Blair’s Weekly Update 03-15-09

Dr. Scaff reiterated the clinic mantra – run for one hour, three times a week; it does not matter how fast or how far; we need to run for an hour to maximize running on fat metabolism. This process is essential in long distance running.

Table Duty:
Thanks to staffer Alberto for the goodies at table duty.

Shoe talks
March 29th and April 5th. Location – The Running Room store on Kapahulu Avenue; 20% discount on shoes that day. Refreshments served. Runners need to be at the store by 8:45 a.m. for a 9:00 a.m. start. Group leaders, please plan your groups’ runs accordingly. Parking limited so advised to car pool. March 29th mainly for beginners but everyone welcome.

Group Reports:

Advanced Group:
By Les Young

The AG had 10 runners today. We welcomed two more runners from the Intermediate Group. We started our run at a 9:00 pace running strong up the hill to the first water stop. The goal was to run the hill maintaining the same pace as on the level. The group was reminded of the Golden Rules: Never past up water. Run at conversational pace. At the 4 mile mark the group was reminded of the importance of carb, sodium, and potassium replenishment in the form of gel packs. We also talked about the importance of maintaining a good running form striving for uniformity and efficiency of motion. Once the running form breaks down, different parts of the body will work harder and therefore tire faster. The goal is to maintain symmetry of motion and run softly. Three runners headed back at this point to complete an 8 mile run. The rest went on to the 6 mile mark practicing to perfect their running form. At the turn around, each runner had something to share about what works for them when it comes to running long distances. The group was reminded that Sunday runs are long run days and the goal is not to race, but to cover the distance at a comfortable pace. For the faster runners, a comfortable pace was 7:50 going back in!!

Red Group:
By Jeff Beard

The Red Group went out with 6-7 people to the gas station and back, for our “easy” 8 mile run. Since I hadn’t run in a month, I led the group from “the rear”. My Garmin had us at about a 9:40 pace, so the front runners were doing more like 9:20! Remember, these “short” runs are the building blocks for our longer runs; it’s important to do our 2 or 3 weekly runs in addition to the Clinic runs, so that we have the endurance we need in the summer and fall. The Red Group has lost some runners to Les and the Advanced Group, so if there are any runners in the Pink Group who’d like to move up to a slightly faster pace, we’d love to have you join us!

Pink Group:
By Rosemary Adam-Terem

The Pinks started out last week forming a new group of runners who want to average around a 10-minute mile. Last week we did 6.5, and this week most completed 8.2 miles because our group consists of fairly experienced runners who are at a good level of fitness for this length of run. A lot of the old Pinks have become Reds this year because they have improved so much on their time and form. It’s great to see the progression of runners though the various groups. Our new Pink group welcomes those who are running at our level and we look forward to a great year together.

Today’s run was at a pace slightly faster than our average goal. We covered the Great Aloha Run equivalent distance in 1 hour 16 minutes, according to my Garmin, at an average pace of about 9 minutes 24 seconds, but that was largely because we had our most experienced runners on the 8-mile leg. As our distances increase we expect to hold at this level or closer to 10 minute miles. These times do not reflect the water stops, and we stop at them all!

Our goals in this group are to finish the Honolulu Marathon, have fun, and not hurt ourselves. Some of us took advantage of the Queen’s Physical Therapy workshop on Saturday at Niketown. The doctors of PT there examined our form and found the flaws we could work on to run more efficiently and guarantee reaching those goals. Examples included over-pronation, asymmetries, and tense posture. We will work on these over the course of the coming months.

Meanwhile, during the week, don’t forget to run at least two days of one hour each time and do some good core- or cross-training on the off-days. Remember what Dr. Scaff says: to reap the maximal benefit we must run every other day for at least an hour.For the rest of the month we should expect to run about 8 miles on the Sunday run. In April, we may move up to 10-milers if everyone is ready.

I will not be here for the next two weeks. I’ll try to keep up with the schedule in Washington D. C. and Alaska (I have waterproofed my trail-running shoes in preparation.) Look for other volunteer staff leaders in the Pink group over the next couple of weeks: everyone is more than happy to help out.

White Group:
by Blair Hoashi

The group consisted of 14 runners today – two Lauras, Moana, Dr. Rob and Donna, Andy, Keith, Marie and new staffers Nelson, Paris and Lisa. “Old time” staffers Ivie, Dwight, and Blair were also part of the group. We welcome back Marie who stated that she missed the clinic and its great members. She commented that she felt lost without us on Sunday mornings. We ran 6.5 miles at about an 11:30- 12 minute pace. We expended approximately 856 calories. We continue our 6 mile runs for the rest of the month. There is still much time before the marathon – no need to rush things; let’s build up our strength and stamina slowly. Let’s try to reduce injuries. Like the marathon, we need to pace ourselves.

Blue Group:
by Pam Iwata

Sorry I did not get a head count as I got a late start; I caught up with White Group members Nelson and Andy on their way back from the gas station. They helped push me the rest of the way, great guys, thank you. We then caught up with the rest of the group at the Diamond Head water stop. Fabulous weather; run just our style. Hope you all listened to Doc’s talk. Same time next week for another six miler.

Beginner’s Group
by Norm Uyeda

The Beginner’s group repeated the same 3.5 mile route that consisted of 2 laps around Kapiolani Park at about a 15 minute per mile average pace. A very slight mileage increase in our route is planned for next week, but this will all even out since we plan to shorten our run on the 29th of March in order to accommodate the 9:00 a.m. Shoe Talk at the Running Room. Maps will be available for those unfamiliar with the location of the Running Room.

Items covered this week were shin splints and side stitches. Both are common in the initial startup phase of an exercise program and both require a reduction of intensity and duration of exercise until the pain subsides. Treatment for shin splints should begin with a cessation of exercise for a couple of days followed by a gentle return to less strenuous training. Side stitches (side pain) usually just require slowing down a bit until your body gets accustomed to the increased exercise level. Please see your group leader if you have any questions on this.

Again, the most important rule is to show up next week! I know we have a bunch of rules…single file, one hour/three times a week, don’t pass your group leader, talk test etc. But they don’t mean squat unless you continue to show up. WE can’t do it without YOU.

Da Comment Corner:
We wish everyone who is participating in the Hilo Marathon next week good luck!

We bid farewell to member Myra who has relocated to Pittsburgh. Hope you can get together with former member Molly, who moved there last year. What’s a little snow during a run?

We are also saddened by the passing of clinic member Joe Allen. Please look after all of us from up above Joe.

For the staff guys and gals:
Staff members, please remember that by becoming a part of the staff and wearing the distinctive blue staff shirts, you have accepted the responsibility to help the runners attending our clinic. Staff members should, whenever possible, attend Doc’s talks and encourage your group members, especially newbies, to do so as well. The foundation of this clinic is based on Dr. Scaff’s 35+ years of research.

We would also like to discourage staffers from forming your own groups as the sun rises earlier and temperatures get warmer. We understand that running in cooler weather at an earlier time is more comfortable, but perhaps 80-90% of clinic runners are going to face the sun during the marathon much of the time, so training in hotter weather might be very appropriate. Also, liability issues arise when separating from the “clinic mainstream”. We ask for your assistance and corporation. Thanks!

We currently have 550 members signed up for the updates!

Have a great, productive week!

See you at the water stops,