Blair’s Weekly Update 03-29-09

Dr. Scaff talked about the perfect feet for running; unfortunately, no one in attendance (roughly 200 runners) qualified as having a pair of these. Doc mentioned that villagers of a tiny tribe in the Philippines were the only ones who possessed these “prized feet.”

Second Shoe Talk Rescheduled!

The Second Shoe Talk, originally scheduled for April 5th at the Running Room, is rescheduled to April 19th. Staff leaders please plan your group runs accordingly. Also, the Aids Walk is on at the park on the 19th, so a suggestion would be to park in an area where your car will not be blocked in by the event.

Thanks to Maile and Shoko for the great drinks and pastries at table duty. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Group Reports:

Advanced Group – by Les Young

The AG had 10 runners today. Kozo is taking it easy and tapering for Boston. Steve has overcome his fall injuries and has reinstated to run Boston also. The group is beginning to even out with all the runners staying together to the four mile mark at 9:00-8:45 pace. One runner turned back at this point and two more turned at the 5 mile mark. The rest went on to the 6 mile turn around. Went over the Golden Rules: 1) Wear nothing cotton. 2) Never pass up water. 3) Run at conversational pace. I talked about the need for anti-abrasion lubrication in long distance running. Seems like once you venture past the twelve mile mark, clothing abrasions start to appear. The problem is worst with wet cotton apparel. You will find these areas when you hit the shower after a long run. This area must be lubricated with Vaseline or Body Glide to prevent chaffing. Don’t forget to lubricate areas where the “sun don’t shine”. As a side note, still awaiting the return of two staff members. “Cristina the Great” (3:57:21 1st marathon) is still out with a knee injury. We wish her a speedy return. Joe Wong, where are you!!!?

Red Group – by Jeff Beard

The Red Group went out with 6 people this Sunday – we keep losing people to the Advanced Group, and picking up people from the Pink Group. Most of the group went out for 8 miles – since I’m still not 100%, I turned around at the 3 mile mark. Carl reported that the group averaged an 8:58 pace for the 8 miles! Although it’s tempting to push ourselves on these Sunday runs, we really should be working on speed during the week, and running on Sundays at the pace that we intend to run the Marathon. This is especially important when we get into the longer runs in the summer and fall – otherwise, it’s easy to burn out. So, push yourselves during the week, and come out Sunday for an “easy run.”

Pink Group – by Anita Schorlemmer

Nick and I took a highly motivated group of awesome runners out to the gas station. We meant to run the 8 miles at our 10 min per mile pace, started up well but ended up somewhere between 9.0 and 9.5. So it looks like Jeff ‘s Red Group has some new candidates for next week. The Pinks will stick with the 10 minutes per mile pace to keep the group together better.

Have a great week everybody and see you again on Sunday.

Teal Group

A new group was launched today – the Teal Group! Veteran staffer Norm K. takes charge of this group whose pace is slightly faster than the White Group yet a little slower than the Pinks – approximately 10:00-10:30 minutes per mile.

White Group – by Blair Hoashi

Our designated statistician, 16 year old Ryan, counted 30 runners in the group today. Many were new runners who had moved up from the Blue group or Beginners group.

We kept the group at a steady 11;00 minutes per mile pace and asked everyone to be cognizant of running together – no running ahead of the group leader as he /she sets the pace for the entire group. We also asked everyone to wait for one another at the water stops so we could run together and uniformly. It also gives the runners in back some time to catch up. As is always mentioned, “homework runs” are the key to getting to be a better endurance runner. Thanks to staffers Dwight, Elsie, Nelson, Paris and Lilia for keeping everyone organized.

Blue Group – by Pam Iwata

There were 44 members in our group today!! The day was a bit windy but it was cool and a pretty good day for running. The Shoe Talks have been postponed until April 19th so no change to our running schedule for next week. We ran for approximately 6 miles at a 11:30 – 12:00 minute per mile pace. See you all next week!

Beginners Group – by “Sensei” Norm Uyeda

The Beginner’s Group went for an easy one lap run around Kapiolani Park before heading off to the Shoe Talk at the Running Room. Approximately fifty Clinic members listened to Assistant Manager Gaston lecture on many different subjects including shoes, feet, shoe accessories and clothing. I think many of the group was impressed by the depth of knowledge that Gaston and his staff possess and the complexity of something that we often take for granted. Gaston advised that nothing is absolute and they will try to fit you as best they can but only YOU can decide at what point you are comfortable with your shoes.

One of the many questions asked was “how long will a pair of shoes last?” There are a lot of answers to that question but again, a lot will depend on your personal body mechanics. A rough rule of thumb would be about 500 miles but this amount varies from person to person. The easiest answer, to me, is that at the very first sign that your feet hurt – then it might be time to change to a new pair. And if your shoes don’t give you any problems, then your new pair should be of the same make and model as much as possible.

Gaston also advised on the many benefits of using “Body Glide” to avoid blisters and chafing of the skin. But I have found that it also works great on squeaky door hinges and sticky locks.

Thanks to Gaston and the Running Room for providing the “Shoe Talks” and also for having coffee and refreshments available.

Da Comment Corner

Marathon Registration:
White Group staffer Paris mentioned that early registration for this year’s Honolulu Marathon would be on May 9th and 10th. Cost, location, and other info not yet available. We will keep everyone apprised as we get more info. Thank you Paris!

Bus Runs:
As mentioned in earlier updates, we will be scheduling three Bus Runs throughout our “training season.” These Bus Runs are used as training runs that take us away from our usual routes and expose us to “unfamiliar territory”. Also, these runs provide exposure to the actual marathon route. First bus run will be scheduled on June 14th. All groups will be dropped off at Mauna Lua Bay (across from Roy’s Restaurant in Hawaii Kai). Approximate mileage back to Kapiolani Park – 9 miles. Most Intermediate and Advanced groups will probably add the Hawaii Kai Loop to make it about 11 miles. A signup sheet will be posted soon so that we can get a rider count to ensure we order enough buses. Stay tuned.

Good Advice:
Please read Red Group leader’s Jeff Beard about taking it easy on our Sunday runs. Remember, we still have 8 more months before the marathon! Take it easy; be patient! No need to test your endurance level at this time; it’s time to build up our endurance and stamina at a slow deliberate and injury free pace!

Keith T’s Weekday Running Group:
Keith T. does a wonderful job of communicating and organizing weekday runs at Ala Moana Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. Clinic members gather at the Magic Island parking lot to start their “homework runs”. Lots of interesting and fun people gather every Tuesday and Thursday evening. Oh yeah, there are some serious runners in the group as well. If you are interested, please let us know so we can add you to Keith’s email list.

Have a great week!

See you at the water stops,