Blair’s Weekly Update 03-08-09

200 plus runners welcomed the start of the 2009 Honolulu Marathon Clinic – its 35th year! Dr. Jack Scaff led the group meeting with welcoming remarks and is looking forward to another great year of training runners.

After Doc’s talk, Board member Peter Garcia disseminated the administrative news to the crowd. He announced items on the agenda for the future – most importantly the Shoe Talks at the Running Room which are scheduled on March 29 and April 5. As experienced runners know, shoes are the most important “piece of equipment” in long distance running. Shoe experts at the Running Room will conduct a short talk about the subject and help fit a runners with the best shoe for them. A 20% discount will be offered on shoes that day. Added bonus: coffee and donuts (sure tastes good after a short run; and of course, well deserved).

There will be three bus runs again this year at various distances. There will also be picnics, informal get-togethers within your group, and many more fun and interesting events along the way toward reaching our ultimate goal of the 26.2 mile Honolulu Marathon in December. Let’s make this year’s clinic fun, friendly, supportive, nurturing and rewarding!

Table Duty:
Thanks to Board member Luanne Murakami and Staffer Susan Kawamoto for the goodies and drink. It was delicious and very much appreciated!!

Shirt Sales:
Honolulu Marathon Clinic Shirts are always available for sale at the clinics and are are handled and organized so well by the volunteer staff of Carlos and Brenni, Board member Val and staffer Maile. Thanks for the great work and effort you put into it. Special thanks to Dr. Cliff Hand who ran the “operation” so efficiently for many years. You deserve a bit of a respite.

Group reports:
The Advanced Group:
By Les Young:

The Advanced Group started the 2009 season with 14 runners (50% staff). Welcome to those runners and staff that moved up from last year’s Intermediate Group. The goal and motto of the Advanced Group is “Sub4”, to run the marathon under 4 hours. The group was broken into subgroups. The first group are runners who are running less than 20 miles/week. The second group, 20-25 miles/week. The third group are runners running 25-30+ miles/week.

    We discussed the Golden rules of long distance running:

  1. No cotton in running apparel (at least 80% synthetic in running socks).
  2. Be properly hydrated before the run and stay properly hydrated.
  3. Carry some form of carbohydrate replacement that includes potassium and sodium replacements.
  4. Keep long runs at conversational pace.
  5. Adhere to the 10% rule.
    Rules of the road:

  1. Single file when encountering oncoming pedestrian/running traffic.
  2. Vehicles have the right of way (make eye contact with the driver to assure they know that you are coming).
  3. Look forward and one eye on the running surface.
  4. Try not to run on utility covers.

The group started at a 9:30-9:00 pace. After two miles the pace quickened to 9:00-8:30 pace. Some runners turned at the 8 mile turn-around, two at the 10 mile turn-around, and 6 runners went to the 12 mile turn-around. Kozo and Rosemary Spraker ran a sub 8 minute/mile pace coming in. They are ready for Boston 2009!

The Red Group:
By Tin Lung Chao

Jeff was injured and did not run, so I led a small group of 4 people; two did the marathon before, and two did not. I am very bad at names so I forgot all of their names already! We did 8.45 miles at an average pace of 9:15 to 9:30 minutes per mile.

The White Group:
By Blair Hoashi

Guru Sam, Alberto, Dwight, Ivie, Nelson S., Norman, and I led a group of about 25 runners up and around Diamond Head, through a cemetery, into the Kahala suburbs, then back down to the park – roughly 6 miles. Most of the group was comprised of “White Group” returnees or HMC members of other groups who were” moving on up” (getting faster). It was good to see Violet, sisters Moana and, Laura, another Laura, Mara, Drs. Dennis and Rob (we missed you Donna) Marc, Maurice, Byron, Linda, Xavier, Marcia (Jeff’s friend who is visiting from the Bay area) Al, Maka, and others, again. I will remember more of your names as our training progresses. See you all next week! Guru Sam, have a great few weeks in India!

Blue Group:
By Jo Iwata

Welcome newcomers and not so new. It was great to see and feel the sun after hiding from us for over two weeks. Over 36 people started out with Andy’s group with six turning back at Triangle Park.
It seems every year our new members are joining us with more and more experience, but then I might just be feeling my age. As usual Andy set a nice steady pace for the six miles. Remember to do your home work – run three times a a week at least one hour and that includes Sundays run.
See you next Sunday. Ron where are you?

Beginner’s Bits:
By Norm Uyeda

The Beginners Group began their 2009 marathon season with an introduction of the staff members and a short checklist of important things to remember – One Hour / Three times a week / Safety / Hydration etc. Most importantly, the importance of SHOWING UP for the Sunday sessions was stressed. We did two humid laps around Kapiolani Park for a respectable 3.6 miles. The group is still getting sorted out with some of the faster runners probably advancing to the Intermediate group next Sunday. We will be looking at segmenting the group according to running ability in order to make the training more personal and make the groups more manageable in size.
March 29th will be the Beginners group preferred day for the Shoe Talk, but those who can’t make it should try to attend the following week’s Shoe Talk at the Running Room.
We CAN do it! Or as the Prez would say “Yes we can”
PS – found: One Honolulu Marathon Clinic short sleeve crew neck t-shirt – see Norm

Da Comment Corner:
The Honolulu Marathon Clinic mantra – run for one hour, three times a week. No need to worry about how fast or how far we run during the one hour training; just go at a comfortable pace for one hour.

Great to see everyone again.

See you at the water stops,