Blair’s Weekly Update 08-24-08

Doc’s Talk:
Dr. Scaff
spoke about yesterday’s marathon results in the Beijing Olympics and also, the “evolution” of women in the marathon. He mentioned that the first woman to run in a marathon was in the 1960’s and she finished “unofficially” in approximately 3:40 minutes. Current women marathoners are now more than an hour plus faster. Doc also mentioned as to how the marathon became “handicapped” (like golf) to meet the growth in running – for example, awards for age brackets and awards for men’s and women’s brackets were created.

No official clinic on Sunday due to the Labor Day holiday. But most groups will be meeting “unofficially”. Please read the group reports to see when your groups will be meeting.

Table Duty:
Thanks to staffer Sergio for taking care of the table and providing the fruits and drink for all of us.

Group Reports:
A new Intermediate group was created to accommodate its demand – a Purple Group led by Staffers Mike T. and Karen S. will be running between the Pink Group and the White Group. The Purples intend to run about a 10:00 – 10:30 pace and are currently doing 14 miles.

Advanced Group:
By Les Young

The AG did a rough 16 miler in hot and humid weather. Eight runners started the run at a fast pace (8:30-8:20/mi.). Two guest runners left the group at the 8-mile turn around. Tim took us out to the 16-mile turn around at a slower 8:45-8:40 pace. Because of the heat, we opted to stop at every water stop instead of every two miles. Christina is human!! She felt the strain of the heat also, but made it back with Jacque in tow. The group will meet unofficially on 8/31/08 at around 6:30 AM. I will be heading to Fresno, CA for a two-week visit with family. Rosie and Joe will be holding the fort for the AG.

Red Group:
Without their leader, Jeff, the members completed their 16-miler and finished without a hitch.

Pink Group:
By Rosie Adam-Terem

The Pink group was again divided into the Early Birds (Jewels gets them out at 5 a.m.) and the Regulars. The two met, going in opposite directions, at Triangle Park. The Regulars were also divided into two: the Speedy Ones and the Slowpokes. Alas, some of us Slowpokes were tempted to keep up with those Speedsters and thus were not running at an optimal pace. Bill reminded everyone to slow down and not overdo things. We have good mileage under our belts at this point and we are on target with our training, so it is wise not to push it. Several of our members were doing a good job of listening to their bodies, turning around, or walking when they thought they had had enough. Still, today’s 16 miler was completed by all who wanted to go that distance, though we did complain about the heat. It was great to have Anita back after several months off due to a non-running injury. We wish her a full and speedy recovery and a return to leading the Pinks as soon as possible. We were also happy to have a guest runner, Paige from Waialua by way of Pennsylvania. She trains with Team Jet in Aiea but was in town and decided to come to the Clinic for her long run. She is a special education teacher on the North Shore. Next week, we will meet at 6.30 at the usual place and do 14-16 miles, maybe on a mystery run with more hills if the group is up for that. Please bring water with you in case we go off the beaten track. Bill will be away for the next three weekends and Rosie will miss the bus run and the week after that.

Purple Group:
Mike and Karen
led a group of about 8 runners to the second beach-park and back – 14 miles. Group member Alex provided Purple as well as White Group member with Gatorade at the halfway point. Thanks, Alex! The Purples will meet at 7:30 next Sunday.

White Group:
By Blair Hoashi

Bandana Day in honor of our Guru, Sam:
All of our members wore a bandana to acknowledge our staff leader and Guru, Sam Usman for his contributions to our group. Sam always wears his “trademark” bandana when he runs so the group had decided honor him by wearing this “trademark”. Much mahalos to staff leader Ivie who came up with the idea and got all of the bandanas!! The Guru has decided to curtail his running to give his body some needed rest. But, he intends to start and run with the group to the gas station (8 miles). By the way, the bandanas are great when running in heat! The group did a 14-miler which incorporated Kahala Avenue; leaders Sam, Alberto, Ivie and Blair led the pack with a pacing of 10:30 – 11:00 per mile. The Group intends to meet at 7:30 on Sunday to do a 14 -16 miler. Thanks again, Alex for the Gatorade at the halfway point!!

Blue Group:
By Pam Iwata

There were 15 of us hardy souls out there today, and it was hot, August and September are our hottest months of the year, so please drink lots and lots of water, you will find that it does two things, first it will train you to drink for the marathon, secondly it will make your run and recovery period easier and faster. Our single file up Diamond Head is getting better all the time. Thank you Ron for helping with the warnings about the bikes and other runners coming up behind us. Don’t forget to smile as we want people to think we are having fun. One more thing, please sign up for the bus run. See you next week at 7-am, same place.

Beginner’s Bits:
By Rosemary Kyte, Norm Uyeda and Don Allen
spoke to all the Beginners pace groups about wet shoes (newspaper balled up in the toe dries them) and coming back from training breaks (any weekly mileage more than 10% over the last 8- week weekly average should be done very slowly to avoid injury). The pace groups today were the ABs (Don and Fiona), followed by Norman and Steve Zane, then Rosemary, Marilyn, and Jo. Rosemary’s group kept the save overall pace for their 2-miles as past weeks, but with the heat and sun, if felt like a harder run. Next Sunday (31st) is a holiday weekend, but Rosemary will be at the clinic site for a 0730 start (no talk). Same homework – 20 miles midweek – and we’ll see you next Sunday. – Rosemary.

The beginner’s group #2 went out for a “long” 12 miler consisting of 18th Avenue and the residential areas of Kalanianiole Highway on both the outbound and inbound leg. Topics for today were shoes, clothing and overall marathon preparation since the BIG day will be here before we know it. It was a wee bit hot today, but some cloud cover and light breezes made the 90 degree weather bearable. Norm will be down at the park next Sunday at the usual 7:30 time. Norm

AB’s report. We completed our 5 x 14 mile run this week. Next week we will do our last 14 miler and next month we will be doing 16 miles. Welcome Fiona on behalf of all the AB’s. Hope you can stay and add your experience to the group. Talking about next week 31 August we will meet at 7am and wait for a surprise at the halfway mark. Have a good week. Remember do your homework. – Don

Bus Run – September 21:

Please sign up on the bulletin board so we can get a runner count to determine the number of buses needed. The last stop – Makapuu Point (close to Sea Life Park), approximately 15 miles. Although some of it is not part of the actual marathon route, we get to run along some pretty scenery along the eastern coastline of Oahu. It gives runners a chance to run a route that is “normally” not run and also with a large group.

For hotdogs, burgers and cramps:
I have been told on more than one occasion that a good remedy for cramps during a long run is plain ole mustard. So, next time you’re at some hot dog or burger stand, you might pick up an extra packet to place in your shorts pocket.

Have a great week!

Keep cool and please continue the homework,