Blair’s Weekly Update 07-20-08

Dr. Scaff was away this week so there was no talk today. Next week, the Bus Run is scheduled and Doc will still be away; so no talk.

The Tinman, which was held today, caused some disruption to traffic in our area so our attendance was less than usual. The usual parking slots were not easily accessible; kudos to the attendees on your perseverance!

The “Oh-asis”:
Jeff Oh, Jewels C. and Al W. – thank you for providing the runners with a wonderful assortment of drinks, fruits, etc. for table duty! The chilled Gatorade, water, bananas, oranges, and pretzels were plentiful and exactly what we needed today. Much mahalos!

The Bus Run II- this Sunday, July 27th:
The buses will be transporting runners to Mauna Lua Bay or just past Sandy Beach on this trip. Approximate mileages from the locations back to the park are 9 miles (Mauna Lua Bay) and 13 miles from Sandy Beach. Please check with your group leader for the distance that you will be running.

If you have not signed up on our sheet and are intending to participate, we would appreciate you sending us a reply to let us know of your attendance. We’d like to get a “runner count” so we can order the appropriate number of buses. Mahalo! The cost is $2 and members need to be at the park by 7:20 a.m. We will board the buses promptly at 7:30 a.m.

Group Reports:
Red Group:
by Jeff Beard

The Red Group started out with about a half a dozen people for a 14 miler out to the 2nd beach park & back. We kept Les & the Advanced group in close sight most of the way, but on the gas station on the way back, we lost them entirely – I think they kicked into negative splits at that point! Congratulations on those Red Group runners who have moved up to the Advanced group (or those who should – Rebecca, Sam & Crystal). The overcast skies and stiff breeze helped out most of the way, but when the clouds parted & the breeze died down, it was hot & muggy. On these longer runs it’s especially important to replenish not only water, but electrolytes. See you all next week for the bus run.

Pink Group:
by Rosie Adam-Terem

We were small in number today with Jewels and Jeff Oh on table duty (thanks for the delicious fruit, so refreshing!) so, led by Bill, we all ran together for the 14 miles out to the second beach park. Our youngest member, high school junior Michael caught us at the gas station, having run in by himself from Hawaii Kai; he turned around and ran back. Several of us had some ocean therapy at the end and felt very relaxed, ready for what Buzz terms our “mandatory nap”.

Next week Rosie will be on the Big Island for the Volcano Run, and a couple of our other pink stalwarts will be away too, so we will sadly miss the second bus run. We hope you have fun. Take some pictures for us!

If any HMC members are running the Volcano runs and feel like getting together for lunch after the races, please e-mail Rosie at and let me have your cell phone number so I can make arrangements.

At one of our water stops, we talked about running past elderly pedestrians. Because of normal age-related changes in peripheral vision and hearing, the elderly may well not be aware that we are coming up from behind. Yelling out “On your left!” at the last minute may only serve to startle and unbalance an elder, so we reminded ourselves to give our kupuna a very wide berth, and to say “Good Morning!” after we pass. This also applies when you are running in your neighborhood alone, especially early in the morning or in the twilight of evening when many elders take their walks

White Group:
by Blair Hoashi

We numbered over 30 runners and “rather routinely” made the trek to the second beach park and back, approximately 14 miles. New members joined us today – Gary, Chris, and Ally. Gary and Chris are both in the military. Ally, Sam’s recruit, joins us via Kona and New York. Ally is an artist and a wine merchant. On our long trek, I also chatted with Cyril, originally from Italy and Marie, who came to Honolulu via Tokyo and Chile. All of them were incredibly interesting and in great shape! Pushing our weekly run to a new level (14 miles) was no problem as we all finished in good spirits. Your weekly “homework” runs and our Sunday runs expertly guided by Guru Sam and the other staff leaders have prepared all of us to reach new mileage goals. Marathon, here we come!

We would like to thank Karen S., who led us to her house in Kahala and offered us her gracious hospitality and lots of sports drink. Was good!! Mahalo, for your generosity!

Congrats to group member Jen, our talented French horn player who currently plays in the Naval Band, for completing her first Tinman. She did it in pretty good time!

As mentioned, the Bus Run is scheduled for this Sunday. Our group will be dropped off at Sandy Beach so please take the appropriate bus and follow the cues from group leaders. Please make sure to bring some Gatorade, gel or some sort of nutritional supplement and a dollar or two in your tiny shorts pocket (for that “pit stop”); the beginning water stops are farther apart than we are accustomed to.

Blue Group:
by Pam Iwata

We had a great 12 miler, it always feels so good to see the finish line, and I especially look forward to the great snacks provided for us by generous people. Next week the bus run, come early and bring your two dollars. The blue group was a little on the small side this week, I suspect we are loosing people to the white group which seems to have grown very large. One last word of advise drink, drink, drink, and I do mean water, try to get your miles in as we are now running longer and longer, every little extra mile helps. I believe it should be 30 miles per week, which includes your Sunday run.

Beginner’s Bits:
by Rosemary Kyte

The ABs paced by Steve took on 12 miles; the rest of the groups are doing 10 miles in July, with a weekly goal of 30 total miles. The weather was notably cooler this Sunday, a bit of overcast making all difference. Next week is the bus run; the Beginners’ groups can plan on the “about 10” mile route (9.5) – straight back from the beach park at Hawaii Kai. Rosemary Kyte will submit a “foreign correspondent” report next week from the Big Island Volcano run; and will rejoin the clinic August 3rd.

Welcome to Gabriele joining Jo’s walkers for the first time this week. It is never too late to join the clinic. Our primary purpose is to teach the benefits of endurance training; we’ll find a distance and pace to fit with whatever level our newcomers are ready for. All are welcome any time.

The Honolulu Marathon Clinic bids a fond aloha to Steve and Joanne Sweet who are departing to upstate New York; but promise to return for the Honolulu Marathon. Even with Joanne sidelined by an injury last year, they both continued to show up and support the clinic.
Best of luck to you both until we meet again – a hui hou!

From Norm:
Steve [Zane] and Norm
took a small gang out for the “long” 10 miler – taking in 18th avenue and the residential area off Kal Hwy. We were grateful for the cloud cover and cooling breezes that actually made the run quite pleasant (for July).

A friend of mine who was manning the Tinman waterstop at Triangle Park approached me and advised me that one of our runners made himself at home with their cups of water and got disagreeable when advised that the water tables were for the Tinman participants. Please advise our people that we don’t have any special prerogatives with other people’s water stops and that we should only help ourselves when invited.

Good luck to you and the rest of the Volcano participants. Here’s hoping for some good breezes that blow in the right direction.


Running Keeps You Young!
My wife, Fiona, a runner and a clinic staff member, is past the age of 21 (by a “few years”). She was surprised and pleasantly amused as a waitress asked her to present her I.D. when she ordered an Irish coffee at a restaurant the other day.

Thoroughbreds continued:
We would like to welcome staff leader, Marilyn Nagel into the clinic’s “thoroughbred stable”. Great going, Marilyn!!

A Dr. Scaff quote, “when you are over the hill, you get faster”.

Have a fantastic week and see you on the buses on Sunday!