Blair’s Weekly Update 12-14-08

Congratulations! You are all truly special! UDABEST!

After the Marathon Picnic:
Let’s all plan to attend the clinic picnic this Sunday – you can all exchange “war stories”. Keith Y. and I can discuss the “crashed and burnt” result. Or, Les Y. or Ivie can talk about running a near perfect race. How did Joe, Tin, Paris, Marie, Dr. Rob and Donna, and the two Kailua teachers do? And, first timers, we’re anxious to hear all of your stories. After running or walking 26.2 miles (in the rain and hot sun) all reasons (or excuses) are legitimate – that’s my rationale anyway.

The picnic is potluck so please bring your new, never-before-tried concoction (scrumptious I’m sure) or a tried-and-true family recipe. Or, if not sure what to bring, salads and desserts are always needed. The clinic provides drinks and chili and rice so any complements to this would be very welcome. Doc gives his usual “after the marathon talk,” then members can go for a short run, if so inclined. This gives the committee members a chance to set up and get the picnic going at around 9:30 am. Let’s all be there! We all deserve a feast!

After Marathon Dinner, Dec. 15, Tonight:
If this makes in time – the Post Marathon Dinner, is tonight at 6:00 p.m. at the Makino Chaya, seafood buffet restaurant in the Aloha Tower Marketplace. Approximate cost is $35 per person. To find the restaurant at the marketplace, just look for the area that has a bunch people limping around.

“Giving back”:
The clinic is made up of dedicated volunteers and I am sure that all of you have benefitted from the experienced advice, friendship and generosity of these staff leaders. One way to thank these leaders, Doc and the clinic is to volunteer to be staff leaders. This is a great way of “giving back” to the program. Staff members come and go for whatever reason and so new and fresh staffers are always needed. Staff members need only to have completed one marathon. So if you’ve just crossed the finish line this past Sunday you’re qualified! As stated, it is a good way of “giving back” to the clinic and the community.

Rosemary Kyte and the Board:
As we earlier mentioned, the Honolulu Marathon Clinic has an extremely dedicated group of people who work behind the scenes and “make it happen”. Rosemary Kyte, the chairman of our Board of Directors does an incredible job every year. If not for her leadership, hard work and perseverance, the clinic would not be the success it is today. Thank you for all that you do!!

The other board members aren’t “chopped liver” either (not too sure about Blair). Treasurer and sage Peter Garcia, “Sensei” Norm Uyeda, “Legal Eagle” Muriel Taira, Val Ogi, who is always full of energy and vitality, “Super Walker” Luanne Murakami, our table duty chair Stephen Zane, and yours truly, comprise the group. Professor Cliff Hand and webmaster Bob Lew add support to the group.

Enjoy the picnic and see you all on the road. The updates go on hiatus (unless there are some announcements or developments) until the clinic starts up on the second week in March next year.

The Guru:
Just a special note to my favorite Guru – Sam; thanks for running with us part of the way and adding your support and vitality to the group even though you had not planned to run the event. Special thanks for cheering us on at Diamond Head then running in with me when I really needed a boost. UDABEST!

Have a great holiday season!

See you at the water stops,