Blair’s Weekly Update 11-02-08

Approximately 150 runners were present to hear Peter’s talk on NASIDS (Tylenol, Advil, etc.) and Rosemary’s announcement on the Turkey Trot. Still need volunteers for the various positions associated with this event. Please sign up on the board. Doc was out ill today. Get well Doc!!

Thank you Joe for doing such a great job at table duty. Special thanks to Nelson and Alex for their generous contribution of Gatorade, etc. at the second beach park.

Group Reports:
By Rosie Adam-Terem

The Pink group welcomed back Bill from his travels both for fun (Germany) and for volunteerism (relief efforts after the hurricane in Texas). Thanks for your generosity of time and spirit, Bill. In spite of all the disruptions, Bill stayed on form and acquitted himself really well in last week’s Niketown 30K (18.6 miler), as did most of the other Pink runners.

Today was a recovery/rehab run of up to 16 miles. We focused on keeping the pace to a 10 minute mile and did pretty well with this. The conditions were good, cool enough and breezy at times, so most of the group was comfortable. Our members who are injured are showing good restraint and not overdoing things, listening to their bodies and turning around when enough is enough. We will do our best to remember that the finish line comes up on December 14th, not any Sunday before that, so preservation is the name of the game until the big day. Also, to reiterate: let’s not over train. If you are a new marathoner, don’t try to run too far or too fast; stick to a good pace for you and only pick it up towards the end if you want to.

Next week there is a half-marathon in the readiness series (the Val Nolasco). We agreed that the best function of this run would be to pace ourselves and resist the pressure to keep up with, compete with, or outdo the rest of the crowd. The Marathon is a race against yourself. The week after that we will do the front end of the Marathon for about 12 miles.

Have fun running this week and stay healthy!

White Group:
By Blair Hoashi

After a very small group showing last week, approximately 20 members appeared en mass today. Most members did a nice “recovery” 14 miler (through Kahala Ave.) or a “shortened” 16 miler. After the tough 30k last week, a shorter relaxed run was welcomed. The cool weather also helped our run. Great job runners! All of the “regular” White Group members appeared to be in great form and are getting primed for M-Day! The excitement seems to be mounting!

Since we will be attempting our group’s peak Sunday mileage (18-20 miles) next week (November 12), we will start at 6:00 a.m. Staff leaders Ivie and Blair will lead the group at the earlier time. As mentioned this will be the “apex” of our training – tapering will start thereafter. Guru Sam will be at the clinic site at the usual time.

On November 19, most of the Intermediate Groups will do the “Front of the Marathon” route. After Doc’s talk, we run around half of Kapiolani Park through Waikiki, Ala Moana, Downtown, and then back track back to our clinic meeting place – approximate mileage 12 miles. We will point out the meeting place (for those in need of a place to congregate) for the marathon – next to Border’s Bookstore in Ward Center. The Beginner’s usually have their own meeting place set and I am sure that Norm or Ro will announce its location shortly.

Beginner’s Bits:
By Rosemary Kyte and Norm Uyeda
spoke to all the beginner groups about the plan for the rest of the year: today is the Sunday start of the last 30-mile week of the year; followed by a 5-week tapering schedule. Tapering – two 24-mile weeks (12-mile Sunday), and two 12 mile weeks (6-mile Sunday); and the last week – a four mile Sunday, a one-hour run on Tuesday, with no more training days until the Marathon. Fiona paced the ABs out first today, and Norm’s group fell in behind Rosemary for the outbound pace, to practice 15-minute mile pace they’ll run for the first 16-miles of the Marathon. Jo and Cliff walked briskly with no stops, keeping out ahead of Rosemary the whole day. Marilyn made it a short day (8-miles) – welcome back to Marilyn and Wayne. All were free to speed up on the return route as fast as comfortable; and many did just that, with the cooler weather and weeks of training making a faster pace easier. Now is the time to accept whatever training level we have attained, relax into tapering to sustain that level, and avoid the temptation to overtrain now to make up for short-mileage weeks earlier in the year. Have a safe week. Rosemary

We send our aloha to Sharon Gibson, of Denver, Colorado who follows the clinic via our updates. She has been “virtual training” with HMC staff leader Marilyn Nagel. Congrats on your recent finish in the Denver half marathon.

Great Aloha Run Entry:
Special announcement: Want to save $5 off the Great Aloha Run? Honolulu Community College has a Great Aloha Run team that needs members (we need to meet a membership minimum of 100 runners). so we’re asking all of our friends, including the HMC, if they’d like to join our team. It entitles you to a $5 discount off the regular entry fee of $35. If you’re planning to enter the GAR, all you need to do is check 100 Clubs under Group Entries and enter the club code of 47 by 12/5/2008. Open invitation to all.
By Pearl Nakagawa

Taper, Taper and Taper:
After next week’s long run, please pay heed to our suggestion about slowing down on your training. The HMC has been training for nearly 9 months and we have built up our mileage and endurance to this point. There is no need to ramp up your mileage, do more speedwork, or run more hills. More training at his point can cause injury or wear down your immune system. “Homework runs” should be cut down to only two times during the weekday. Run easy and relaxed – you deserve it after the many, many months of training. Shave ice (with the ling hing mui and ice cream at the bottom) anyone after our runs?

See you at the water stops,