Blair’s Weekly Update 06-29-08

Doc’s Talk:
A huge group of members gathered this morning and heard Dr. Scaff talk about body odor and types of sweat. He mentioned that there are two types of sweat – regular cooling sweat from all over the body and “nervous” sweat from glands on parts of the body where there is generally hair. The latter tends to be oily and contains proteins so it actually smells right away. Doc thinks this is an ancient pheromone function for humans. The other kind of sweat being generally just slightly salty water doesn’t smell until bacteria set in and start their life processes. If there is dehydration, however, a runner’s sweat may smell a little of ammonia because the sweat glands can act rather like the kidneys in filtering. The solution? Drink plenty of water, wash with antibacterial soap, and use chalk to soak up the oily deposits of sweaty clothes!
Reported by Rosie Adam-Terem

Thanks everyone for your patience with the new delivery system for our updates. Based on everyone’s feedback, the updates seem to be delivered as usual. Webmaster Bob is still working out more details for the updates so please stay tuned.

Next Sunday:
There is no official clinic but many of the groups will be meeting “unofficially”; please check the Group Reports to see when your particular group will be meeting.

Table Duty:
Thanks Steve for providing us with much needed drink and food on our return. It was HOT today and your “oasis” was very much welcome and needed! Much mahalos!

Group Reports:

The Advanced Group did a 14 miler to the second park at an average 8:30/mile pace. The group ran at a 8:40 – 8:45 pace but the group seems more comfortable running at a faster pace. The group can handle Kahala and “Heartbreak Hill” running a negative split. They handled the heat and humidity really well with proper hydration and carb/sodium replacement. We had a guest runner from New Zealand and she called herself Fernie. She is 58 years old and ran her last marathon in 3:20. In her hey day she went sub 3!! Life does get better after 50 after all!!

by Jeff Beard
Aloha Blair – I did my 20 on Sunday, and am I glad that’s over! Just a note for the update letter – I’ll be at the park on the 6th, at 6:30 a.m. (I know there will be others) – come down and join us & keep us company.

FYI – Jeff is training for the San Francisco Marathon in July.

by Rosie Adam-Terem
The Pinks were a group of 13 today, led by Jeff, Jewels and Rosie, trailing a smaller group of Reds out to Wailupe. We decided to run round the loop there to vary our route and do some of Dr. Scaff’s “running the unknown.” By the time we got to the finish line where some of the Pinks threw themselves into the welcoming ocean, it made almost 13 miles – a good preparation for next month’s 14-milers on Sundays. The hot conditions made some runners feel very tired today, reminding us of the importance of hydration throughout the week, not just on our runs. At these new longer distances, we recommend that people bring along some Gatorade or equivalent and a salty snack to keep going. Eating a light carbo breakfast also helps with endurance. Pacing matters too: we will try to go out more slowly than we want so we can come back comfortably, and perhaps faster (the negative split).A reminder that next week when there is no formal clinic, the Pinks will meet at the usual place but at 6.00 a.m. to take advantage of the cooler conditions for our first 14 mile run. For those who can stay, bring some snacks for after the run and maybe we’ll have a little picnic down at the beach to celebrate July 4th together.

by Blair Hoashi

Hot Day!!!
A very large group (over 40 runners), started with General Sam and commanders Alberto, Dwight, Nelson, and myself. There were a few runners from the faster groups who decided to join us today; they were getting over injuries. It was HOT this morning!!! The group managed a 12.3 miler, which included Kahala Ave., and it was HOT!!! We expended roughly 1,584 calories! On our return, many in the group (including myself) did a bit of walking through Kahala Ave. and also when climbing Diamond Head. Did I mention that it was HOT?? General Sam made sure that we had ample rest times at water stops, slowed down our pace when needed and even directed the group to do a bit of walking along the way. Our group finished “safe and sound” (no one collapsed of heat stroke or dehydration). And, yes, it was HOT!!

General Sam mentioned that our group will meet at 6:30 a.m. at the clinic meeting place and do a 12 miler. The following week will start our 14 mile treks. “Homework” is very important; lack of it will show up on our return trip from the longer distances.

By Pam Iwata
We started out with 26 bodies; towards the end we became fragmented. I saw new bodies and missed a few old ones. Andy reminded us to meet at the park next Sunday at 7 a.m., please do not be late. Once again we wondered if it could get any hotter. See you next Sunday. On Jun 24, 2008, at 6:55 a.m.

Beginner’s Bits:
By Rosemary Kyte and Norm Uyeda

Beginners 2:
We did our usual 8 miles for June and are looking forward to the telephone booth turnaround to begin the Kalanianaole Highway portion of our training. Kalanianaole Highway marks the start of the “real” training, as the 10 mile point is where the importance of doing your weekday training homework really begins to sink in. More importantly, the group has decided to shed the name of “beginner’s intermediate” or “beginner’s 2” group and is pursuing a more colorful and/or descriptive name for the group. Suggestions are welcome and should be politically correct in order to conform to the high standards of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic. All ideas – amusing, offensive or otherwise, should be sent in to Norm at Norm will also be at the Park this Sunday – 7:30 a.m.

With Steve on table duty, Don paced the advanced beginners to their last 10 miler; they’ll be going up to 12-miles in July. They were joined by Lindsey, a Hibiscus half-marathon veteran who kept up easily. The rest of the beginner groups took the 8-mile route. Norm Uyeda and Stephen Zane were out front, passing by Rosemary‘s group on their return route to the bathroom stop at Kahala Park. Jo’s walkers carrying their own water were next in line, drinking on the go and spending next to no time at the water stops. Rosemary had Marilyn’s group with her today, and kept the pace easy to handle the noticeably hotter weather. Rosemary’s group was joined by two newcomers: Michelle and her friend Derrick who come through the 8-miles just fine, despite finding the 2.5 hours little longer than they were used to. Rosemary will be at the park on the holiday Sunday (July 6) at the usual time – 7:30 a.m. – for our first ten-mile run. Mid-week homework for the coming week is the June program (24-miles total for the week). Starting Sunday 6 July, the program is 30-mile weeks. Happy Independence Day to all.


Volcano Run
Could you put out a general question to Clinic members about the Big Island Volcano Runs in July? I know some people are going, and it would be fun to meet up before or after the run and get some pictures of our members with their trusty HMC shirts. I am signed up, and I believe that Ro is too. From our Pink group, Brenda told me she would be running the 10 miler.
Rosie Adam-Terem.

Trip to Japan
We welcome Roger Kobayashi and Norm Uyeda back from Japan where they were guests of our sister club, the Tokushima University Marathon Clinic. Please talk with them so they can share their experiences.

Can you speak Uyghur?
If you do, the U.H. Political Science Department needs you.
(A community service announcement.)

Keep cool; have a great week!! Have a great July Fourth!