Blair’s Weekly Update 06-08-08

Apologies – A New System:
Due to a problem with my Yahoo mail service, we are enlisting the expertise of Webmaster Bob to deliver the weekly updates. Apologies for the change but as experienced last week, our current system seems to be in need of an upgrade. Now, you will be getting the updates through a much more sophisticated system created just for the HMC by Bob Lew. Thanks to Bob and wife Libby for helping us on this matter.

Doc’s Talk:
Doc was out of town so Peter spoke to us about “housekeeping” items and about upcoming events and sent us on our way. The crowd of runners numbered over 200 this morning.

This week’s Generous Table Duty Volunteers – Bill and Jewels:
We thank Bill and Jewels for the smorgasbord of drinks and goodies at the table after we had finished our runs. You spoiled us with fresh bananas, oranges and other assorted goodies. Thank you also for donating the two 8 gallon water coolers. I am sure that future table duty volunteers will benefit by your idea of making Gatorade or a drink and water by just getting the mix and ice. Staffers do not need to port over cases of cans/bottles of juice, soda or water. Thanks again Bill and Jewels, for the great idea and the nice donation of the coolers to the clinic. By the way, Bill, Happy Birthday!!

Group Reports:

By Les Young
The Advance Group did their first 14-mile run at a 8:40-8:45/mile pace. We went over keeping your running form with the goal of running efficient and relaxed. Today was perfect running weather but the real heat of summer will soon be upon us so we went over sweat management to include water intake and sodium replacement. Everyone is different so you just have to experiment with how much salt you need to replace depending on how much you sweat. I take at least 1 salt tablet when I do a 14 miler. This is in addition to what comes in the gel packs I take every 4 miles. Some of the symptoms of losing too much salt are dizziness, nausea, seeing spots, and cramping. Golden Rule – never pass up water. However, if you lose too much salt you will experience that sloshing feeling in your stomach because the water will not absorb into your system. It’s only going to get hotter!!

By Jeff Beard

The Red group went out Sunday with about 7-8 people – but we lost 2 to the Advanced Group. I guess that’s fair, since we’re trying to steal from the Pink Group! We all went out to the first beach park – the rest of the group turned around to do a 12 miler, while I headed out to Hawaii Kai for 18 – and I shouldn’t have. My ankle had been a little sore all week, and I was feeling a little slow, anyway – I considered turning around & coming back with the Red group, but I thought, “No, I’m doing a marathon in less than 2 months, I really “ought” to do 18″. Well, after about 10 miles, my ankle started hurting enough that I just stopped running. The pain wasn’t serious, but I’ve learned to stop at a low level, before it gets worse! In the next 3-1/2 miles, I tried running a few times, and probably never got more than a 1/4 mile before I had to stop again, so, I just walked. Sal finally spotted me walking up Kahala Ave., and gave me a ride back to the park. Lesson learned: If you don’t really feel up to a certain pace or distance, DON’T DO IT! It’s likely you WILL pay.

The Group did a 12 miler and most are gearing up for the Hibiscus Half Marathon scheduled this Sunday.

by Blair Hoashi

It’s official, Sam has been “promoted” to “General“; we had a group of almost 40 runners again and General Sam led us expertly through neighborhood and highway traffic (always in single file, especially on Kalanianaole Hwy.), heat and humidity, and added mileage. Our first 12-miler went very smoothly thanks to the leadership of our General. But, of course no General does it alone – staff leaders, Alberto, Sal (you look good in the shirt), Ivie, Dwight, and Nelson, did a great job in keeping everyone on track and in good spirits. “Seasoned runners” like Maurice, Dr. Rob, Donna, Dr. Dennis, Gerald, Laura, Joy, and Roeland (and baby, Tian) also helped to keep the group organized. I overheard a newer member saying, “it’s so much fun running with this group”! Welcome to “newbies” Dave, who is in the Air force and his wife, Stacy, who is in the Army? (I guess love will find a way!)

We will continue our 12-mile runs throughout June. Now, our weekday runs should include an additional day. Yep, three one hour runs during the week and the long Sunday run. Please try and keep up with your homework! Your efforts will be well rewarded as we go longer.

By Pam Iwata

It was definitely a hot one today. The Hawaiian Gods were good to us with shade and trade winds. Andy gave us a short Hawaiian history lesson at Triangle Park. There were 24 of us running today, I would like to say our single-file around Diamond Head was very impressive. Ron is going to run the Hibiscus half marathon this weekend, anyone else thinking of doing it – look for Ron. Same time, same place next Sunday

Beginners’ Bits:
By Rosemary Kyte and Norm Uyeda
Steve and Don
(Advanced Beginners) covered the ten-mile route at pace topping a 13-minute mile at times, showing the progress of their training. Rosemary and Cliff paced the group behind Norm, followed closely by Marilyn’s group, out on the 8-mile course, including the park off Pueo on the way to the Arco (gas station on Kilauea). The midweek homework for the month of June is 16 miles. Tell your friends it is never too late in the year to join the clinic.

Norm’s Report:
Stephen and I
took the Beginner’s 2 group out to Arco and back at about a 14 minute pace. The day started off rather humid, but the winds picked up later and made the run much more pleasant. Ruth got back from her trip to South America and was sharing her adventures in Machu Pichu. We will probably start taking the “long cut” (versus the short cut) to Arco next week in preparation for our next mileage increment in July.


Bus Run, June 22nd:
Please sign in on the sign up sheet so we know how many buses to order; the list is already up to 220 runners. We will be bused to various drop-off points, then run back to our clinic meeting stop. Most of us will be dropped off at Maunalua Bay in HI Kai, across from Roy’s restaurant and run back – roughly 8 miles; many Advanced and Intermediate runners will be adding the Hi Kai drive loop to make it roughly 10 miles. We will be running back on the actual marathon route so for first timers, this is a great opportunity to get a “feel” for the “second half” of the marathon. The bus run is not just “educational” but it is fun! It’ll be great to ride in a school bus with all your “classmates” for an excursion! Please sign up ASAP!

Paul, Tracy and Cindy:
In a recent front-page article in the Advertiser, one of our favorite Intermediate runners and his family were prominently featured. Paul Ta, who has been training with the clinic for the past three years and his wife, Tracy happened to raise a daughter, Cindy, who will be attending Harvard Medical School this fall! The article mentions the family’s very humble beginnings – Paul and family emigrated from Viet Nam, settled in government housing in Palolo, and worked hard to raise a family with three children. Paul and Tracy now operate one of the best barbershops in town –Paul’s Barbershop, located on the slopes of Diamond Head, on Monserrat Ave. By the way, Paul has “trimmed” his Honolulu Marathon finishing times by over 30 minutes each time he has run it! His potential is yet to be reached! Congratulations! Also, Happy Birthday Paul!!

Have a great week and see you at the water stops!