Blair’s Weekly Update 05-18-08

Doc’s Talk:
Dr. Scaff’s
topic today was on weight loss/gain and how it affected one’s running. He also spoke to the group about proper falling technique. The fall was demonstrated excellently again by “sometime stuntman” and full time handyperson and staff leader, Alberto. Thank you Alberto for risking your body again, another year.

**A disclaimer – Dr. Scaff and the Honolulu Marathon Clinic do not dispense any medical advice. Please consult your own physician for advice or treatment.

Chun’s Table:
Thanks to the husband and wife team of Stanley and Mari Chun for taking care of table duty and providing much needed refreshment after our tough run. The weather was hot!! Afternoon temperatures were around 96 degrees (a reading from my car thermometer in downtown Honolulu around 1 p.m.) so one might imagine the late morning temps were very stifling as well. Again, thank you for the food and sodas.

The Group Reports:

by Les Young

The Advance Group had some newcomers today. The question at the start is always “How far are we going today?” I responded by saying that you run only as far as the miles you “own”. My definition of “own” is the miles you can run at your pace and not leave you totally exhausted at the end of the run. You should be feeling strong enough to do the same distance and again, but not necessarily at the same pace, just cover the distance. With that said, the runners did 8, 10, and 12 milers at 8:30-9:00/mile pace. You would move up to 10 miles if you “own” 8 and 12 if you “own” 10. Some runners are still running without carrying some form of carb for fuel. I reminded them that they must constantly fuel and not wait until they “run out of gas”. Most of the gels also provide the sodium and potassium replacement needed for hot humid days like today.

by Jeff Beard

The Red Group went out with about a dozen people this Sunday – some regulars and some newcomers. The group went out to the telephone booth and back for a 10 miler – about ? of the group went through “the neighborhood” along Kalanianaole, the rest with me straight down the road. I went out the church for a 16 miler. I hope everyone paid attention to Alberto’s demonstration on how to fall correctly – sooner or later, you WILL trip and fall.

For those of you who weren’t there on Sunday, a group of us will meet on Sunday the 25th (no formal clinic) at 6:30 a.m. – come out and enjoy an early run!

We had a group of about 14 people out to the phone booth and back. We stuck to the highway route, showing the group that section of the race route for the first time. We encountered very few bicyclists, probably due to the Honolulu Triathlon.

Whew, was it hot! We urged everyone to drink a few more sips of water than usual, since we were sweating more than normal. We reminded everyone to carry a few bucks, or a bottle of water/sports drink with them. Additionally some gels, pretzels, or powerbars for fuel as our runs get longer. At triangle park on the return trip, we discussed having shoes and clothing that are broken in by race day. We talked about stretching and cool water (or ice bathing) after the long runs. We made the 10 miles in just about 1:30, so we averaged about 9 minute give or take per mile. We try to run 10 minute miles, but we just wanted to get out of the heat, so we kicked it up a notch.

Thanks to the table duty staff for the great refreshments, it really hit the spot.

With no formal clinic, we will be leaving at 6:30 a.m. this Sunday for those who want a cooler run. Bill, Jewels, Rosie, & Jeff

by Blair Hoashi
Jeff, Tim, Russell, Sara, Malia, and “world traveler” Stacy
were among the 32+ runners who made the 10 mile journey to the telephone booth and back. They were led by “Guru” Sam, “General” Alberto, “Latin Warrior” Horatio, “New York” Sal(w/o his new staff shirt; you are worthy Sal!), “K.P”. Ivie, “Music Man” Nelson and “plain ole” Blair. At our rest stops, topics such as hydration (especially today), “coolmax” tops, shorts and socks, and training mileage schedules were discussed. On the subject of schedules, the group leaders have decided to continue on our 10 mile runs for at least the next three weeks. We will be adding the Kahala Ave. stretch to these runs to make it approx. 10.5 miles. Guru Sam felt that since there are many newcomers to the group, building a good base and foundation was important as we continue on to the longer distances. Everyone agreed that it was an excellent idea!
There is no official clinic this coming Sunday, but the White Group led by Sam, will meet at 6:30 a.m. to start a 10.5 mile run.

By Pam Iwata

We had a slight breeze once we got to the top of Diamond Head but it was a hot one. We started out with 32 runners and ended up with 25, some of us moved on up ahead because as you become more accustomed to the pace you may find that you are more comfortable running with a group that is a little more challenging. Andy mentioned once again about running single file, especially around Diamond Head. Sorry to sound like a broken record but it is very important with a group as large as ours. Ron, our traffic monitor, was good enough to keep me informed about our run as I had to attend my grandson’s first birthday party. I ran early enough to get back in time to listen to Dr. Scaff’s talk about weight and the best way to fall. Next week 7am and I understand it will be a 10 miles. I think we are all up to the new challenge. Good luck, and see you all there ready to go at 7am.

Beginner’s Bits:
by Rosemary Kyte
took a group of about 20 out to 8 miles; the rest of the pace leaders took a shorter (6.3 mile) route. Norm and Stephen Zane (with Pearl’s Garmin) had about 20 in his group as well; followed by smaller groups with Rosemary and Marilyn and Luanne. Self-directed groups of walkers and other pace leaders (Cliff, Libby, and Pearl) all did a good job of keeping in sight of each other; especially on that tricky bit between mile 3 and 4 – where we cut back through the neighborhood to Triangle Park. It seemed hot to me (Rosemary) today – I took extra water at mile 4 (Triangle Park-return), especially since the water pressure at mile 3 (Kilauea Park) was a little low. Plan for the month of May: weekly mileage of 18 miles; however long it takes you and however you can schedule it – so long as you follow the rules. Six miles on Sunday, plus 12 mid-week – minimum one hour each session, and a rest day after each training day.

Memorial Day (Sunday): Be prompt and bring a dry change of clothes. At least one pace leader (Rosemary) will take the group on a 6 mile course to end at the Marathon finish line (Queen Kapiolani statue) and…. right into the water for refreshing cooling off dip.

Memorial Day Weekend:

There is no official clinic meeting this Sunday as it is a three day holiday weekend. But, please check the comments of the group leaders on meeting times if there is one.

First Bus Run: Sunday, June 22
Please sign in on the sign up sheet so we know how many buses to order; the list is already up to 130 runners. We will be bused to various drop off points, then run back to our clinic meeting stop. Most of us will be dropped off at Mauna Lua Bay in HI Kai, across from Roy’s restaurant and run back – roughly 8 miles; many Advanced and Intermediate runners will be adding the Hi Kai drive loop to make it roughly 10 miles. We will be running back on the actual marathon route so for first timers, this is a great opportunity to get a “feel” for the “second half” of the marathon. The bus run is not just “educational” but it is fun! Great to ride in a school bus with all your “classmates” for an excursion! Please sign up ASAP!

“Neh, Fo’ Real?” or,
(Getting to Know Your Staff Leaders!)
*answers at the bottom

1. This staff leader was a jet fighter pilot for his native country – who is he?
2. She was the star point guard for her high school basketball team in Japan – who is she?
3. In his younger days, he was the Hawaii State Runner-up in the Mac Light division of the Hawaii Karting Club (racing go-karts). He also enjoyed collecting 1969 Camaros and previously owned two of these muscle car classics. Who is he?
4. In her senior year in high school she was cast in her school’s musical – a very small, select, ensemble cast, for the show “The Fantastics”. She was cast as the mute. (A tough acting job!) Humm, who could she be?
5. She was cast as a clinical pharmacist (not much of an acting “stretch”) in a Kaiser Permanente commercial for television? Who is she?
6. In his senior year in high school, he was on the varsity water polo team and scored 4 goals in one game! Who could it be?
7. He qualified for the Hawaii State High School Tennis Tournament (eons ago) and was promptly dismissed 6-0, 6-1. Who is it?

*Answers: 1.Sam Usman; 2.Maile Burgey; 3.Norm Uyeda;
4. Rosemary Kyte; 5.Ivie Kumera; 6. Jeff Beard; 7. Blair Hoashi

More staff tidbits upcoming; “fo real”!

We hit the “official” 500th member mark! Thank you members for your nice comments and thank you contributing staff leaders for your informative contributions. Please feel free to comment or ask any questions. Also, if you would like to be taken off the list, please let me know.

See you at the water stops,