Blair’s Weekly Update 06-22-08

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Doc’s Talk:
Everyone gathered early to hear Doc speak to us about muscles in our legs and how running affects it.

First Bus Run:
We counted approximately 190 members and guests filling up 4 buses. Almost everyone got dropped off at Mauna Lua Beach park and made their way back using different routes. Thank you members for donating more than the $2 fare. We welcomed two visitors from the San Francisco Marathon Clinic who joined us. Thank you everyone for showing up on time! Please read our updates to find out about our next bus run; some of us will get dropped off at Sandy Beach and run back through HI Kai-approximately 14 miles. A third bus run will be scheduled in the latter part of the year and some of us will be running back from Makapuu Point. Stay tuned.

Group Reports:

by Jeff Beard
The Red Group went through Hawaii Kai back to the park for 11+ miles on Sunday. We were a small group (we’ve lost people to the Advanced Group, & some of our regulars didn’t make it). Rachael, Denise, a visitor from San Francisco, and I enjoyed a 9:30 pace, helped by the nice cooling breezes. It was nice to see so many people back at the park – I’m used to seeing nobody! Next week, I’ll be doing my 20 miler in preparation for San Francisco in August so will be starting at 6:30 or earlier; trying to avoid as much heat as possible.

by Rosie Adam-Terem
A group of about 14 of us went counterclockwise round the loop in Hawaii Kai and ran at a nice pace back to the barn as Dr. Scaff puts it. We all see the psychological benefit of having run the end over and over, and now adding the elusive Hawaii Kai stretch makes it more imaginable for those of us running the Honolulu Marathon for the first time. Our pace was a little faster than our intended 10 minute mile. We will take care to slow this down as our distances increase on Sundays. Next Sunday is still a 12-miler for the Pinks. On the July 4th weekend, we agree that we will meet early (6 a.m.) and run 14 miles (out to the second beach park). Congratulations to all the HMC runners who completed the Hibiscus Half Marathon. Red group’s Rosy Spraker was speedy at 1 hour 47 minutes and 45 seconds, with Carl Tanaka not far behind at 1.55.20. For the Pinks, James Tamai came in at 1.56.38 ; Jeff Oh piped the post at 1.59.06 , while Michael Chung, our youngest runner, did an exact 2.00.00. The rest of us ran in the 2.02 to 2.19 range and everyone fulfilled the three goals: Finish, have fun, and don’t hurt.

by Blair Hoashi

“General” Sam, Dwight, Ivie, Nelson, Sal and Rachun paced approximately 38 members through 11.28 mile “bus run” course. The course included the Hawaii Kai Dr. Loop, the Waialae Golf course neighborhood side streets, and Kahala Ave. Our pacing was consistent as everyone finished in about 2.5 hours (give or take a few water stop breaks). Total calories expended – approximately 1438 calories. General Sam introduced us to “yoga running” again this year – meditative running while breathing through one’s nose and focusing on one’s breathing. Silence was maintained during this time for about a mile and a half but an oncoming car forced us to break our “vow of silence”. Someone shrieked, “car coming”, and everyone scrambled to the side of the road. Alas, the “golden silence” was no more.

Congratulations on a very successful bus run! We will continue our 12 mile runs for the remainder of the month. I’ll bet that many of the members could not envision doing a 12 miler with relative ease at the beginning of the clinic. Dr. Scaff’s methods work!

by Pam Iwata
Felt like a kid again on a school bus outing. It was nice to see new scenery. Twenty of us left Hawaii Kai for the 10.2 miles back. Andy explained the Summer Solstice to us, so we found out what was making us feel hot and tired. I don’t know about the rest of you but I felt like jumping into the ocean afterwards and cooling off. We all did a great job of running single file in the appropriate places and extremely courteous for others on the road, thank you from all the staff See you next Sunday -same time same place

Beginner’s Bits:

Ro and Marilyn’s, ran a 9-mile route – back to Kapiolani Park from Hawaii Kai – using the Marathon route most of the way, except for staying one block up from Kahala Ave and going by way of Farmer’s to enjoy the water stop under the Monkey Pod tree. There we met a group of a dozen or so dogs (and their owners) enjoying the park and “dog Church”; what looked to me like a doggy play date. For many of our first-year trainers, this 9-mile was the longest they had every gone at one time, a landmark to be proud of. We took our time at the water stops, and walked occasionally, so that walkers Roger and Jo finished 10-15 minutes ahead of us. The plan for mid-week training is another 15 miles (total of 24 miles for the week), remembering the two rules: (1) minimum one hour each training session and (2) a day off from training after each training day. Any non-running activity is allowed on non-training days, such as swimming or bicycling or tennis or … whatevah. Enjoy and we’ll see you next Sunday.


Cliff and Norm led the some of the beginner’s group back to the park from Hawaii Kai at a leisurely 14 minute pace, stopping now and then to point out the landmarks that the runners can use to orient themselves on Marathon morning. At ARCO, Cliff led some of the gang straight back to Kapiolani Park, while Norm led the rest back via Kealaolu and Kahala Ave, especially pointing out the four straight sections of Kahala Avenue that help to keep track of your position on that seemingly endless road. Denise and Tom Collier of the San Francisco marathon clinic paid the Honolulu Marathon Clinic a visit and ran with Jeff and Les. They also met Doc Scaff and took some pictures with him and some of the other runners. Roger Kobayashi and I took them to eat some Waiola Shave Ice and share some stories with them after the run.


Like an old car:
I have been a part of the clinic for over 10 years and almost every year I seem to incur some minor injuries (usually due to overtraining or trying to run too fast too quickly). When I first started, I remember multitudes of problems with my knees; you name it, I had it. Next, it was my calves; recently, I suffered foot pain in my Achilles; this year, it is a whole new area – I literally have a pain in my okole. I seem to have pulled or strained a muscle in or near my “maximized glutes”; it does not prevent me from running but causes much discomfort. Perhaps too much sitting and not enough running! I’ll check with Doc for some ideas. “Tune up and oil change” coming up!

Have a great week and see you at the water stops,