Blair’s Weekly Update 09-21-08

Doc’s Talk:
Dr. Scaff
spoke briefly about vitamins and its effects. Doc cut his talk short so we could load up the buses on time. I am sure we will hear more about this topic in the near future. Thanks, Doc!

Bus Run:
Approximately 130 runners boarded two buses and got dropped off at various locales along the eastern coast of the island. Rosemary had most of the beginners get off at the second beach park and ran along the marathon route. Luanne with many of the super walkers got off at Hi Kai and did their power trek back to the park. The AB’s, Intermediates and Advanced Groups went on to Sandy Beach and Makapuu. Thanks to all of the members who donated more than the bus fare for the benefit of the clinic. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Beware of parking this Sunday:
The Century Bike Ride is scheduled on Sunday so please make accommodations for parking. Thank you Rosemary and others for the notice.

Group Reports:
Red Group:
By Jeff Beard

It’s good to be back! The Red Group went out to Makapuu for the year’s last bus run – nearly 15 miles. About a half a dozen ran with the Reds this time – we’re picking up some more runners, finally. The breeze helped, but was very hot and humid – especially important to remember Gatorade, gels, salt tablets – whatever replenishes your electrolytes. At the end of the run, many runners (from the Red Group and the Pinks) were heard to say – “Man, I’m beat – I was burning out the last half of the run – is it just me?” No, it wasn’t – I also felt that way, and most people in the Reds did too (except for Sandy, who just took off & never looked back – she ran so fast that she kept up with & finished with Les and the Advanced Group – way to go girl! – you’re looking sub-4 this year!) It was satisfying to finish, but it was a long, hot run. We’ll probably have the same kind of weather for at least the next few weeks – remember to drink plenty of fluids, and get some salt & potassium back in your system.

White Group:
By Blair Hoashi

A hardy group of nine members started at Makapuu Point and ventured back to Kapiolani Park. The morning heat was extreme but an occasional trade wind helped to cool us off periodically. All of the members except one made it back to the park in great shape. Great job to Marie, Paris, Donna, Allison, Laura, Keith, Gerald and Dwight! Yours truly (Blair), “hit the wall” and had to “take a breather” starting at mile 13; I guess I need to recover from my cold first (need some excuse) and be more diligent on my homework runs. Thanks to steady staff leader Dwight for leading the group back from Kahala. We continue our 16 mile training run next week.

Beginners’ Bits:
By Rosemary Kyte

For the bus run, the beginners ran 13.7 miles, running the marathon course from Waikaikui beach park, the turn through Hawaii Kai, and back to Kapiolani Park. Mid-week homework is never more important – 23 September through Thanksgiving marks the key 60-days that will set our point-of-collapse training mileage. Our goal is minimum 30-mile weeks.

Parking Alert. Next Sunday, Century Ride participants will be at the park before us. Plan to arrive early, turn early off Kapahulu (on Campbell) and look for parking in the neighborhoods near the park.

The AB’s;
By Fiona McNeill

Our group enjoyed an even paced run from Makapuu Point. It was, for the most part, a morning of talking, laughing, and of course running. We proudly ran the whole distance. This scenic route was a new feat for the beginning group, which is very impressive. Anxieties aside, they pulled together and did well. It shows that the group is doing their homework and keeping up. Today we had 11 runners, with an additional 3 runners who took turns joining us, running ahead and joining up with us again off and on throughout the run. Several of the group mentioned that today’s run was much more enjoyable than the week before. The group treated today’s run as if anything was easy after last week’s run. We look forward to Don’s return as the leader; as he will be rejoining us for next week’s run.

Tears, toil, sweat, and more tears – a good running movie:
A very well made docu/movie called Spirit of the Marathon was held this past weekend at the Cupola Theatre (next to Stage restaurant on Piikoi)- it is a story of various runners (first timers to world class athletes) who were preparing for the Chicago Marathon. Thanks Marilyn and Rachun for the notice. The movie was only on for three days this past week and so I could not get it in the Update for everyone’s perusal. Apologies! If interested though, a DVD version is available.

Get well Doug K.! The thoroughbreds need you!

Have a great week!

See you at the water stops,