Blair’s Weekly Update 11-23-08

Doc spoke to about 150 runners on the need for tapering, the Turkey Trot scheduled next week, and about the carbo loading party on Dec. 12th. He mentioned that Runner’s World writer Jeff Galway and Olympic Gold medalist Frank Shorter will be in attendance at the party.

Reminders by Ro Kyte:
Only two more clinics (Nov 30 and Dec 7) to sign up for the following three events:
1. Finisher Tent – Please RSVP on the sign up sheet. All clinic members, family and friends are welcome to join us at the finisher tent sponsored by Mid-Pac Road Runners Club. Food and cold drinks will be provided for free; bring $10 if you wish to purchase a massage.
2. Makino Chaya (Aloha Tower) Monday 15 December – post marathon dinner.
3. End-of-Year Picnic – December 21.

This week, remember the Turkey Trot Ten-Miler. Thanksgiving Day at **The Bandstand**; volunteers for registration, please report at 05:30, for all others, registration starts promptly at 06:30. 

Group Reports:
By Joe Wong

This year I notice there are many more strong runners than last year. All of the groups look really good; I am not good with names but I am with faces and I would like to tell all the runners from all groups that you are all #1 to me no matter what group color. The glow on your faces, the smiles, and most of all, the chatter (small talk) really help me get through the tough times during our long runs. Also, all of your enthusiastic spirit pervades through your runs. A special note to Tim Smith, Kozo and Christina – we miss ya. Come back soon, Les is killing me!!!

Pink Group:
By Rosie Adam-Terem

The Five A.M. Flamingoes went out early and Jewels and Jeff Oh led them round the front end of the marathoncourse, so now we have run every inch of the 26.2 miles – just never all together… Others ran about 14 miles, starting at 8 a.m. We are tapering now, storing up the energy to run the whole course on December 14th. This also gives us two great excuses to eat plenty: Dr. Scaff’s “carbo-loading” party on the Friday before the Marathon, and the HMC celebration party at Aloha Tower Makino Chaya on the Monday after the Marathon. Please remember to wear your T-shirt for the buffet dinner, and if you haven’t done so yet, please sign up.

The Turkey Trot is coming up fast. This ten-miler is a test not of endurance but of forbearance. You will find out whether you can hold a steady and reasonable pace for ten miles, resisting the urge to race or go fast or just pass those other runners. This is an important factor in being able to complete your marathon without hitting the wall. Sign up starts at 6.30 a.m. and the run begins when everyone is signed up, usually between 7 and 7.15.

On the next two Sundays, the Pinks will meet at 5 a.m, so we can start to train ourselves for running in the early morning conditions of the actual Marathon. We will be back at the park for Dr. Scaff’s talk at 7.30. Running this week should be moderate. Along with the Turkey Trot, one other 10 miler should be enough.

Happy Thanksgiving to all at HMC and our friends everywhere.

White Group:
By Blair Hoashi

Twenty runners did a “tapering” 14 miler in almost perfect running conditions – overcast skies with some light trades. Guru Sam led us through the first part of our journey; as we “reverently” ran a circular route through the Diamond Head Cemetery, Guru Sam, prior to this route imparted his usual words of wisdom to the members, “breathe through your nose, no talking, and no touching any body parts otherwise you’re a loser”. By the way, CD’s of Guru Sam’s Wize Sayings (“Sam’isms”) will be available for $14.99 at the table (just kidding). Sam, we truly appreciate your inspirational messages, spirituality and most of all, your sense of humor.

Staff leaders Sam, Ivie, Dwight, Val, and Blair led “ole timers” Gerald, Marie, Paris, Laura, and photographer Keith, da two tough gals -Laurie and Cally, Swiss transplant Daniel, the dynamic teacher duo of Katherine and Christine, sisters Moana and Laura from Kapolei and Mililani, the amazing 15 year old, Ryan, the Latin Warrior, Horatio, and run/walk strategist Andy. We incorporated Kahala Ave. and the actual marathon finish line into our run. We will add these two marathon “landmarks” to the rest of our runs. Next week we taper down to 12 miles. Please try to maintain your twice a week homework runs.

Taper, taper and taper.

Blue Group:
By Any Hirano

The Blue Group started our run with 15 runners. The weather was great! Cool, overcast, slight breeze, and no rain. We began our tapering as Dr Scaff talked about tapering during Sunday’s talk. Cutting back 10%, we did a leisurely 14 miles today to Kawaikui Park. Next week the Blue Group will continue our tapering cutting back to 12 miles on Nov 30. Look for Andy Hirano for those who signed up for the 25 member Turkey Trot challenge. I’ll be passing out numbers so we’lll know quickly who is part of the Challenge. If anyone needs a pacer, I’m predicting a few seconds over 2 hours (2:00:10) if anyone wants to pace with me. See you all at the Turkey Trot.

Beginner’s Bits:
Beginners Bits. We are tapering now; the goal for the week is about 18-miles total. We did 7-miles today, and your Thanksgiving day 10-miler can be your long run for the week and complete your mileage. Question of the day: “So, if I’m so ready for the Marathon, why do all my runs feel so sluggish?” Don’t be discouraged! This is what tapering feels like; and all of our runs are so short now that we are barely out of the warming up phase before we are done (it takes 40-minutes to complete the shift to fat-metabolism). Trust your training and tolerate the pre-race anxiety, we’ll be at the start before you know it. By Ro Kyte

The AB’s had a fun run Sunday. We felt less pressure on ourselves, now that we are in tapering mode, however we did discuss the importance of retaining the motivation and enthusiasm to keep up the regime of training, and confidence for marathon day. We completed a 14 mile run, and were enjoying the company of intermediate groups along the way, which included chatting at the water stops. What next?…….Sunday Nov 30, we will run 12 miles. This will be easy, after all the 16 milers we completed over the last couple of months. Good job everyone, I feel sure that we are ready to take on the Marathon, mentally and physically. See you on Sunday. BTW your group leader Don will be back to take the lead. By Fiona McNeill

White Group member and part time photographer Keith invites members to take a look at some pictures of HMC runners taken recently. Here is the link:

Have a fantastic week!