Blair’s Weekly Update 10-19-08

“Unofficial” clinic meetings were held at various locations throughout the Honolulu-town area. Ala Moana, Triangle Park, and the second beach park seemed to be the most popular meeting locales. Official or not, there seemed to be a huge number of loyal HMC runners making sure that they are getting in their long runs. “M-Day” is fast approaching and if you are keeping up in your training according to the clinic guidelines, you are in great shape. No need to over train at this point – let’s not risk injury so close to our goal.

Group Reports:
Red Group:
By Jeff Beard

The Red Group was out in full force on Sunday – looked like about a dozen people running with the group. I say “looked like” because I arrived at Triangle Park 15 minutes late – as I was coming around Diamond Head towards the park, they were already running back towards Kapiolani Park! I decided to head out in the other direction – I ran from Triangle Park out to Hawaii Kai and back, for an “easy” 14 miler. I didn’t see any sense in doing 18 miles, since I’ll be doing the NikeTown 30K next Sunday. Cloudy skies and a nice breeze made for a good run – much easier than the last few muggy weeks. For those of you also doing the 30K, I’ll see you at the bandstand around 4:30 a.m. For the rest of you, I’ll see you on the 2nd. Either way, run safe, run aware, and run negative splits!

White Group:
By Blair Hoashi

At 7:00a.m., six hardy runners met at the second beach park to do an easy 14 miler. Gerald, Laura, Dennis, Donna, Rob, and I took in Kahala Ave. on the run in to Kapiolani Park. We met up with a few more runners at the park who accompanied us on the circuit back. Staff leader Ivie, who did the Komen race earlier in the morning joined the group as well. Thanks Nelson for the Gatorade at Triangle Park. For members who are doing the 30K, good luck! For members who will be attending the clinic, we will be doing an “easy” 18 miler.

Blue Group:
By Andy Hirono

The Blue Group decided to do a 17 mile run since we started at 7:00 am. From Triangle Park going around the Hawaii Kai loop we had a nice even pace. We started with about a dozen folks. Coming back, Norman lead the faster runners the last 7 miles back to the park while Andy and Kelly kept pace with the rest of the group. This may have been our longest run of the year as we will continue to do 16 miles the rest of October.

Beginner’s Bits:
Norm’s Group:
By Norm Uyeda

Some of the Beginner’s group took part in a familiarization run of the downtown portion of the marathon. We went through the pre-start sequence for Norm’s group and followed the actual marathon route from Ala Moana through downtown to Kapiolani Park. This run covered the first 6 miles of the marathon and completes the familiarization process for the entire marathon course of 26.2 miles. Runners who have completed the training runs over the course of the year have now done the ENTIRE marathon course from start to finish. Only thing left to do is to do it all in one day…

Good news is that the downtown streets seem to be in much better shape than last year, with minimal potholes and steel plates.

By Fiona McNeill

A group of 18, mostly familiar and a couple of new faces met, at Ala Moana Park, Magic Island today at 6.30am. We ran a total of almost 14 miles, taking in the front end of the Honolulu Marathon route, with an additional run around Kapiolani and Ala Moana/Magic Island Parks. During the run, we ended up waiting around at too many traffic lights, but that gave us all a chance to check the scene. We talked about the Honolulu Marathon start line, what to expect….the usual stuff that most of us already know only too well, but information that the AB’s are completely in awe and fascinated to know. After the run, the beautiful water and weather was too hard to resist and most jumped in for a splash. Good luck to the AB runners who are running in next week’s race.

Niketown 30K (18.6 miles), Oct. 26:

A good test of your fitness under race conditions. Based on previous years’ experience – starts at 5 a.m.; lots of early parking at the bandstand parking lot; start line by the Kapiolani Park tennis courts. There are bathrooms close to the tennis courts but is usually very busy so use bathrooms by the parking lot or elsewhere.

This is the number of gels Lance Armstrong consumed in his first marathon in NY in 2006. He finished in 2:59… I am sure Doc and your staff leaders have mentioned the need to replenish your energy source. And, many suggestions are mentioned – Doc’s favorite – pretzels; power bars, gels, jelly beans, seedless ling hing mui (my mouth is puckering as I mention it), etc. and of course, Gatorade. On longer runs like the marathon, refueling is essential and the “What and When” will be very important factors. It is a good time to “fine tune” your “eating and drinking” strategy. Check with your staff leaders for suggestions or any questions.

Have a great week!