Blair’s Weekly Update 04-27-08

A large crowd of approximately 250 runners was on hand to hear Dr. Scaff’s talk on heat exchange and hydration. The topic was most appropriate because the combination of VOG, heat and humidity made running this morning very uncomfortable. Replenishing fluids were a must today.

Thanks to staffers, Jo Okita and Les Young for taking care of table duty.

This Coming Week!!

Clinic Picnic:
Sunday, May 4th – takes place after the run; friends and family welcome!! Potluck; $1 charge for incidentals. We get to taste some great creations!

Early marathon registration:
May 3 and 4 will be for walkup registration at Niketown. Hours both days will be from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. Fee is $30. But entries can be faxed and mailed in from May 3 to May 31 for the early fee. Tickets for the Honolulu Marathon Concert/Luau on Dec. 12 can be bought for $25 with registration. Up to six companion tickets can be bought.

The Groups:

by Les Young

First up, let me thank Jo my co-table duty person for allowing me to run with my group while she held the fort. The group welcomed back staff leader Kozo Yamashigi from his Boston Marathon romp (3:38). We all did a leisurely 8 miler on Kozo’s recovery behalf. I talked about the importance of maintaining proper running form throughout the run. The idea is to make sure both halves of the body equally share your body load symmetrically. Start favoring one side with sloppy form and that side will tire before the other. Economy and efficiency of motion is the goal. Coming back on Kahala Ave., I talked about “back street” running. The idea here is to get off the flat surface of the road and run the varied terrain of the concrete and grass aprons fronting each property. This type of running requires the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your foot, ankle, and leg to constantly adjust to the change in terrain. The idea is to strengthen these body parts and break the repetitive pattern of flat surface running. Word of CAUTION. Do not “back street” if your legs are tired and your knees are rubbery (too great a risk of twisting an ankle). Keep one eye on the terrain and one forward. Do not step on utility metal covers if possible (I’ve seen many collapse under the weigh of a runner). Lastly, watch for that car coming out of blind driveways!!

by Jeff Beard

The Red Group stole even more people from the Pinks this week! Welcome to all the newcomers to the Reds. As with last week, a couple of people turned around at the gas station for 8 miles, and the rest went out for 10 – Joe & Carl led the group out into the neighborhood off of Kalanianaole Hwy. – nice change of pace. A big mahalo to Mike, who ran with me on my last 14 miler. As I mentioned to the group this morning, I’ll be starting 16 miles next week, so I’m going to start at 6:30 a.m., so I can get back in time for the potluck. Blair will assemble the Intermediate Group, and Joe will lead the Reds.

I strongly encourage any of you who are running 10 miles or more to consider not only drinking Gatorade along the way, but also even taking along some gels, etc. – it can make a big difference in how you run/feel, especially in this humidity. See you all for food.

Led by Rosie, Jeff and Jewels the group did a nice 8 miler at a 10 min. per mile pace.

by Blair Hoashi

A group of over 40 runners started and finished an 8.2 mile “trek’ to the Kahala gas station and back at an 11:00 min. per mile pace. Sisters Moana and Laura, Michelle, Jen, Eric, and others did a great job over new terrain. Kahala Avenue “called us” today and so our finishing 4 miles were run through perhaps, one of the most grueling parts of the marathon route. Group members took turns in leading the group – an exercise thought up by Guru Sam so we could all get an idea on proper pacing.

Our mileage will be increasing steadily as our training progresses, therefore, please keep up with your “homework” runs! No “homework” = no endurance for longer distances.

By Pam Iwata

Wow! That was a hot run, but great trade winds. Andy kept us at a steady pace and we all stayed together. Some of our group have cut it up a notch and moved on to the next level, we are about 25 now. Andy mentioned this as being safety month, I saw a couple of people trip, but great recoveries. Two things to remember, first the picnic and also registration. Next week eight miles. Welcome back Debbie.

Beginner’s Bits:
by Rosemary Kyte and Pearl Nakagawa

Norm’s group tore up the pavement at a 14:21 minutes/mile clip over 5 miles, including a detour through Kahala.

Ro paced a smaller group than Norm up Montserrat hill for the 5 mile course. By the 2-mile mark, we merged with Marilyn’s group; Ro held back a bit to show the route through the neighborhoods to two of our first-time participants, Liz and Bob. This week coming up completes the eighth week of training. The plan remains the same – 1-hour sessions, three times a week. After 8 weeks, though, we all begin to feel much stronger. See you at the picnic next week.

Thank you to all who dropped off old shoes for the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe drive! Today was the last day of collection.   The HMC collected enough recyclable shoes to fill up three blue City and County recycling bins at Niketown. We will continue to collect gently used athletic wear and shoes in smaller sizes for the Dumaguete orphanage in the Philippines.

Notable Quotes:
“I run all I can, as long as I can, while I can.”
Keizo Yamada, age 80, winner of the 1953 Boston Marathon.

“I have the soul of a runner; my body just doesn’t know that.”
Alyssa Johnson, a runner with Parkinson’s.

Have a great week and see you at the picnic,