Blair’s Weekly Update 04-05-09

There were approximately 150 runners gathered this morning to hear Doc‘s talk about body temperature when running and the need to replenish fluids to prevent dehydration. More about this subject next week.

A short comment (because many have asked):
I generalize or summarize Doc’s talks (with Doc’s permission) because I do not want to miscommunicate or misinterpret what he is stating. So, if you have specific questions about the topics, please let me know so I can relay your questions to Doc. Also, Webmaster Bob promises that the talks will be available soon on podcast from the website. Stay tuned.

Table Duty:
Much thanks to staffer Kozo for the delicious fruits, pretzels, and drinks. Modest Kozo is headed for the “Holy Grail” of marathons in two weeks,  the Boston  Marathon!   Have a great experience, Kozo!!!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group by Les Young

The AG had 11 runners today welcoming a new runner. We added another mile to our course by looping Kapiolani Park at the end of the run. We seem to manage to hold our pace at 9:00-8:40 going out to the 6 mile mark. Coming back is a real workout. The group slips into the “negative split” mode and we end up cranking out a 8:30-7:50 pace. The younger runners have no mercy on the senior citizens in the group! The good thing is that most are running at their pace! We are chatting all the way in. One requirement for the AG posted on the bulletin board states: “Must enjoy breathing hard”. Not true, we do not enjoy breathing hard, but we do enjoy running at “conversational pace” which happens to average 8:15/mile.

Red Group – by Jeff Beard

The Red Group went out with a small group (6-7) of people this Sunday. We started out a little too fast (9:00-9:10) the first few miles – most of us won’t be doing the Marathon quite that fast! Around the halfway point (the gas station), we settled into a 9:20-9:30 pace, which is what most of us DO plan to run at. From there, about half the group went on with Les and the Advanced group to do 10-12 miles – the rest of us turned around and came back for an “easy” 8-miler. As I said on Sunday, this is the time to establish the pace that you plan to run the Marathon at – it helps to own a Garmin, or run with someone who does, although, a regular watch will do – either way, it helps us to practice running at exactly the pace we intend to run the longer runs at. Keep up the good work – we’ve only just begun!

Pink Group by Anita Schorlemmer

Together with Nick and Rosie, we took the pink group for another great 8 miler. We did our intended 10 min/mile pace for the first half. On Kahala Avenue, some of us caught up with the red group. The weather was perfect, we felt great, and we wanted to see if we can do it. However, now that we know we can, we will go back to pacing ourself better. As Rosie said, anybody can run 4 miles fast. In the end, we are preparing for 26 miles. Thanks for an awesome run you all! Have a good week.

Teal Group

Norm and his group did an eight miler at about a 10 – 10:30 per minute pace.

White Group – by Blair Hoashi

According to young Ryan, 24 members started with the group this morning. Our group was comprised of many first time marathoners who were returnees to our group from previous weeks – a good sign that the White Group training is working well and in sync with their goals. Emma, Wee, Dustin, Neal, Keka’a, Trudy, Chrystal, Amy, Linda, were some of the “new returnees”. We welcome back staff leader Ivie,  from the mainland and also, Alberto from a long hiatus. They along with regular staffers Nelson, Paris and Blair, kept the collective group motivated for most of the 8.2 mile journey (our first 8 miler). The groups’ running speed was maintained at 11:00 min. per mile throughout our run and we expended roughly 1040 calories. Great job everyone!!

We spoke briefly about the various carb replacements (gels, sports jelly beans, power bars, pretzels, seedless ling hee mui, etc.). As our training progresses, we should experiment to see which products are best suited for us. Some of the items might cause an upset stomach or might not give us enough of a boost. Different strokes for different folks. Please keep up with your “homework” runs and let’s make sure to attend the clinics on Sunday.

Advance notice – we will be doing only a four mile run on April 19th to accomodate runners attending the Shoe Talk.

We miss you Guru Sam!

Blue Group – by Andy Hirano

It was a pleasant run for the Blue Group. The weather was cool and overcast. The Blue Group continues to be quite large with 41 strong. A few more folks from the beginning group (Michelle & Aileen) joined us; welcome. We continued our 6 mile route at 11-1/2 to 12 minute mile pace. Andy led the group with Kelly and Annette bringing up the rear to keep everyone together. We talked about trying some power jells, bars, jelly beans, or gummy bears and pretzels as the runs become longer. You’d definitely want to take some with you during the marathon and our training runs are a good chance to try different types or flavors to see which ones we like. This coming week we’ll continue our 6 mile route. The following week is the shoe talk, so come early and run a lap around the park first if you want to maintain your Sunday miles as our run will be cut short to attend the talk. The following Sunday, we’ll go for our first 8 mile run. Some of our group are really feeling good after the run; so much easier than the first time out

Beginners Group – by Norm Uyeda

Beginner’s group leader Cliff gave the gang their morning talk before the group of about 60 runners headed out of Kapiolani Park for the very first time. An overcast sky and light winds made for an easy 4.3 mile run out to and around Triangle Park with water stops at the Diamond Head Lighthouse both ways.

Group Leader Cliff will be taking two weeks off for a well deserved vacation in Australia and New Zealand.

Anyone who would like their singlets to fit a little better should take a look at Group Leader Gail Fukumoto’s singlet. Gail was unhappy with the fit of her shirt and had it altered to her liking.

We now have one month of training under our belts and everyone should be congratulated for sticking it out over the toughest part of the training. It will never get easy, but it will get easier. Stay the course. Show up on Sundays. Do your homework.

It’ll be fun. Trust me.

Da Comment Corner

We miss and need you Jewels! And where’s Gerald K?

There will be a clinic this Sunday, April 12th, Easter Sunday . Please plan your Easter brunches accordingly.

April 19th is the rescheduled date for the second shoe talk at the Running Room. All group leaders, please plan your runs accordingly. As mentioned in the group reports, some groups will be doing only a four miler (to Triangle Park) on Shoe Talk Sunday.

FYI and “just my opinion” – The Garmin 301 with heart monitor on sale at Best Buy for $159.00  (It was originally selling for $350).  For the “serious runner”, it is a great tool to measure the distance, the speed, caloric expenditure, etc. when running. Stats are based on a GPS system. The heart monitor helps in keeping one’s heart rate in check and running at one’s “optimal pace” based on his or her conditioning. (This is not not an endorsement of Garmin or Best Buy by the Honolulu Marathon Clinic.) .

See you at the water stops,