Blair’s Weekly Update 05-04-08

Dr. Scaff spoke to over 200 runners this morning about post race collapse (it was especially pertinent today with the heat and humidity and a report of runner who suffered from its effects on his return run [see Pink Group’s report]). Proper hydration is very important in this regard. Staff leaders, let’s make sure our groups stop at all of the designated water stops. Also, we should “Gas Up” (have some sports drink) at the gas station at Kahala (especially on our way back); let’s keep a few dollars in those tiny little front pockets of our running shorts; the cashiers at the gas station are more than happy to accept your “soggy” bills.

In addition, let’s try and get away from cotton outfits and wear some “coolmax type” of material for tops, shorts or socks. The “coolmax” material wicks the moisture away which helps in the cooling of our bodies. Our clinic shirts and hats are also made of a “coolmax” type of material.

“We Run to Eat!”
Thanks to everyone for attending and contributing to the picnic. According to Peter’s count, 220 people had signed up to partake in the scrumptious event. As usual, there was lots of food, drink and “tons of camaraderie”. Organizers, Luanne, Susan, Alberto, Rosemary, Norm, Peter and many others put on another fantastic event! Our next picnic will be the Sunday after the marathon! Can’t wait!

Did you notice how “spiffy” Joe Wong looked, or how stylish Rosie Spraker, Craig, Rachun and Dr. Cliff seemed? They were all sporting our new Royal Blue staff shirts. Check them out next Sunday! Staff members, if you have not done so, please pick up your “new threads” ASAP from Blair.

Running Groups:

RED Group:
by Joe Wong

The Red Team got divided into two groups today. Many of the runners in Red Team united with the some of the Pinks and our faster runners moved on to the Advanced Team. I want to thank all of the runners who “moved on” for running with me during the past Sundays. Many times I ask myself, “why do I wake up so early and train for a marathon”? The main reason is that I can spend time with great people like you. It was a pleasure running with you and good-luck with the Advanced Group. Jana and Tom ran very well as usual and will still continue with Red Team. Jana, you are a very tough runner; study hard and see you with the Red Team when you come back.

PINK Group:
by Jeff Oh and Rosie Adam-Terem

Rosie, Jewels, Bill, & Jeff assisted the Pink group of about 15, and we headed out to the gas station for the 8 mile turnaround. We split up from there, and most of the group headed back to the picnic, while two of us headed to the phone booth.

During the return up Kahala Ave, one of our younger members “bonked” going up the hill, and “crashed and burned” going up Diamond Head. We stopped and rested in the shade, and gave them a drink and power bar to bring back their energy. The member was “out of it” at this point. We eventually called for a ride back to the park.

Reminder to everyone, you must hydrate every day, and eat something before your runs. During runs, bring with you power bars and gels, which are necessary to refuel the body, especially in the heat we experienced today.

Now is the time to look into a waist pack or water bottle hand carrier. Don’t wait until race day to get used to it. Many races I’ve gone to, all the new gear ends up thrown off on the road. The users buy it at the Expo, but never train with it before the race, and found out it was uncomfortable. If you don’t want to carry a pack or bottle, simply carry two or three dollars with you, and refuel at the gas station.

One last thing, there is a group of us who train Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 5 pm. We meet at Magic Island parking lot, and have various routes from 4 to 8 miles, depending on the mood of the group that day. Please join in if you need the motivation to do your homework. Email Jeff at, and be added to the Roll Call list.

On a personal note, thanks very much to all the HMC members who supported me in The 199 mile Relay through donations and moral support. Our team came second in our age group.

WHITE Group:
by Sam Usman

We started with 32 enthusiastic runners and ventured through the Kahala suburbs, on to the telephone booth, back through the Kahala neighborhoods and back to Kapiolani Park (roughly 10 miles). Alberto did a wonderful job in keeping the group organized. 14 year old Ryan, who runs in the cross-country team at Maryknoll, has become a fixture with our group and was “breaking-in” his new shoes. Soon, we are going to designate Ryan, as our group mascot, for luck.

Like last week, we had members taking turns on leading the group so they could get accustomed to pacing. We averaged about an 11:00 min. /mile pace and had a great time; no one got hurt and we appreciated the warm welcome from picnic goers as we finished and eagerly eyed the wonderful food and drinks which awaited us. The picnic was great! We are all blessed – life is so sweet!

BLUE Group:
By Pam Iwata

I know we all enjoyed the run as everyone had a smile at the picnic. Food glorious food, loved that coleslaw anyone know who made it? Seriously, thank you everyone for your contributions to the picnic. Andy gave a much needed talk about running single file, especially, around Diamond head where foot traffic is very heavy. We cannot stress enough the importance of running single file. Last year our blue group was one of the best, not a single complaint. I just know we can do as well this year. Andy also gave us some insights to the bathrooms that will be more available during the marathon. One last reminder to sign up for registration this month as it is only $30. Next month I believe it will be over $l00.

Beginner’s Bits:
by Rosemary Kyte

Rosemary and Cliff took the first / fastest group of beginners out today, while Norman Uyeda generously gave up his run to help run the picnic. Cliff paced the group to an easy, steady pace. The training is paying off for our group. We kept it slow on the up hills, but on the level many were able to push the pace, easily keeping up with a 13.5 or 14 minute mile for much of the day. The route measured out to a long-six miler; at least 6.5 (maybe 6.75). We can drop it back to a true 6 for the rest of the month by skipping 18th Ave and instead taking a short cut through the neighborhoods out to the water stop on 22nd Ave (Kilauea Park). On the way back, the beginners were rewarded for their disciplined, easy pacing on the way out – they were “released” at Triangle Park to finish up as fast as they liked (but of course never faster than their talk test). Eager for the picnic, most happily took off, leaving Rosemary and Marilyn to pace each other back to the park.

The plan for May is 18-mile weeks – 6 on Sunday and 12 more mid-week. For those of us who train at a 4-mile an hour pace, that means adding a Monday night one-hour to Wednesday and Friday (making three sessions mid-week, plus Sunday); or you may do any other combination of 12-miles mid week so long as you obey the rules.
1. One-hour minimum each session.
2. Rest day after each training day.


Not “Speed Racer”:
Van Driver needed for transport at Dr. Scaff’s Chili Cook-off event on May 26th from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.; driver will be paid generously (plus tips). Please email me if you are interested.

First Bus Run:
Our first Bus Run is coming up in June. A sign up sheet will be posted soon so we can get a “head count” to determine the number of buses needed. What’s a bus run? Well, we all get bused to various stops along Kalanianaole Ave. and run back to our clinic venue. Usually, the first stop for most groups would be a Maunalua Bay (across from Roy’s in Hi Kai). A run back to Kapiolani Park from this location would be about 8 miles. It’s a good chance to see some of the actual marathon route and enjoy some pleasant conversation while running with fellow runners.
Stay tuned for more info.

We are nearing the 500-member mark (495). If you would like to be taken off this list please let me know. Also, we welcome your comments; please feel free to email us.

Have another great week!

See you at the water stops,