Blair’s Weekly Update 11-30-08

Over 175 runners gathered to hear Dr. Scaff’s next to last talk for the year. Doc re-emphasized tapering and gave some last minute suggestions for the marathon. He also thanked HMC members for volunteering and participating in the Turkey Trot held on Thursday. Doc passed out invitations for the carbo-loading party at his residence on Friday, Dec. 12th – Jeff Galloway, Runner’s World writer and Olympic gold medal winner Frank Shorter to be in attendance.

Thank you Maile for all of the “great stuff” on hand for finishing runners at table duty.

Group Reports:

Group leader Jeff was out with flu-like symptoms but his group persevered with a 12 to 14 miler.

By Rosie Adam-Terem

Apologies to all for my not showing up this morning. Like Jeff, I was stricken with a monster cold that kept me in bed and asleep all day Friday and Saturday. I did not even get out of bed this morning to alert you to as Jeff managed to do. Hopefully all will be well by next week. Blair, I’m hoping to do an early start for the Pinks on the 7th, at 5a.m. to get into Marathon Day mode.

White Group:
By Blair Hoashi

Approximately 13 runners accompanied staff leaders Guru Sam, Ivie, Dwight and Blair through an easy 12 miler. Since we are in taper mode, our run was casual and easy. I noticed that even as we were running at a 10:30 – 11:00 min. per mile pace, the group was joking and making small talk- a sign that the members are in pretty good condition and “peaking” perfectly for the marathon which takes place in about two weeks. As mentioned, Kahala Ave. (“Kahala Ave. is our friend”) and the marathon finish line are incorporated in our route.

A very easy, casual, and perhaps “spiritual” 8 miler is scheduled for this Sunday. Please relax on your homework runs – Dr. Scaff mentions that the last running day before the marathon should be Thursday, Dec. 11. Enjoy the carbo-loading party at Doc’s– you won’t recognize some of your fellow runners with all of their clothes on.

Beginner’s Bits:
By Norm Uyeda
Marilyn and Norm
paced the Beginner’s group to a leisurely 5 mile jog which consisted of two laps around Kapiolani Park and the Zoo. This enabled the group to familiarize themselves with the finishing stretch of road before the Bandstand and the deceptive placement of the finish line. We also went over the layout of the park for marathon morning, which consisted of the layout of the finish line, the location of the shell leis, the finish line showers, the photographers, the Clinic tent, the cookie/apple tent and the all important t-shirt tent. Also covered was the importance of having a prearranged meeting place for your friends and relatives.

Rosemary’s and Norm’s cell phone numbers will be available to make sure that nobody gets lost during the marathon

By Don Allen

We had a leisurely 12 mile run taking plenty of time to talk about the “big day.” Next Sunday we will have a “start time” orientation similar to what Norm and Marilyn have just done. Have a good week.

Congrats to the HMC Turkey Warblers who did a great job in the team event. Special thanks to Dr. Rob, wife Donna, Keith and his sister, Debbie who “volunteered” at the last second to be alternate team members. Thanks also to all of the volunteers who made the event another success; preliminary figures showed over 800 runners participated!

If not for running…
I would never have seen the majesty of the Opera House or the Harbor Bridge if had I not done my early morning runs in Sydney. A tear streamed down my face as I ran past the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima. In stark contrast, a run on the Vegas strip at 6 am is always an eye opener. To rehab my knee one year, I ran in the sand on the beach and discovered some caves at Dana Point in Laguna Beach. I also discovered the Boardwalk area when running along the coastline in Santa Cruz. Muggy weather was always Mickey and Minnie’s welcome when doing a run at Disneyworld in Orlando. A recent run on the Torrey Pines Forest Reserve trail was magnificent (San Diego). Every time I visit New York, I always try to get in a run at Central Park although the jogging path from Battery Park along the East River is very accessible and runner friendly. I would never have experienced my “runner’s high” had I quit a few miles before Pre’s Trail came to an end (Eugene, Or.).

Please email me some info of your favorite runs.

As the marathon approaches, I remind you to “enjoy the ride; and not to focus too much on the end result”.

Have a safe and restful week!