Blair’s Weekly Update 07-13-08

Doc’s Talk:

Dr. Scaff spoke about running in heat and also explained as to why the clinic is always on Sundays at 7:30 a.m. Many runners have commented that the clinic should start earlier due to the heat. The clinic has been ongoing for the past 35 years and many “formulas” were tried. To date, the 7:30 a.m. time seems most suitable for the majority of runners. So, till further notice…

Bus Run 2:
Our second Bus Run is scheduled for July 27th; we would like to ask all participants to sign up on the sheet next Sunday so we can get a “runner count” to figure out the number of buses needed. Cost is $2. Many will again be dropped off at Mauna Lua Bay (by Roy’s restaurant) and do the loop (approx. 11 miles) or head back from the bay to Kapiolani Park (approx. 9 miles). More advanced runners will be dropped off at the traffic signal past Sandy Beach, and forge back to the park via Hawaii Kai and Kalanianaole Hwy (approx. 13 miles). Please check with your group leaders as to your route. We will be boarding the buses promptly at 7:30 a.m.

The Tinman is scheduled for this Sunday so please be aware that parking might prove difficult and plan accordingly.

Table Duty:
Our Boston marathon medalist, Kozo Yamagishi provided the members with watermelon, bananas, oranges, pretzels, donuts, oatmeal crumbles, as well as Gatorade, sodas and iced water. Thank you for your generosity, Kozo!

Our very modest Kozo, at one time, was in charge of the Ala Moana Shopping Center for the Japanese company that owned it. He is now happily retired.

Group Reports:

by Les Young
The Advance Group started with eight runners strong. We welcomed back Joe and Kozo. Kozo had table duty and is still recovering from his Achilles injury. Joe is still recovering from his trip to the Philippines. He turned at the 8 mile turn around with Jacqui, Jana and Mark. Jana is experiencing knee pains and Mark pulled his hamstring. They were listening to their body and backing off till it heals. The rest of the group went on the twelve mile turn around where Bruce left us. Tim, Christina, and I continued to the 14 mile turn around. We were going out at a 8:40-8:35/mile pace. We came back at an average 8:30/mile pace despite the heat and humidity. Carb, sodium/potassium, and water intake was a must. Christina ran very strong and even forced me to race to the finish!! She has no mercy for senior citizens. You have to ask her who won.

Red Group;
We wish Jeff Beard all the best in his San Francisco Marathon quest!

Pink Group:
The Pinks did
a 14 miler and everyone finished in good form to partake in Kozo’s offerings.

White Group:
by Sam Usman

What a beautiful day; my old friends Karen and Michael joined us today. They helped lead the group which had great energy! We started with 33 but due to early departures, this number became 24 in the end. Blair, Michael, and Jennifer returned after the Kahala Gas station. I was really surprised, today as nobody passed me. We now seem to be in ‘tune” or people are afraid of me. We took the long loop – ran back through Kahala Ave, to Paki via the back roads. Kozo, the Boston Marathon man (of course, I trained him) took care in preparing a wonderful layout of refreshment – all kinds of fruits, nuts, pretzels, etc. were laid out on the table upon our return. Kozo forget Boston, let’s start a catering business together! Life is good!

Blue Group:
By Pam Iwata

Nineteen of us made our second run of twelve miles, surprisingly, there were a few nice trade winds, the rest of the time it was just plain hot. Andy spoke to us about the up and coming bus run in two weeks, remember to come early and bring your two dollar donation. There will be three buses. I overheard some of our group appreciating the pace that Andy sets for us. It is getting very hot out there so please drink lots of water. Next week Doc will be talking on nutrition should be interesting. See you all on Sunday.

Beginner’s Bits:
By Rosemary Kyte and Norm Uyeda

Welcome to Mr. Kotaro Iwata to the Beginners group. Mr. Iwata is our internet / email student who is training in Japan under the Honolulu Marathon Clinic. He currently lives in Osaka, Japan and will be sending in weekly updates to Norm via email.

Steve Sweet led the ABs (advanced beginners) over the 12-mile course; holding to about a 12.5 minute mile until the return at Triangle Park; where all runners were welcome to finish the last two miles (including back up over Diamond Head) just as fast as their talk-test would take them. The rest of the groups (Norm and Steve Zane; Rosemary; Jo; Libby Lew and Luanne) went out on their first 10-miler. First, that is, for those who passed on the holiday run last Sunday? With the hot weather and longer distances, all the rules are coming into play: lots of water, never faster than talk test, and an even slower pace for the first couple of miles or so, since our point of collapse is probably right around 8 or 9 miles. The plan for the month of July is 30-mile weeks – 10 on Sunday and another 20 miles for mid-week homework in any combination of training sessions that follows the rules. The rules are (1) 1-hour minimum duration training session and (2) a full day of rest after each training day. See you at the water stops.


“Thoroughbred” runners:
Doug Kamiya, Ron Kaneta, Cal, Norm Kawamoto, Sam Usman, Kozo Yamagishi – these names come to mind when thinking about the very best in runners. These runners attend, help and run with the clinic every Sunday and in spite of minor setbacks and constraints (injury, business success, etc.), they keep running. They provide encouragement for many and are role models for us. Aside from their diligence with the clinic and running, they have one more thing in common – all of them have lived on this planet for over six decades! (If I didn’t know them better, I would have guessed that they were much younger.) Runners get better with age!

*I know I missed many more of you age 60+ runners and it’s probably because you all look and act much younger than your age. Send me an email if you are a “thoroughbred” runner like the runners mentioned.

Have a great week and don’t forget to sign up for the bus run.