Blair’s Weekly Update 10-26-08

Doc was away at the Marine Corp Marathon and so after Rosemary’s short announcement about the Turkey Trot and Peter’s announcements, the small turnout of members split into their various groups. As the groups started their runs, the sky opened up and showered us with love (rain).

Table Duty:
Thank you Nelson O. for the food and drinks! Also, thanks to Al Won, who donates Gatorade powder whenever he gets over to the PX. We add Al to our clinic list of “Invisible Angels”.

Group Reports:
Many of the group members participated in the Niketown 30K and therefore the small turnout. We hope all of the participants had a great and safe run and learned something from it. Some possible comments after the run – “how can I possibly run 8 more miles in the marathon?” (You can and you will!); or on the other extreme, “no sweat, let the marathon begin.” To date, after seven 30K’s, I have never had the inclination to shout out the latter. Maybe, next year?

White Group:
By Blair Hoashi

A gust of splendiferous (real nice) Rocky Mountain air blew into our group as Guru Sam returned from his trip to Colorado. Guru Sam’s leadership and humor were greatly missed during his absence. He even added a “positive twist” to his story about being probed by his doctor in the “nether region”. Thanks for sharing, Sam. Approximately 12 runners started with the staff leaders Guru Sam, Dwight and Blair but various runners “dropped off” at different mileage points. While Sam and Blair dropped out at shorter distances, Leader Dwight took the bulk of the group to do 16 and 18 milers. Great job! Oh, by the way, this Sunday’s trek was run in constant downpour! Super job to all of the runners!

Next week’s run should be a recovery 14 miler; with another 18 or so planned on Nov. 9th. This run should be your longest run for the year as we will start tapering thereafter. A “front part of the marathon” run is planned for November 16th (or 23rd). We will also pass by the usual “designated” meeting place on the morning of the marathon.

Beginner’s Bits:
stated the plan for the rest of the year – 30 mile weeks with 15-mile Sundays. Next Sunday (Nov 2) will be a full 16-miler, the only one for the year for Beginners plan; and the start of a 6-week tapering plan. We should be road-testing anything we plan to have with us on Marathon Sunday: shoes, clothes, and packs (with contents such as food and convenience items). Rosemary’s group had a comfortable run out to the Holy Trinity Church (7.5 miles), and while stopped there noted the plaque with the words on “Defeatism”; adapted here “Life’s battles don’t always go to the strongest or fastest man; but sooner or later the ones who win are the ones who think they can.” On the way back, we got caught in the down pour starting around mile nine; making a good test of our shoes and clothing under wet conditions. Following Kim’s advice, we crossed mauka sidewalk, avoiding the flooded shoulders that were pushing us into traffic. Amanda, Sheldon, and first-timers Charles and Nick (two Navy men) pulled away from the 14-minute mile pace easily, not being slowed by the heat; and Rosemary finished up by 12:30 with Shoko. Thank you Nelson for having the table snacks still there for us. Remember to stuff balled-up newspaper in the toes of your shoes, and they’ll dry out in no time.
By Rosemary Kyte

The middle beginners (HFTS) did a shorter run than planned due to the heavy rain. After weighing the options, Norm decided to go the more cautious route in order to avoid the chances of picking up blisters caused by the wet shoes and socks. Don’t forget to take out the last (the removable bottom part of the shoe) in order for your shoes to dry out more quickly.
Also – no beginner’s Friday run at Ala Moana this week. Happy Halloween!! Gambatte,
By Norm Uyeda

This week the majority of the AB’s competed in the 30km run.
Congratulations to all of you. The rest of us had a fantastic time running 16 miles in the rain. We were training for the conditions we expect on Marathon day and all came through with flying colors and no injuries. Not long to go now. Take special notice of the very good advice given by Ro.
Don Allan

Turkey Trot/ November 27th:

The HMC sponsors the annual T.T. and asks for your help in volunteering for various committees. Signup sheets are posted. Also, it is a nice 10 mile run to gauge your pace for the marathon. No watches, Garmins, etc. Cost is $3. Please sign up.

Doc’s Talks:
Only about a month to go before the big day! I would urge everyone to attend the clinic and hear Doc’s talks from here on end. Doc’s tailors his talks specifically about preparations for the running of the marathon with about a month to go.

Keep dry and have a great week!