Donna’s Ode TUIT

A Special Poem:
By Donna Scaff

T’was back in march when whom did I meet?
The Honolulu Marathon Clinic
A cachophany of runners…
All so unique!
At 7:30 every Sunday they’d gather,
As to age, sex or size, it just didn’t matter!

I learned Doc Scaff in his entertaining way
Was teaching them the rules of running as play.
Me? Run 26 miles, and do it the same day?
“It can’t be done” they were heard to say.
Deep down I hoped someday I could do it
And I told my friends I’d try, when I got “a round to it”

The faithful appeared come rain or come shine
And eagerly listened to Doc’s every line.
“Do a marathon? of course you can!
So listen up because here’s the plan”

Only 1 hour 3 times a week
Drink beer, eat carbs by the heap
Be faithful, conversational
And get lots of sleep!
Before I knew it, the months flew by
5 miles then 10…wow I’m in Hawaii Kai!
There were bus rides, parties, picnics and fun,
Through it all, I couldn’t believe how far I’d come!
Now with vim and vigor
I’m up at sunrise
I’ve changed my visage
And am down one more size!
Good night, it’s December
And race day draws near!
Have I done enough miles?
Ah yes, there’s some fear.
The starting gun fires,
I’m pulled by the mass.
I desperately keep my pace
So I won’t run out of gas.
Then I wonder, can I make it to the end?
Doc’s words echo in my head as I round the bend.
“Of course you can…
Now here’s the plan”
Go from aid station to aid station,
And maintain your pace
As doc says “water, water, water”
You’ll finish, you’ve got the base!
Though the course lies ahead,
The year flashes past
The friendships, the runs,..
I realize….this won’t be my last!
To you dear reader,
My gift’s from inside
It’s from my heart
Which is bursting with pride.
As you can tell, not only am I into it,

But I hope you’ll be too,
When like me,
You get a round tuit.