Blair’s Weekly Update 11-09-08

Doc’s Talk:
Doc expanded upon Peter’s coverage of anti-inflammatories; Cox-1 versus Cox-2; how Tylenol causes more liver damage than alcohol; avoid NSAIDs on running days. Reported by Ro Kyte.

Table Duty:
Thank you Dwight for the great refreshments! We missed you on our long run!

Group Reports:

Red Group:
By Jeff Beard
A half a dozen people from the Red & Pink groups showed up at 6:30 on Sunday for our 20-mile run. Paul, Kelio, Cal, Sandy, drop in guest Pastor Jim (who played hooky from his church duties), and I ran out to the Hawaii Kai loop and back. The weather was near perfect – cool and breezy (downright gusty at times!) from the start, and, on the way back, lots of overcast and even some rain. It all made the run much easier than the hot, muggy weather we’ve been running in lately. Most of us were able to keep up a 9:15/9:30 pace the entire way. An added bonus – in almost every neighborhood we ran in, pikake was in bloom – what a delicious treat!

Reminder – many of us will be running into town next week, and run back to the park following the start of the Marathon route. This is good practice, even if you’ve run the Marathon before – a reminder of what to expect on the first 1/4 of the course. It’s about a 12 and 1/2 mile run – a perfect taper from our 20-miler. We’re all as fast and as strong as we’re going to get – from now on, it’s just maintenance, so run safe, and run easy.

Pink Group:
By Rosie Adam-Terem

Many Pink runners were seen in the Val Nolasco Half Marathon early this morning, and there was generally a good showing for Honolulu Marathon Clinic members of all group colors. Most notably in the Reds, Kozo won his age group with his usual impressive time, and Rosy and Jackie ran fantastic times, as did Pink graduates Carl and Neal. For the Pinks, Russell, Mario, and James ran well, and Rosie placed second in her age group, proving yet again that if you just keep at it long enough good things happen!

The weather was great for running today with fine strong trade winds and a cool early morning. Flamingoes Jeff, Jeff Oh, and Jewels were seen at 5 a.m. heading out for their own very long early-bird run and Buzz was spotted on his return from a lone 16 miler.

For most of the Pinks, now is the time to run cautiously to avoid injury, and to start tapering. Those recovering from injuries are advised to work back in slowly following Dr. Scaff’s guidelines. Paying attention to personal pace and having some useful measures of how you are doing (like your breathing rate or ability to converse) are essential and you can put them to the test on Thanksgiving Morning at the fun pace run Turkey Trot. We still need volunteers for water-stops and a few other duties.

Sad note: The water fountain at Diamond Head has disappeared.

Next week: the start of the marathon course. We will run round the park before heading off through Waikiki, staying ocean-side and going through Ala Moana Beach Park (with Magic Island) to the Borders start line on Ala Moana Boulevard . We will spot our meeting place for marathon morning and continue on to Nu`uanu before turning back towards Diamond Head and running the course back to the park. This should be a 12 or 13-mile run to familiarize us with the terrain. Those who want to add a few more miles may run on to Triangle Park and back to make a 16-mile run.

White Group:
By Blair Hoashi

Ivie, Keith, Bill, Nelson, Moana, Laura, Al, Andy, the two tuff gals, and I showed up at 6:00 a.m. to start our longest trek of the year – 20 miles. As Jeff of the Red Group had mentioned, the weather was perfect! The trade winds were always in our face, which really helped to cool us off. We meandered in single file up DH in the morning dark. As we hit the top of Diamond Head (with no water fountain), the sun started to rise but the temperature did not increase due to the trade winds. The run through Kalanianaole Highway was very comfortable, again due to the wind and overcast skies. Running comfortably was the key as our “training landmarks” such as the “16 -mile turn-around church stop”, the Hi Kai gas station, the second beach park (on the way back) came and passed very routinely. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits and in great shape throughout our run. Congrats to everyone on completing the longest training run for the year! Now we taper!! Our average running time for the 20 miles was 11:05 min/mile and we burnt off nearly 2600 calories (per my Garmin)! Congratulations!

Thank you Guru Sam for taking care of the 7:30 White Group members and thanks for checking on us. Your luxurious air-conditioned van looked very appealing for a respite but we were in pretty good shape and close to the finish, so pressed on.

As mentioned last week, we will do a front part of the marathon course next Sunday (approx. 12 miles). Meeting time is 7:30. I think some of the other Intermediate groups will be doing the same route.

Blue Group:
By Andy Hirono

The Blue Group combined their run this past Sunday with the White Group. We had about a dozen runners going up Diamond Head. Wayne Hodges advised the Clinic that the Diamond Head water fountain was removed. Suggest we call the State to find out why and if it is being replaced. We missed this water stop today. Sam kept the group lively until he turned around at the Kahala gas station. The marathon is a month away. What you’ll wear during the marathon (shoes, top, shorts, sunglasses, etc.), you should already have and tried on your training runs. Don’t do anything different. The Blue Group will continue with our 16-mile Sunday runs and taper the last two Sundays before the marathon, probably 12 then 8 mile runs. Andy will be on a trip, so next Sunday Norm Kawamoto will lead the Blue Group.

Beginner’s Bits:
By Rosemary Kyte and Don Allen

Rosemary talked about the effects of tapering. Don and Fiona took the ABs out ahead of Rosemary, Norm and Steve Zane. We enjoyed cool air and overcast days for most of our exactly 12-mile route: 6.5 (with 18th Ave) out to Wailupe Beach park, and 5.5 return by way of Keala’Olu (the golf course) amd Farmers Road (one block up from Kahala). The plan for the rest of the week is another 12 miles, totaling 24-miles for the week. Enjoy the taper. Rosemary

The AB’s completed 16 miles today with some of the AB’s completing 18 miles having started in Hawaii Kai. Next week we plan to complete 18 miles but at a pace that will see us complete the marathon in our target time. That will be our longest run before starting to taper. Every time you have second thoughts about going for a run remember the following. Some day you will not be able to run. Today is not the day.
C U next week – Don

“Clinic Angels”:
As our HMC year winds down, I just wanted to point out that an organization such as the clinic does not survive and thrive without dedicated and committed people. All are volunteers! Most are “under the radar” so we might not be aware of them. Many of the group are very modest and do not seek the “limelight” but should be acknowledged. So, if you get a chance, please thank them for all their hard work:

Doc and Donna Scaff; Peter Garcia; Board of Directors – Rosemary Kyte (Chair), Peter Garcia (Treasurer), Norm Uyeda, Muriel Taira, Val Ogi, Luanne Murakami, Stephen Zane, Blair Hoashi; Cliff Hand, who handles our shirts; Bob and Libby Lew, our webmasters; Bruce Mullikin, who produces Doc’s Marathon books for free; Mark Eidsen, assists with P.R. with the local paper; Roger Kobayashi, for his wisdom; Al Won, Bill Berg, and Jewels Calvin for donating table duty goodies and supplies.

Let’s also make sure we thank all of our staff leaders and contributors to the updates:
Advanced Group – Les Young, Tim Smith
Red Group – Jeff Beard, Joe Wong
Pink/Purple Group – Rosie Adam-Term, Jeff Oh, Jewels Calvin, Bill Berg, Mike Zhang
White Group – Guru Sam Usman, Alberto, Ivie Kumera, Dwight Bartolome, Nelson Oribio, Val Ogi, Blair Hoashi
Blue Group – Andy Hirono, Norman Kawamoto, Pam Iwata
Beginners-Rosemary Kyte, Norm Uyeda, Marilyn Nagel, Don Adams, Fiona McNeill, Luanne Murakami, Stephen Zane, Cliff Hand

Please let me know if I have missed anyone.

Special thanks to Keith Tanaka for doing such a great job with the weekday group at Ala Moana.


Have a great week and taper, taper, taper,