Blair’s Weekly Update 04-12-09

Dr. Scaff continued his talk on body temperature and dehydration. My ears perked up when he mentioned that pizza might be a good source of sodium to replenish the salt in sweat that’s lost during a run. Doc have a great trip; see you in two weeks!

Second Shoe Talk this Sunday, April 19th at 9:00 a.m.

As previously mentioned, group leaders, please schedule your runs accordingly. Thank you!

Table Duty:

Kiwi fruit! Rosie A.T. had a great spread for us after we returned from our run. Fresh kiwi fruit, oranges, grapes and mounds of pastries comprised Rosie’s “after run” smorgasbord. Much mahalo, Rosie and to your sister-in-law for the great setup!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group – by Les Young

The AG had 6 runners today. Everyone was on a tight Easter schedule so we did a fast run averaging a 8:40 pace. Three runners turned at the 4 mile mark and 3 went on to the 6 mile turnaround. Our cheers go out to Kozo and Rosy Spraker who will be running Boston 4/20/09. Jeff Oh is in Augusta, GA taking in the Masters watching grown men chase a small white ball with a stick. This will probably be my last run for a while pending the decision on what to do with my back. I have been diagnosed with problems in my spinal lumbar area. I had a lot of problem finding a doctor that didn’t tell me not to run! However, the discomfort is intensifying to the point where I have to listen to my body. A forthcoming appointment with a neurosurgeon will decide the course of action. One thing I want to make clear is that running did not cause the problem, but it does aggravate it at this stage. See you at table duty next week.

White Group – by Blair Hoashi

We welcomed “shy and demure” Sam back from his extended trip to India and Pakistan. Thanks to Guru Sam’s leadership, all 18 runners managed to stay intact for the entire 8.2 mile run at an 11 minutes per mile pace. Alberto, Nelson, Ivie, and yours truly also assisted Wei (finally spelled correctly), Emma, the two Lauras,Mara, Ke’a’ka, Dustin, Duane (these three guys car pool with some other runners from Kaneohe), Marie, “speedy” Mike, Byron, Donna, and Marc in the journey . Great job everyone! A four miler is scheduled next week to accomodate the runners who will be attending the shoe talk. Remember your “homework” and see you all on Sunday!

Blue Group – by Andy Hirano

Great to see a quite large turnout of the Blue group even during Easter Sunday. We began with 35 runners, only a bit smaller than last week. It was a bit hotter than last week but still pleasant. The days are getting brighter sooner. In relation to Dr Scaff’s talk about heat exchange, you should be using a synthetic/nylon top to help exchange heat when running. A cotton t-shirt will get heavy and will not evaporate your perspiration well for the cooling effect. Practice using your running gear now so you’ll know what to wear during the marathon. We continued our 6 mile route today at 11-1/2 minute per mile pace. Ron, our pace checker said we were going faster at times and reminded me to slow down. Thanks Ron. Seemed our group was doing well, keeping together. Fiona helped out. Next Sunday is the shoe talk and we’ll cut our run short to

Beginners Group – by Norm Uyeda

Easter Sunday jaunt with about 50 runners making their way out to Triangle Park and back. Norm led the outbound leg and Jason Wong took the reins of the group as they headed back to Kapiolani Park. Cliff Hand is still on vacation to New Zealand and Australia, but Roger Kobayashi is back from his two week visit to Japan.
Items covered today were basically refreshers from the first day of the Clinic, with emphasis on showing up, homework and water. Norm also covered the plan for the year as far as bus runs, picnics, training and a celebration dinner following the marathon.

Some of the runners are meeting in Ala Moana on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00 PM for some after work training. Anyone interested please contact Norm at

Picnic coming up on May 3rd. Watch for the sign up posters next week. Also reminder – Shoe Talk for those who missed it…8:45AM at the Running Room.

Da Comment Corner

Good to have you back Jewels!!

Take a look at some photos taken of clinic members by “world famous photographer”, Mr. K!

Thank you, Mr. K!

Have a fantastic week; meet you all at the shoe talks!

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