Blair’s Weekly Update 06-01-08

Doc’s Talk:
Doc spoke to us about the cause and remedy of side stitches. He also talked about shin splints.

Disclaimer:  Dr. Scaff and the Honolulu Marathon Clinic do not give out medical advice.

Table Duty: 
Thanks to the dynamic husband and wife duo of Muriel Taira and Bert Lau for providing the refreshments and food after our very tough runs. The sodas and vitamin water were exactly what we needed. Thanks also for all of the “behind the scenes” assistance that both of you do on behalf of the clinic – your legal expertise and your overall support of the clinic is greatly appreciated.

Group Reports:
by Jeff Beard
The Red Group went out with about a ? Dozen people on Sunday. Most went out to the first beach park for a 12-mile run, pushing a good 9:00 – 9:15 per mile pace. We almost kept up with Les & the Advanced Group! I went on to Hawaii Kai for the first of my 18 milers. It was actually pretty warm and humid, but a good breeze made it much more bearable. Be aware that when it’s windy, your sweat evaporates much more quickly, and you don’t feel quite as “soaked” all over – you still need to hydrate and take in supplements

by Bill, Jewels and Jeff
The Pinks headed out to the first park at Wailupe, a distance of 12 miles in about 2 hours with water stops. We had 12 in the group, and several mentioned this was the furthest they have ever run in their life. Congratulations! No one struggled, and everyone was strong to the finish. We welcomed the tradewinds back, which made things feel slightly cooler. We reminded everyone to carry a gel, a powerbar, a bottle of water/sports drink, or a couple of green bills to refuel.

by Blair Hoashi
The women of the military were well represented today as Mara, Ana, Nichelle, Faye, Jen, Claudia and others joined our group. “Commander” Sam led a charge of 40+ runners through Kahala Ave. on our way back during a 10.5-mile run. Sam, Horatio Ivie, and Nelson commandeered the very large group and kept everyone on track on a very tough run. “Kahala Avenue is our friend“, is a “mantra” we should all try to remember as we run through it. Thanks to member Adonia, who came up with this positive saying many years ago when she was training for her first marathon. Thanks also to Ryan for giving us a head count every week!  Hope your training with us is helping you in your cross-country endeavors at Maryknoll.

We are making an adjustment in our training schedule and will start running to the first beach park and back, next Sunday (12 miles). Please keep up with your “homework”; as our distances get longer on Sundays, we will need a solid base to build on. Also, the more “nice and easy practice runs”, the less one is prone to injury.

Donna, hope you are ok; Dr. Rob, please take good care her.

by Pam Iwata
32 Runners with a couple being new were welcomed to our group. Thank you Andy for calling the Board of Water Supply and getting the water station fixed at Kaimuki Intermediate School; we all appreciated your doing this. Andy spoke about where we will all meet the day of the marathon – it will be at the Ala Moana Hotel in the Lobby at 4am. We then walk over to the comfort station and wait until everyone arrives. We will watch the elite runners take off, it takes about 10 min., and then we will fall into position and start slowly running. Andy also mentioned that pacing yourself accordingly is very important so that when you get to the 18th mile you will be in good shape also you can pass all your friends. See you all next Sunday!

Beginner’s Bits:
by Rosemary Kyte

PTA Graduation – 1 June.
Today was graduation day from the PTA (pain- torture-agony) for those of us who were straight up off of the couch back on day one of the Honolulu Marathon Clinic this year. Those who joined us later in the year are working their own schedule through the first 12-weeks (PTA) of beginning endurance training. Six weeks to make a habit, eight weeks to set a level of training (point of collapse), and 12-weeks to work through the pain and fatigue of muscles we haven’t used in awhile (or ever!). You need never go back to the PTA so long as you sustain a weekly minimum endurance training plan of 1-hour (continuous), 3 times a week. Training more than 3 hours, burning 2200-3300 calories per week, has been linked to an at least 30% reduction in the frequency of dozens of conditions, from Alzheimer to stroke to varicose veins.

Plan for June. Our plan for June puts us into the beneficial 2200-3300 calorie range. Our weekly goal is 24 miles and we all burn about 100 calories a mile. The advanced beginners (AVs  Steve Sweet and Don) are running a 10-mile Sunday, the rest of us are at 8- miles. All groups have mid-week homework of 16 miles, following the rules of 1-hour minimum training session and a day off after each training day.

Today’s Clinic. Today our groups enjoyed the return of the trades, the cool breeze helped with the hot sun. Steve and Don paced the AVs  on a 10-mile course. Norm Uyeda and Steve Zane took the first group of 8-milers out to the Kahala Mall gas station; followed by Rosemary Kyte’s group. Jo Malmstrom-Okita and Cliff Hand were on the course guiding the non-stop walkers who stayed out ahead of Rosemary’s group most of the day. In addition, Luanne’s group was right behind, finishing up just after 1100 am. Enjoy the mid-week homework – remember that feeling good is stage 1 of the injury cycle – and we’ll see you next Sunday.

The Walkers:
by Jo Okita
This is the time of year that I love. As a walker, I never expect to take home “the big money” or do a “sub 4” at the marathon. But, the pleasures I get from being out on the road are many, including watching the more advanced groups – you fast guys – having such fun on the return to the park. You help us to have safe and enjoyable Sundays by letting us know that you are intending to pass or are coming up from behind. As you shout, “on your left /right “, we give you as much room as we can. See you on the road.

June 22 – First Bus Run:
Please sign up on the bulletin board; we need to get a “runner count” to determine the number of buses needed. Cost – $2.

Rambo or Don Knotts? 
I packed several pieces of running clothes in anticipation of having some good “tough” runs during my recent trip to San Francisco. I envisioned running/walking straight up to Nob Hill on my way back from Fisherman’s Wharf. I’ll get up early, I thought, and run from my Union Square hotel to the Wharf via the Embarcadero and back. A nice, brisk early morning run should be good for the mind and body, I figured. When I woke up to 40-degree weather with windy conditions, Rambo turned into Don Knotts (an actor who played wimpy roles in the 70’s); my body refused to un-cuddle from my comforter and leave my super duper plush pillow top mattressed bed. This went on for three days; I returned home with clean and fresh running clothes and 3 lbs. heavier.

We welcome 10 new members to our 500+ list! Please fell free to comment or ask any questions that you may have. Also, if you would like to be taken off the list, please let me know.

See you next Sunday!