Blair’s Weekly Update 06-15-08

Happy Father’s Day!

Apologies – new system!
As we had mentioned, we have changed our email delivery system. Your newsletter is being emailed via the Honolulu Marathon Clinic web site. Please let us know if any of your running mates are not receiving their newsletters, or if your newsletter has any other glitches or errors. To report problems, please send an email to:

Bus Run – we meet at 7:20 am this coming Sunday.
Due to the Bus Run, we will be meeting ten minutes earlier; Doc will give a short talk then we will be boarding the buses. Cost of the bus ride is $2. We leave as soon as everyone is boarded and do not wait for “stragglers”; so, please be there ON TIME.

Table Duty:
Thanks Tim for all of the goodies and drinks! In spite of some obstacles, the table seemed to be “as usual”. Great job, Tim!! A pedometer was found and if you think it is yours, please see Tim or the table duty person next week.

Group Reports:

by Les Young

The Advance Group was sparse today due to the 1/2 marathon race, Father’s Day, injury, and table duty. We did have a new runner that joined us on our 14 mile run. He did well as long as he kept his pace. We did a 9:00-8:40 pace. I spoke about taking salt tablets in the last report. I was informed that the Marathon Clinic does not routinely advocate the taking of salt tablets as a supplement. As I mentioned, everyone is different and must learn to deal with sweat management in their own way. Peter once mentioned that horses sweat, men perspire, and women glisten. I must be part horse cuz I SWEAT!! If you may have noticed, I come back soaking wet after my run. I was introduced to a salt replacement by a runner I trained with 3 marathons back. He bought it at a running store for $16.00/bottle. It worked well for me, but I found the bottle of salt tablets you buy at Longs for $4.00 worked just as well for me. If you feel you need a salt supplement, consult your doctor or Doctor Scaff first.

Reds and Pinks:
Most of the Red and Pink Group participated in the Hibsicus Half Marathon.

General Sam led a smaller than usual group to the first beach park and back – 12 miles. We saw many of our colleagues on their return in their half marathon run. All of them looked in good spirits and good form. Congratulations to all participants – I guess all the training with Sam and the group is helping to build up endurance and confidence!

By Pam Iwata

21 runners joined Andy on today’s run; we lost some of our group doing the Hibiscus Run. We met Ron as we started up Diamond Head on his way back from the Hibiscus Run, great timing. Andy spoke about Father’s day and how it originated. On a more personal note my son-in-law Dr. Jeff Maharaja got himself a fabulous Father’s Day gift he caught a 750lb marlin and won the Waianae Fathers day fishing contest we were all happy for him. Next week is the bus run, please be at the park no later than 7:l5 am and bring $2 donation. See you there.

Beginner’s Bits:
by Rosemary Kyte
Don and Steve
took their advanced beginners over the ten-mile route at a fast pace (averaging a 12-minute mile), showing how the runners have progressed with their training since March. They continued their habit going all the way to the Marathon finish; which today was hosting the The 2nd annual Hibiscus Half Marathon, a benefit for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Event volunteers were packing up extra snacks and generously shared some chips and cookies with our runners. You can always count on hungry runners to do their part with food clean up. Norm, Rosemary, Cliff, Marilyn, Jo and Luanne took their 8-mile groups on their usual routes and pace; all seemed to have about 25% fewer participants, many of those we saw out on the half-marathon course. The plan of June is 24-mile weeks (includes the 8-miles on Sunday). We’ll see you early next Sunday – arrive at 7:20 am for Dr. Jack’s talk; and 7:30 am bus run. We’ll be doing an 8.5 mile route on the bus run.


Reporting for the Advertiser?
The Advertiser’s Web site is going to be putting together a site for runners and the sports editor, Curtis Murayama, is looking for folks who are interested in participating. . .

Basically, Curtis is:
-Looking for runners …
-Looking for friends of runners …
-Looking for runners who want to network …
-Looking for runners who want to use our Web site as a means of doing this …

There will be a meeting 6/19 on (5:30-7 p.m.) in the first floor conference room at The Honolulu Advertiser, 605 Kapiolani Boulevard.

Please contact Curtis Murayama directly at 525-8017 or if you would like to attend.

Have a great weeek and see you on the bus next Sunday!