Blair’s Weekly Update 09-07-08

Doc’s Talk:
Dr. Scaff spoke about cholesterol and mentioned some interesting facts which seemed contrary to popular opinion. He mentioned that eggs, alcohol, and beef (in moderation, of course) are perhaps not as bad as we think for our cholesterol.

Table Duty:
Much thanks to the husband and wife duo of Libby and Bob L. for the great refreshments. The watermelon was great!

Special thanks to Nelson S. of the Purple group who provided refreshments on his own for the all of the runners who showed up last week on our “informal” run.

Group Reports:
Advanced Group:
By Joe Wong

Our group dynamic was a lot different with more than five runners from the advance group missing. You were all missed and it was not the same running without all of you. Believe me, training for a marathon is more than 50% mental and all of you keep me focused. But even with the missing runners, the group was still large; I want to thank Sandy, who was so kind to stay with me. She has run 17 marathons. We had two new fresh faces, Art and Rob – both of these guys were amazing. I told them to go without me because they were both running smoothly with good rhythm and I was slowing them down. I needed to take a catnap at Triangle Park, it was really hot today. Also in our group were two Marines and Sergio – they turned back at mile 12; another runner, Bruce went out to mile 18 at Hawaii Kai. I tried to stay and keep up with Roy. Roy was a jack rabbit who did not run out of gas. He got us back from our 16 mile run by 10:34 am. I do not know what Roy ate for breakfast but I needed to have some. On a final note, I would like to wish my friend and coach, Tim Smith, good luck in the Maui Marathon. I am very sure you will finish 3:30 or better. Boston has a slot for you.

The White Group:
By Blair Hoashi
The group completed their first 16 miler! 10 hardy runners finished the tough trek in good form – “smooth and steady” Donna; the two teachers from St. Anthony’s, Kathleen and Christine; “rabbits” Gerald and Keith; Paris, from Italy; “silent and deep” Marc; energetic Tammi (please watch your heart rate); “Superdad” Roeland (with daughter, Tian ) and I completed the mileage. “Superdad” might be an understatement as Roeland pushed the stroller on a flat tire for the entire return trip! We hope your daughter appreciates your efforts. Staff leaders Guru Sam and Alberto accompanied the group part of the way. We continue our 16 mile runs for the next few weeks. Please remember to sign up for our last Bus Run on the 21st.

Beginner’s Bits:
By Rosemary Kyte, Norm Uyeda, and Don Allen
Ro’s Group
gave all the pace groups the plan for the rest of the year: the 60-days leading up to Thanksgiving tapering are key to setting our conditioning for the marathon. The ABs (Don and Fiona) took off for a 16 miler; the rest of the pace groups did their first 14-miler. Rosemary and Marilyn covered a short 14 (13.7) mile course in about 4 1/2 hours; taking plenty of time at the water breaks. We talked about what and when to eat: after an hour (4 miles), I eat about 4 of my pretzels (10 calories each); and then one pretzel a mile thereafter. We only need eat about 10% of the calories we are burning; relying on fat metabolism for the remaining 90%. For those who missed Dr. Jack’s talk early in the year on glucose and fat metabolism, see the book “Your First Marathon”. Mid-week homework will stay at 20-miles for the rest of the year. Remember the rules of the road: a day off after each training day, and a minimum of one hour of continuous training each session.

Norm’s Group:
group opted for a “short” 14 miler at about a 14-minute average pace for Sunday’s run. It was our group’s first outing to the second park and the main purpose of the run was to familiarize everyone with the route and to get the first 14 miler under our belts. Topics of the day included the Bay to Breakers run next year and also the various types of Japanese onsens.

Norm’s Friday Magic Island after work runs should be starting up soon (October)? Stay tuned for more info.

Don’s Group:
The AB’s (Advanced Beginners) had their first 16 mile run. It will be 16 miles for September. Everyone completed the extra mileage but the increased distance emphasized the value of doing homework (hw)(20 miles p/wk hw). We have only 97 more sleeps until the marathon.

Guys we are almost there!. See you all in 3 weeks.

Congrats and good bye to members of our Clinic family!

Belated congratulations to Maka and Bill on their 35th! Great going!

And, we bid a fond farewell to Jim and Molly, who are headed for the “paradise of Ohio”, Pittsburgh? Our eyes and stomachs will always remember the great farewell dinner, organized by Keith T. And, we shall never forget Maka’s beautiful voice on Jim and Molly’s farewell tribute. As some group members mentioned, “a chicken skin” performance. Maka, you were a nightingale amidst a menagerie of fun loving characters.

Bus Run – Sept. 21:
Please sign up on the bulletin board. Please meet at 7:15 a.m. to hear Doc’s talk before we load up the buses.

Have a great week! And, see you all at the water stops!