Blair’s Weekly Update 05-11-08

Happy Belated Mother’s Day!!

Dr. Scaff spoke about rehabilitating from injury. He recommended rest, then starting back at a very deliberate pace; always at a much slower pace than one’s usual pace (1 to 2 minutes slower per mile).

Table Duty:
Thank you Rachun for taking care of table duty and also for treating us to peanut butter sandwiches, bananas, pretzels, and cold sodas!

Shirt Sales and Staff Shirts:
Thanks to Cliff and Jewels for handling the HMC shirt sales and the distribution of staff shirts. Staff members please see Cliff or Jewels to pick up your new staff shirts.

The Group Reports:

by Les Young

The Advance Group did our usual 12 mile run. We were joined by Joe Wong of the Intermediate Red group. He is training for the Maui Marathon in September. His goal is to finish “Sub4″(under 4 hours). The group gave him a workout by running a 3:30-3:40/mile pace. He learned to “love hills” cuz Maui has a rolling terrain type of course. We talked about carb intake, water intake, sodium intake, sweat management and proper lubrication of places where the “sun don’t shine”. He paid homage to the “Kozo Icon” and pledge to become just like him!!

The Pink Group:
by Rosemary Adam-Terem and Jeff Oh

I think we will soon be the Hot Pinks if today’s nice run was anything to go by. In sunny, breezy conditions we managed our average 10 minute mile pace but often ran faster and had to remind ourselves to slow down. The distance was a little over 10 miles, going through the neighborhood to avoid the noise and pollution of Kalanianaole. Jeff chanted “We love Kahala Avenue” to keep spirits up on that long stretch. Some of the group ran to the marathon finish line and threw themselves into the ocean, starting the cryotherapy that Dr. Scaff talked about today.

From Jeff:
Reminder to those who can, its National Bike to Work week. I made it in to work Monday peddling through traffic for 3 miles. I know that Jewels is an avid biker, commuting daily on her two wheels.

The White Group:
by Blair Hoashi

Approximately 30+ runners started with the group and finished a 10 mile run to the phone booth and back. The pace was approximately 11 min per mile (give or take 30 seconds). Staff leaders Guru Sam, Dwight, Nelson and Blair lead the group through another humid day. We made sure that the group stopped at all of the designated water stops. Some cloud cover helped make our return trip cooler. We will be continuing our 10 mile runs throughout the month of May.

The Blue Group:
by Pam Iwata

Happy Mothers Day to all the mum’s that ran to day, some of us had to hurry back to meet up with our families. There were well over 32 runners in the blue group to day. That is a lot of people by any standard, especially if you are coming in the opposite direction. Once again please try to stay single file all the way around Diamond head.

At Triangle Park, Andy reminded us that there will be no official run on Sunday May 25, for those of you that would like to run that day Andy is volunteering his service. We will meet at the same place, however, the time will be different it will be 7am. Will see you all next Sunday at the normal meeting time 7:30am to listen to Dr Scaff. I hope all of you took the print-out on the Chili Cook-off, sounds like a lot of fun.

Staff Shirts:

The staff shirts seem to be a “hit”. Staff members state that the shirts feel comfortable and look “sharp”! Non staff members mentioned that now, staff members are more easily recognizable. For those who have not done so, please pick up your new staff shirts at the “shirt sale” table.

First Bus Run:
Sign ups for the first Bus Run will be posted this Sunday. Please sign up so we can get a good count to determine the number of buses needed.

“Enjoy the Ride”:
Staff leaders like Rosemary, Norm U., Sam, Luanne, and other “old timers” (like me) are training for our “umpteenth” marathon. For all of us, it is the “process”, the “doing”, the “helping” (with the clinic), that is important and fun, not necessarily our results. So, take it from us “old timers”, have fun and enjoy the ride!

Please feel free to comment or ask any questions.

See you next Sunday!