Blair’s Weekly Update 07-27-08

Our second Bus Run was well attended and well orchestrated as everyone arrived on time and boarded the buses without difficulty. 158 runners boarded three Robert’s school buses. A big mahalo to everyone who made generous contributions in addition to the bus fee on behalf of the clinic. Your generosity is greatly appreciated! Peter, Norm and I collected no coins this morning which made it easier and our morning complete! Ahh, the simple things in life that can create happiness! Imagine the kind of euphoria crisp, brand new dollar bills can generate!

Our Clinic Parking Area:
Peter happened to notice a sign that was posted in the parking lot – the entire parking lot next to the building that we meet at will be closed for repaving from 7/28 through 8/18/2008. Therefore runners, please park accordingly.

Special Mahalos to the OH family:
Thank you Kim (Jeff’s wife), Courtney, Leanne (Jeff’s daughters), and friend for setting up two “OH-ASIS” stops for the runners today! Also, thanks to dad and Pink Group staff leader, Jeff for planning the stops! The iced water and pretzels were exactly what was needed and, at the exact locations that we needed it. “OH-ASIS #1” on Hawaii Kai Drive was perfect as we had just finished a tough four miles coming in from Sandy Beach. And the second, “OH-ASIS #2”, next to the Kahala gas station was another ideal spot as we were entering mile 11 of our 14 mile journey. To the OH Family and friend – THANK YOU!!! UDA BEST!

The Group Reports:

by Jeff Beard
The Red Group went out from Sandy Beach for a 14 miler Sunday – there were about a half a dozen of us in the group. The overcast and wind were a welcome relief to the occasional periods of (hot!) sunshine. The 10-15 minutes we got rained on was even more welcome! I pulled a hamstring in my left leg coming up Kahala Avenue and had to alternately walk and run, not a fun experience, but there was no way I was going to try to run all the way back. I learned a long time ago to stop when it’s sore; if you wait until it’s painful, you may have already done damage. I hope to see you all next Sunday.

by Jeff Oh
The Pinks had a successful bus run. We kept an even pace of 10 minute miles the entire route. At the end, our mileage was 13.25, so a few added a lap around Kapiolani park to make it 14.25. Strong finish by Mike, James, and Bill. The rest of us felt like wilted leaves at the finish. Keep up the good running everyone! We were glad to have the “Oh-ana Oh-assis” at the end of Hawaii Kai Loop, and the gas station before Kahala. My support crew was glad to provide the ice water and pretzels to the groups.

by Blair Hoashi
30 runners got off the bus and started the trek back to Kapiolani Park from the Sandy Beach area. Total distance – 13.86 miles; calories burned – approximately 1,756; pace – between 11:00 – 12:00 min per mile. Naturally, Guru Sam started us off on a very easy pace and made sure that none of our group was left behind. At the start, we were blessed by some heavy showers which kept us cool but it also presented problems for some as our shoes and socks became soaked. Blisters became a problem as our run progressed. Even then, Guru Sam, Alberto, Joe (from the Red Group), Dwight, Ivie, Nelson, and Fiona did a great job in making sure that everyone was accounted for, ran together, and finished in good spirits. The “OH-ASIS” stops sure helped! Within a mile of the the Kahala gas station, we “ommed” to Guru Sam’s yoga running program – meditative running while breathing through one’s nose. Nirvana here we come!

Special thanks to Staff leader Joe Wong who “weaved” back and forth many times to make sure that everyone was accounted for. He must have run an additional 5 miles going from front to back to check on slower or ailing runners. UDA BEST, JOE!

For the next few weeks, we will continue our 14 mile runs. Please continue the “homework” runs during the week as our mileage will steadily increase on our Sunday runs.

by Pam Iwata
I hope you enjoyed the showers as much as I did! That was the last of our 12 mile runs, next week 14.I kept thinking as we ran along Chula Avenue, if this is 12 how can I handle 14, it’s funny but you just do, as Norm said concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. You feel great when it’s finished. Next week, Andy would like for us to come up with a few jokes.

Beginner’s Bits
by Norm Uyeda and Don Allen
Norm’s group started off today’s bus run with a most unusual sighting – a yellow trolley like bus going down the launch ramp for boats and then calmly chugging off like some awkward yellow boat. It was the Duck Tours converted military carrier and it made quite an impression going into the water like that. We started with the Hawaii Kai loop at a nice easy pace so that some of Rosemary’s gang could also come along and familiarize themselves with the Hawaii Kai scenery. The weather “blessed” us with a good soaking along the Hawaii Kai loop and made the rest of the run a bit soggier than usual. (Runners – it might be a good idea to separate your shoes and lasts to give everything a good airing) The Intermediate White group caught up with us in the Kahala area and the two groups ran together for a short time – having a good time along the way (although some of the beginners were starting to fail the talk test during the latter part of the combined run). We finished up at the official marathon finish line on Kalakaua and took in some of the Ukulele Festival sights and sounds before calling it a day.

The ABs (Advanced Beginners) had their first run without the guidance of Steve Sweet so Don Allan was left to guide the dedicated ABs. (OMG was a call from some). We were dropped off at Sandy Beach and with no money between us we had to our own way back. It was a great run 12 + miles and inspite of a little rain and as it the growing tradition of the ABs we went to the Honolulu marathon finish line and had a well earned cool plunge into the sea at Waikiki. Next week we will be taking on 14 miles and I have no doubt the ABs will take that in our stride. Mahalo.


The Volcano Run
by Rosemary Kyte
Honolulu Marathon Clinic Staff at Kilauea Volcano Runs (Volcano, HI). Rosie Adam-Terem, and Val Ogi were with me (Rosemary Kyte) Saturday July 26th running the 10-mile option of the annual Kilauea Volcano runs. Cool, overcast weather for most of the run made for a comfortable event; over a course that is a mix of road, and rain forest trails with spectacular views overlooking the volcano caldera. At 4,000 feet, the air is a lot cooler than Honolulu; reading 59 degrees at the start and 69 at the finish. Rosie Adam-Terem led the pace, running nearly two minutes a mile faster than Val and I. I was able to keep pretty much to my talk-test overall; going a bit faster on the first half down hill, saving myself for the climb back up to the finish that I knew was coming. The last half-mile of mile 8 was a heart-pounding, switch back trail climbing back up from the rain forest floor to the volcano caldera overlook. I spent the last two miles recovering from that climb, enjoying some sauna effect running by the volcano steam vents. Then on to the finish with Rosie cheering me on, followed shortly thereafter by Val. We finished up with a group photo showing off our clinic logo gear at the local post office.

A quote sent to us from staffer Marilyn Nagel,
“Marathon runners with bad shoes suffer the agony of de feet.”

Have a fantastic week; see you at the water stops,