Blair’s Weekly Update 09-28-08

Doc was away this week. So after Peter’s administrative messages, the groups left for their runs.

Ivie’s Refreshment Stand:
Thanks to staffer Ivie K. so much for the huge spread at table duty. Fruits, cookies, pretzels, and all sorts of drinks were available!! We all needed it after our longer runs on a very hot morning.

Group Reports:
Advanced Group:
By Les Young

The AG did their last 16 mile run for the month. Next month we notch it up to 18 miles. There were five runners in the group today. Donis, a long time Clinic runner joined us and set the going out pace averaging 8:20/mile. The fast pace, heat and humidity took its toll at the 14 mile mark. Some of us had to walk/run it back. Everyone appeared to handle the heat and humidity well even though we were training to stop every two miles (like the Marathon water stations) for water. Some of us discovered new chafing points on our body that will require lubrication next run.

Red Group:
By Jeff Beard
The Red Group went out with 6 people to the church for our 16 mile run. Again, it was warm and humid – although a nice breeze helped, I know we lost a lot of water and electrolytes on the run – I took 3 gels and an extra bottle of sports drink (big mahalos to Nelson for supplying cold drinks at Kawaikai, formerly “the 2nd Beach Park”), and I still don’t think that was enough. In this kind of weather, load up on drinks, gels, bars, etc. – it can make all the difference in the world. All the more important next week, when we start our 18 mile runs.

White Group:
By Blair Hoashi
Approximately 10 hardy souls started their 16 mile trek with Guru Sam and Dwight. The Guru led them to the Kahala gas station turn around then Dwight took over for the rest of the way. Usual group members, Paris, Marie, Laura, Keith, Gerald, Katherine, Christine, with newcomer Amanda along with the staff leaders finished the 16 miler intact. Thanks to Mike Z. and Nelson S. for their very generous Gatorade stop at the second beach park. Aside from everyone’s gratitude, I am sure the “marathon gods” will be sure to shower you with positive karma in your marathon quest. In fact, Guru Sam promises your marathon times will be reduced by 30 minutes at least (just kidding).

Blair and Al W. formed their own two man group today as they started slower and later and were unable to catch up with the group. Al, also in the “Thoroughbred” group mentioned how running now has become an important part of his life. He started running with the clinic about three years ago. Al, a retiree, mentioned that he occasionally supports the UH Warrior football team by accompanying them on their away games. He recently returned from Oregon and Florida. Thanks Al for keeping me company on our long, tough trek today. Al mentioned that he has kept every issue of the updates since its inception many years ago when its readership had only about 6 members. Wow! I guess we can rely on Al if we need some “historical” Update info!”

We stick to our 16 miles next week then ramp up to 18 miles the following week. A “recovery” 14 miler is scheduled after the 18 miler; the Niketown 30K (18.6 miles) is slated for Oct. 26 which might be on some members’ agendas. Everyone, please take it easy on the homework runs and also on our Sunday Runs. Marathon day is approaching quickly and we should make sure that we don’t get caught up in trying to get any faster and stronger and risk injury. Let’s reflect and realize how far we have all come in our training (a Guru Sam moment).

Blue Group:
By Pam Iwata

Our first 16 miler, not bad going out, everyone was in high spirits and keeping up a good pace that Andy set for us, Coming back was hot, it was nice however to have the road blocked off for the bikes, since they had left before we started, there were very few bikes on the way there and back, nice to see you back Ron, we missed you last week. We started out with 21, and ended up with l6. I keep seeing new faces which is nice, I’m sorry I will miss you guys next month but plan to join you on the 9th of November, in the mean time I will be thinking of you all.

Beginner’s Bits:
pace group went an exact 14-miles under mostly hot conditions, except for some welcome overcast and cool breeze at mile 10; making for a great exercise in just humbly slowing down to adjust to the conditions. We welcomed the dogged persistence of the Padua family (Tony, Sandra and sophomore son Thaddeus), who despite traffic and parking delays caught up with us at mile 3. Their talent at carrying the conversation always makes for an enjoyable outing. Marilyn and Norm turned back at mile four, making an 8-mile day – a good option to have for some come-lately participants. Keep up the homework – we are into the key eight weeks to set our Marathon conditioning. See you in October.
Rosemary Kyte @ 255-6722.

Any beginners interested in joining Norm for his Friday after work training runs at Ala Moana can email him at for more information.

“I hate running but…”

If you get a chance, you might read Catherine Toth’s About Women column on running in the last Tuesday’s Honolulu Advertiser.

The Niketown 30K is scheduled for October 26; a good “test” of your readiness under race conditions. Entries by Oct. 18 are $25; late entries – $35.

Have a great week and see you at the water stops (especially, now with this heat).