Blair’s Weekly Update 11-16-08

Dr. Scaff spoke to about 150 of us runners this morning about the new discovery on statins and about tapering. Doc also talked about the Turkey Trot and his annual carbo-loading party (held at his house, the Friday before the marathon).

Thank you Rosie-Adam Terem for the goodies at table duty.

Last week’s update unfortunately could not be emailed out, but it was published on the website.

Group Reports:
Red Group:
By Jeff Beard

Most of the Red Group chose to continue going out to Hawaii Kai and back, so the Red Group running downtown to do the first part of the Marathon was, me! It was a great day for running – a little muggy, but overcast with a little breeze. This was a fun change of pace, and, a reminder of what to expect on the 14th – the first several miles are VERY clogged & congested – it’s good to know the course. I hope everyone that ran that way got a chance to see where we plan to meet (behind Borders on Queen St.) – and, oh yeah – go to the party!

Rainbow Group:
By Blair Hoashi

Our White Group was a mixture of the various groups therefore the “Rainbow” label. There were over 30 runners who joined us. Guru Sam took us on Sam’s Wild Adventure Run as we went through the back paths of Waikiki. Some of us got wet, not from rain but from the ocean waves that hit us while we were running. The run’s purpose was to go through the front part of the marathon and so after the initial Waikiki loop we ventured to the start line of the marathon, Ala Moana, Downtown, then back to the part via Kalakaua Ave. – total distance 12 miles. We stopped at the “marathon morning meeting place” and at the marathon start line.

The key word for the rest of our training is tapering. Next week’s run should be an easy 14 miler. A 12 miler is scheduled the week after, then an eight miler the week before the marathon. Weekday runs should be done at an easy pace, twice a week, at an hour each time.

Beginner’s Bits:
talked about tapering – *only* 24-miles this week (*only* and *24-miles* were never heard together back in March at the start of training); and also about sustaining consistent exercise for life – weekly goals of 25-miles walking or 18-miles running sustain good health. Cliff and Jo made the turn at mile 6 a full mile ahead of Norm and Rosemary and Stephen Zane (freaky fast walkers, taking water on the move); while Rosemary paced the rest of the beginners to a marathon-paced (15-minute mile) 12 miles. The training at this point is 90% psychology and 10% luck – physically the marathon is in our bodies. Keep the confident thoughts going and fight off the self-doubts; borrow confidence from your fellow clinic members who have enjoyed past success with the Honolulu Marathon clinic training plan and race-day pacing.
Rosemary Kyte 255-6722

Christmas coming up. Marathon around the corner. Did you buy new shoes? Please bring in your old shoes and your children’s old running shoes to the Clinic so that we may help the needy future athletes of Dumaguete City in the Phillipines. We have also had requests for children’s used soccer type shoes. Twelve bags (from the members of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic) full of used running shoes and slightly worn running clothing were recently given to our Dumaguete friends for shipment over to the Phillipines.

Also – post-marathon dinner at Makino Chaya on Monday, December 15th at 6:00 p.m. Please sign up so that we can get an accurate count of those attending. Bring your excuses and war stories.
Norm Uyeda

Turkey Trot, November 27, 2008:

Runners and volunteers needed; a great way to start Thanksgiving morning; perhaps you might be like Staff Leader Jewels Calvin who last year “took home the turkey” when she finished exactly as she had predicted on her tongue depressor. Imagine finishing a 10 mile run at the exact time at which it was predicted – incredible! Congrats, Jewels!
Sign up this Sunday!

Different Shoes for Different Folks:
A few weeks ago, I noticed a female runner with a Z-coil shoe who mentioned that the shoe helped her with her cushioning. A Z-coil shoe has a “spring” at its heal which is exposed. It looks like bit like a pogo stick. And Eric swears by his V shoe, a shoe specifically manufactured for fore foot running. The shoe has more cushioning and tread on the fore foot part of the shoe. A plodder like me (heavy pronation problems) still has not found a better motion control shoe than the Brook’s Beast. Staff leader Norm Uyeda, buys his two pairs of the Asics Kayano every year. Too late to change your shoes at this point but I hope that you have found the shoe of choice for the marathon – it is your most important piece of equipment.

By the way, have you found the perfect pair of socks for the “big day”? I have yet to purchase the wool socks highly recommended by Keith; perhaps year, I‘m sticking with my Nike dri-fit’s for now.

The Diamond Head Lookout has its water fountains back; now there are two fountains.

Have a terrific week and keep dry!