two consecutive weekends, 2 marathons within 16 days, or 3 marathons within 3 months. At the highest 10-star Titanium level, one must complete either 52 marathons in a year, 30 marathons in 30 States, Countries, or Canadian provinces, or 20 marathons in 20 countries within a year. We are not that crazy…yet! See you next week.

Beginners Group – by Norm Uyeda

The Beginner’s group held their last 4-mile Triangle Park training run and are anxiously anticipating the upcoming two mile increase in training distance. The Sunday training distances will be increased gradually each month until reaching a plateau of 16 miles in October. 16 miles may seem like a lot at this time, but doing the homework and showing up every Sunday will make the incremental steps seem smaller and more painless.

The hot topic of the day was the early Marathon registration and the benefits of signing up early. It is much easier to pay $30 than to wait and later pay $225! Also discussed was the possibility of getting free stuff like t-shirts and hats from the Marathon Association’s surplus stock.

See ya at the Picnic!

Da Comment Corner

Early Walk Up entry for the Honolulu Marathon:
According to the Honolulu Advertiser (Friday, April, 24th) early walk up registration is on May 23-24 at the Sports Authority in Waikele. Starts at 9:00a.m. goes to 6:00 p.m. on the 23rd and on the 24th, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fee is $30.00. First regular signing period (June to Oct. 30th) entry fee for Hawaii residents is $85. Mail-ins accepted between May 23rd and May 31st.

Second signing period (Oct. 31 to Nov. 13th) fee for Hawaii residents is $115. After this period, everyone will pay $225 for entry.

Boston Marathon Update:
Congrats again to Rosie Spraker, Kozo Yamagishi, and also Steve Williams, who recently joined our clinic.

“Chicken Skin” sensation:
While running on the brand new asphalt laid out on Diamond Head Road and Kilauea Ave. (going into Kahala Mall) , I got “goose bumps” or “chicken skin”! After years of running in ruts, crevices, bumps and uneveness, it was very refreshing and exciting to strut on the new surface.

Good bye, Beast!
After 8 years of wearing the Brooks Beast running shoe, I bid farewell to the “gorilla” of “motion control and anti pronation” footware. Foot problems caused me to seek the expert advice of Dr. Ricky, a podiatrist. A diagnosis of stressed tendons caused by supination (outward foot shifting), was the origin of my “left and right feet ache”. Dr. Ricky sculpted orthodics for both feet and advised a change of shoe type. A more stable or neutral type of shoe was recommended.

The new shoe of choice? As much as I wanted to run “in Nirvana” (the Mizuno Nirvana), George, of the Running Room could not find one in my size, so settled for some “double wide inspiration”, the Mizuno Inspiration (2E). Naturally, I received the 20% discount with my coupon from the Shoe Talk.

Any comments or questions, please write to us.

See you at the water stops,