Blair’s Weekly Update 08-17-08

Doc’s Talk:
Doc spoke to a smallish crowd today – probably due to the scheduled Tamanaha 15K run going on. He spoke on the origins of the Olympics (Greeks halting the war every few years to engage in “war type games” with neighboring city states), and specifically, the marathon battle between Athens & Sparta; it tells the tale of the soldier collapsing after running 150 miles to tell of the victory.
Reported by Jeff Beard

Table Duty:
Thanks to Staff leader Alberto for the smorgasbord of goodies; all of the items were muy bueno!

Group Reports

Advanced Group:
By Les Young
The Advance Group finally completed a 16-mile run. Tim lead to group to the 4 mile mark and left the group to recuperate from his 15K race that morning. Les took over the lead coming back from a bout with the cold and a queasy stomach from being on antibiotics. Six runners continued to the Holy Trinity Church doing a steady 8:30/mile average pace. It was an awesome run as everyone stayed in a tight group all the way in. Mark and Christina had enough left to sprint in their last 50-75 yards! Les pointed out that longer distances will bring out new friction points which will reveal themselves in the shower after the run. Golden Rule: Nothing cotton. LUBRICATE where needed.

Red Group:
By Jeff Beard
The Red Group (me!) went out to the church and back, for a 16 miler. My hip is still slightly sore, but bearable – I was able to run all the way – the first time in weeks! The few remaining members of the Red Group had already done the 15K, so they just went out for shorter distances to get their mileage in. I should be leaving for the Big Island in a few days – the first thing I’ll do when I get my rental car is to find a good running area to do 6-8 miles during the week and 14-16 on Sunday. I need to work, but I still have my priorities. See you all in a few weeks.

Pink Group:
Staff leader Bill led a small group of runners to the 16 mile mark. Many of the Pinks were participating in the 15K race run earlier in the morning.

White Group:
By Blair Hoashi
Twenty “hard bodies” started with this group led by Guru Sam. Unfortunately, the Guru left us at the Kahala gas station turn around point; although his presence was missed, staff leader Nelson, along with other staffers such as Dwight and Ivie, stepped in to guide us the rest of the way. While we missed frivolity and humor of Guru Sam’s “essence”, his spirit was with us as we finished our 14 miler. Nice to run with our “regulars”, Donna, Joy, Stan, Dennis, Paris ( who is from Italy), Nelson (who had run 4 miles prior to the clinic; you stud!) and Al, just returning to us from a hip injury. I missed the names some of the newer members but will get to know you better as our time and mileage increases. Don, I hope the gel helped you on your return. The weather at the start was great as the trades blew and the skies were overcast. On our return though, the sun had chased the gray clouds way and the trades did not blow as hard. It got hot. We continue with a 14 miler next week (to include Kahala Avenue) then progress to a 16 miler the following week.

Since there will be no official clinic the week after, the group will probably meet a little earlier. An announcement will be made on Sunday. Stay tuned.

Blue Group:
By Pam Iwata
There were 15 of us this Sunday; we are getting more connected with each other as the weeks go by. I often hear such comments as, “Joe is not here this week, or did you have a nice vacation, or we missed you”. It’s nice to see this happening. As we get closer to the Marathon the discussion on different thoughts of training methods and the amount of miles to be run become more prevalent at Triangle park. Andy makes sure that we understand that putting in the miles each week (36) should be our first priority in making sure we finish the marathon safely. Once again the weather was kind to us on our 14 miles and everyone enjoyed it. We had two new runners join us. Welcome! We will meet at 7 a.m. on labor day Sunday, otherwise will see you next week at the usual time and we hope you will enjoy us.

Beginner’s Bits:
By Rosemary Kyte, and Norm Uyeda
The Beginners welcomed three newcomers today, two went out with Don’s ABs and the third went with Marilyn as far as Triangle Park. For our 12-miler today, we added the half-mile from 18th Avenue, and also took the long way through the neighborhoods on the first part of Kalanianaole Highway. We crossed to the makai side of Kalanianaole at the phone booth to keep us facing the traffic; the sidewalk on that side kept us up away from cars and bikes. Crossing back at the first beach park was at a cross-walk with no stop light, but a break in traffic came soon enough. We talked about shin splints, being a first-year of training common event that goes away with training; and that can be managed with ice after runs. Keep up with the mid-week homework (18-20 miles) and we’ll see you for a full clinic next Sunday (24th), and an informal run on the 31st (same time – 7:30am).

Norm’s Group:
The beginner’s group #2 continued on a full 12 miler and experience good weather. The exact distance and minutes per mile was not known since we had no GPS. Some of us enjoyed a gentle spray while a resident washing his car. The light mist felt good. We continued on the topic shoes and black toe nails. In addition, we spoke about all the cracked and uneven sidewalks and whether the city could fix the sidewalk.
Stephen for Norm

Running keeps us young:
Our super dad, Roeland L., who is never without his children in their stroller, sent me this very interesting article on maintaining our youth.
Here is the link

Third Bus Run – Sept. 21:
Please help us by signing up on the bulletin board so that we may get a runner count; gives us an idea of the number of buses needed. Thanks! The farthest drop off point will be at Makapuu Point (close to Sea Life Park) – roughly 15 miles. Please check with your group leader as to your drop off area.