Blair’s Weekly Update 08-03-08

Apologies, but I am away on the mainland so do not have a report on Dr. Scaff’s important talk this past Sunday. 
Thanks to those assigned to table duty for the refreshments.


Group Reports:

by Tim Smith
We would like to welcome two newcomers to our group, the husband and wife team of Ketya & Meera. Because Les had an illness, I was asked to lead the group today and we ran mostly at 8:40 /mile. Being their first “long run” our two newcomers, Ketya & Meera turned around at the gas station/church and Bruce joined them. While at the church, I noticed Bruce wasn’t looking his usual self so I asked how he was doing. After running with somebody for 4-5 months, you tend to notice when somebody is having a bad day. Bruce wisely listened to his body and headed back for 8 miles. We also lost Sergio at this point and figure he turned around as well. Being a veteran, he knows when to call it a day. It’s important to note that it is acceptable to reduce your runs should the condition of your body dictate. Pink Rosy” and Jacqui turned around at the first beach park while Les, Joe and Tim turned around at the second. Les suffered another set-back on the way back up Diamond Head as his upper leg cramped up on him. I’m sure it was the illness. Get well Les and we’ll run 16 next week.

by Jeff Beard

The Red Group went out with five people Sunday for a 14 mile run. It was another hot one, but the breeze made it a little more bearable. The Gatorade, pretzels & fruit were greatly appreciated at the end of the run! I made it about 5 miles & decided to turn back – my hip is still bothering me – so much so that I ended up walking & running the rest of the way back. The good news is that next week I have table duty – mango bread for everyone! See you all at 7:30.

by Rosie Adam-Terem
led a small group of seven runners out from the park, mostly from the rear as he was trying valiantly to slow them down! I had to sprint to catch up with the group since I was late arriving at the park. The other half of the Pink group went off at 5.30 for their run. We slogged it out in the heat; that’s good training for the actual conditions in which we’ll be running the second half of our marathon. We completed a 14 miler today and no one seemed to have any trouble: testimony to the fact that Dr. Scaff’s method really works. Some of us ended up in the ocean to cool off and we all greatly appreciated the wonderful pineapple at the end. Next week I’ll be on time (I hope) and we’ll run to the church, to make our first 16 mile run. Remember: the Sunday runs are designed to build the distance and stamina, and to familiarize ourselves with the course. Don’t forget to do your homework during the week – at least two runs of 1 hour 30 minutes, or three one-hour runs. It pays off in the end.

by Sam Usman

Aloha from Honolulu to La Jolla…
What a day – we did 14.5 miles! We had 39 people in our group and had the help of nine awesome staff members! It was a very hot day; no Blair, no clouds. I hooked up with about 8 old buddies from my past and the energy was awesome! We changed things up and took different routes; we had 28 people on the return; of course, we had our great pit stop at Karen’s house again. We all had some great refreshments – perhaps we should kitty up some money for future use? It’s a great pit stop and rest stop for all of us. And, we shouldn’t abuse sweet Karen’s hospitality. On our return, we all finished together. I was in real pain in the end, but what got me in was that the whole group stayed with me and helped me finish! I love all my great angels and friends! Like me, my friend and super hero, Michael Z., did not fare well after our run – cramping and muscle aches. On the other hand, Alberto was amazing; he was always energetic and enthusiastic, even at the end! We had a newcomer to the group who was full of energy and vivaciousness; she will be a great addition to the group! See you all next week!

by Pam Iwata

Great 14 miles, there were 19 of us, a little hot but I guess we have to get used to it. I enjoyed Doc’s talk.  I always find them informative. Our group has grown again. Welcome to all the new comers. Betsy has asked if we would help her out with the following announcement:

Sweet Adelines Cabaret and Dinner Show Fundraiser
Where: Washington Middle School
When: Saturday August 9th

Beginner’s Bits
by Rosmary Kyte, Norm Uyeda, and Don Allen

Rosemary’s group paced comfortably of the 12-mile route, with plenty of time at the water breaks to accommodate the new distance and the heat. The plan for August is the same as July – 30 mile weeks; with the mid-week homework a little easier, since we are doing 12 miles on Sunday (two more miles than July). In September, after we have two solid months of 30 mile weeks, those who wish may go “on book” and add more miles following the plan in the clinic book “Your First Marathon”. Have a good week with your mid-week homework and we’ll see you next Sunday.

Beginner’s group #2 (for the lack of a better name at this time) – We started off very slowly as a concession to the heat and the humidity of the morning and tried to keep a little slower pace during the course of the training run. This was our group’s first 12 miler, although it was a “short” 12, again in deference to the bad conditions of the morning. Hopefully we will be doing a regulation 12 miler next week. Norm took left the group at the inbound Kahala waterstop in order to get back to his table duty. Many thanks to Stephen and Deb for filling in at the table duty and for allowing Norm to accompany the group

The AB’s had their first 14 mile run. We started out really slowly to accommodate the heat as well as the increase in distance. It was a fantastic bonus to share some watermelon with an Intermediate group at the 7 mile mark. Thank you Guys!!! We all made it back averaging around a 12.30 mile pace and into the water at Waikiki. This month our goal is to average 32-34 mile weeks. As the Sunday distance gets longer you will find that if you don’t do your homework then the Sunday run becomes more of a challenge rather than enjoyment. We talked about you Steve and wish you and Joanne all the best. See u next Sunday.

by Blair

I was fortunate enough to be staying in the Torrey Pines area in La Jolla (San Diego). I did a quick run in the neighborhood and discovered a beautiful path through the Torrey Pines Forest Reserve. The path winds upward through the reserve and during this climb, one can look down and see the Interstate 5 traffic speeding on to L.A. To my left is the rugged La Jolla forest reserve and the coastline. Beautiful! The path also goes by the world famous, Torrey Pines Golf Course, where Tiger Woods won the 2008 U. S Open championships a few weeks ago. I got a chance to play it one morning and concluded, even after many “fantasy moments”, that I am no Tiger Woods. The course is tough, fair and beautiful!

Signing off from Disneyland; have a great week and see you all on Sunday!